For the Record

by Reni Sentana-Ries, Commander in the Federated Union of Star Ships, Serial #456249-C

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This site is the location for allowing comprehensive research on the life and work of the scribe and telepath Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries, and the Grande World Counselor (an Office vis-a-vis the people of this planet and their governments) Reni Sentana-Ries.

Our work began in 1994 while in Ryley, Alberta. Apart from beginning a personal records file called the "Mission Files," containing various personal records on ourselves (which for privacy reasons will not be published here), Uthrania began scribing our first set of 5 books called "The Article of Faith" Series.

In January 1995 we (Reni Sentana-Ries and Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries) moved to the United States (Arizona) in hope of locating a literary agent to find for us a trade publishing house which would advance us a fronting on our first set of books to ease our poor financial situation.

Two literary agents accepted our books but no willing publisher could be found - or perhaps willing publishers were not allowed to publish our material. NSA agents blocked our efforts and cared not that by their interference we would end up homeless on Tempe's streets. Yet by outwitting them on a weekend we managed to escape back into Canada near the end of 1996.

From 1997 on we began our effort to present our material to the public via internet.

This site will be a reconstruction from our efforts on the net from 1997 onward until today (October 31, 2019), and should be considered a research tool for the serious student of our material and mission.

In 2003 a persecution began against myself, Reni Sentana-Ries, which was pioneered by friends of the Canadian Jewish Congress using the Edmonton Police Hate Crimes Division. This Divison of the EPS (Edmonton Police Service) was set up with the help of private donations for that purpose. Our apartment was raided in our absence by officers climbing through a window. They confiscated our computer equipment, then analyzed their hard drive contents, and a year later charges were laid on the basis of Criminal Code 319(2) which resulted in a conviction and my sentencing to a 16 month encarcerational term of which 6 were served.

A police extract from our computers will be available here, as well as a letter I wrote to the presiding Judge (Clarke, now deceased) just prior to the sentencing hearing, and a letter to the Crown Prosecutor Stephen Bilodeau.

The Technological Crimes Unit of the Edmonton Police Service produced an extract from our computer hard drives seized in the raid of which you can obtain a copy from this site. It is public property - seeing it was paid for by taxpayers' money. The report is 49,000 pages long. However there is no guarantee that it contains information wherewith a conviction was obtained because evidence produced in court also included material gleaned from our website AFTER the date our computers were seized. The file number of this document is #03-068173 and was labeled "Hate Propaganda."

Interested parties should consider this site fairly comprehensive and be able to use it as a resource tool for information hardly available anywhere on the net except perhaps in the web archives which are only searchable by web addresses.

All information presented here is property of the Federation of Free Planets of which we are its representatives, and therefore is by its very nature public information and may freely be copied under the guide lines of commons copyright rules. Users of this material may therefore use it verbatim correctly only, and may not detach the authors' names from quotation of a document of ANY length. To all our book material we retain a copyright for commerical purposes.

The presentation will be random.

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