by Reni Sentana-Ries, Grande World Councilor

June 21, 2003 

Greetings, people! 

For those of you who are new to this site, bear in mind that your arrival is about 6 years late! All this while we have published and shared with readers our insights obtained from our collaboration with the Commanders of the Federation of Free Planets and passed a lot of information on by carefully placing on the net what was so liberally given to us. Our first and most attentive (meant to be a sarcastic remark) audience among the readership were hostile agents from the CIA, NSA and the U.S. Military, who for a long time laboured hard to keep our site obscured and off search engines. Later on while on discussion forums of and we got the attention of some nationalistic leaders from the Islamic world, of whom two are no longer in control whose nations have now fallen under U.S. military occupation. The rest of the nations are frightened to even consider for themselves aspects of the key we offer for fear they also will meet the same fate and fall under the brutal fist of U.S. capitalist totalitarianism. 

Today we are collateral of the western world elite who assure the prize for themselves by keeping us against our will on their own soil as they let us barely hover above the poverty line. They do not wish to see us join forces with our friends from far-off countries (particularly Middle Eastern nations) for fear of losing control of nations as they throw off the chains of money bondage to the international banker fraternity one by one under our careful guidance. 

This site is massive. Key to browsing are two links pages: links.htm and links2.htm . As you browse into the archived sections you will find our first feeble attempts on internet to get the Article of Faith Series of scribed books published back in 1997.

We are the builders of the New Era. There will be no New Era for the people unless the recipe on this site is being implemented, the essential goal of which is the abolition of the jewish money system. And here we see the United States of America as the guardian for upholding world financial slavery, and have concluded in our minds that unless the United States becomes stripped of its military power there will never be a brighter day dawning for the people of this world. 

With regard to seeing the Western World stripped of its military power we, the prophets, await the very physical intervention of the starship commanders of the Federation of Free Planets, for there seems to be no group of nations strong enough to adequately deal with U.S. military strength to strip the U.S. of its superiority. We believe a day of judgment against america for all the mass murders of the past on behalf of the international banking system will come, for it is also imperative that the extraterrestrial beings currently held captive in several U.S. military underground installations around the world become freed and reunited with their brethren from the stars.

Reni Sentana-Ries

June 21, 2003

These two books you may download for free until we have secured a publisher. They are for personal use only. Do not alter or delete text!  We hold the copyright, but you may promote its electronic distribution not for profit.

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(Text file. Click into link, select all, copy into editor, paste into your favourite text editor program and then format to your heart's content. DO NOT ALTER, ADD OR DELETE ANY TEXT!! - Reni Sentana-Ries, offered March 22, 2003, two days after the damned americans began bombing Baghdad with weapons of mass destruction! The book is my gift to the international jewish banker, who has me to reveal his secrets and Bush to go to bat for him against the nations!)

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