Only the Commanders from the Star Ships Control Earth's Weather Patterns!

Excerpt from the Records:

March 9, 1996 (6:43 pm)

Hello, little Star! Commander Korthrox at the helm on this fine evening of yourn. Now, down, as we say on your planet, to brass tacks.

We do hereby acknowledge the bare facts that we, unlike others of your regime, can see directly into the futuristic realm of your lives! To be sure then, the effort put into our so called hindsight on your behalf will all but supplement the cause for radical change within your perimeters before long.

We can also assure the twain of ye that in an effort to re-instruct the atmospheric changes around the globe, that is strictly business of which you ones will not be allowed a part or portion of. Leave all necessary matters of this sort up to us....

Well, inasfar as your immediate future, and here we definitely do mean immediate, we have all but seen the outcome. You have given to us all the credentials necessary for positron growth of the books, and now the flower with the most scent will manifest itself into an incredible sequence of affairs within the next few days. Here, indeed do we prize ourselves in the conquering of your intermediate time lines.

Well, fare well then, little ones, until we meet again, and remember that the universe gives back to those faithful ones every stitch played out within its own seldom-drawn lines.

Rejoice then, for fear of the immediate future is all but sewn up and patched quarterly with sticks of produce eating at the waistcoats of the rich. Join them in their sojourn toward stardom!

Korthrox out on channel frequency neutron dwarf (slow channel for transmitting) 12.567010. Pronto. Record time as being 9:45 delivery - of yourn - that is. Salu. (6:52 pm)