Session Four

First Union of Souls on Earth, Americans "holed-up" in the Gulf, Another Tower Rammed, New York Rocked, Extraterrestrial Entities Released by Earthquakes in California, America's Armada Sunk, Atlanic Tide Announced, Middle East Liberated

November 12, 2001

Lord Gabriel: Uthrania, we will join your souls together from across the distance, and then we will make into one. The joining must proceed or the plan will fail. Is there an objection from this side?

Reni: No objection.

Lord Gabriel: Do you know to whom we are speaking of?

Reni: Yes.

Lord Gabriel: Please voice and state the name.

Reni: His name is the Arab of the House of Saud, Osamah bin Ladin.

Lord Gabriel: Thank you. There is no objection voiced by thy?

Reni: There is no objection.

Lord Gabriel: State your reason for such preference.

Reni: My reason is that Uthrania must experience for once in this incarnation the comfort of being with her own kind. A joining of the DNA.

Lord Gabriel: Thank you. What you don't understand what we are here to explain at this time is that it is more a joining of a soul. This is rather different from anything that has ever occured on earth before. It is not a simulation of a marriage pact as you know it to be. In fact it goes much deeper, way deeper! This is a joining of souls. This will complete a pattern. We will explain in a moment.

17, 12, 25, 24, 27. Give me the approximate coordinates. 72, correct. Base number 9. Open the door to the gateway, please. We will conduct this from a higher realm. (Angelic language). Please proceed with your counting, Reinhard. Thank you for your cooperation. It is a massive project we are all involved in, including yourself. It is bigger than even the world knows. Please proceed.

Reni: Counting up 1 to 15. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...

Lord Gabriel: Join the hands and cross the swords, and we will go into battle once more.

Reni: (Counting)

Lord Gabriel: You'll be allowed two questions. Please proceed to prepare. This is a kind gesture from we ones of the heavenly realms. And Michael will preside.

Lord Michael: Michael here. Lord of the realm of Fire. Proceed.

(Next two questions stricken from the record upon Lord Michael's request)

Lord Michael: That was our fault, of course. We had neglected to inform you there are certain things that we may not speak of without the agreement of both parties. Please proceed and forgive for the interruption.

Reni: Alright. We are very concerned about continued bombing of Afghanistan. Now, during the last two days we had very little reporting on that. I do understand the planes are still flying over Afghanistan and also the Israeli planes which create much harrassment and terror for the Palestinian people as well as the Afghani people. We were hoping that the planes and the tanks on the ground be neutralized. Is that still something we can expect in the near future?

Lord Michael: Ahem, since the last week or five days they have not been bombing. They have been doing nothing except lying to you. They are holed up in the Gulf. They just do not want to tell America.

We will give you another question as the first was stricken from the record for we failed to inform you that was out of categorical bounds, an invasion of privacy. You will be awarded two more. Please proceed. Think carefully and make the best choices of the questions. You have two left.


Lord Michael: We are not in a hurry. Please take your time. With us there is no time.

Reni: This is a more general question. Our effort on the net, Uthrania's as well as my own, does it have the impact on the leaders of this world as it should, be it to the positive or to the negative, for we believe that unless there is cooperation at least from certain governments, or the governments in general....

Lord Michael: Yes, it is already being done at the higher levels. The joining has already been done. This will vastly impact what you see going on around you or what you see, what you think you see, rather, or think you hear what is going on in the U.N. In actuality what they say they are discussing is not what they are discussing at all, but rather the sole countenance of the impact of which within a few days to a week you will see the full impression of....

Reni: Yes. One more. The other is my concern for the physical survival of the Afghani people, who are deprived of food because of the bombing activity going on. Now, winter is coming, and we are very concerned that perhaps, God forbid, hundreds of thousands....

Lord Michael (interrupting the question): They are a very dear and loved people by the holy brethrenhood. The Islamic brethrenhood in both the heavenly realms as well as these realms of Angoreas this earthen planet. They will be fine. You will not see them starve. If anybody starves, it will be America and Britain, but you'll not see the little ones starve. We call them "little". Uthrania calls them "miniatures" because of their simplicity and beauty of their faith. Where they do no analyse everything we say to death until they end up disbelievers. They have a simple beauty about them and we admire that. For this they will be greatly blessed by the Prophet and Uthrania together as well. We work in all fields together, with the King of Saudi Arabia Abdullah, who will be the most famous King on Earth before this realm is over. We all have our place, we all have our duties. No one will be left bereft. No one. That's not the way of universal Islamic countenance the almighty creator or otherwise.

Lord Gabriel is encouraging me to permit you one other question. It is a special question that you have yourself in the back of your mind. We will take that question if you care to voice it. It is your privacy whether to be disclosed or not. We can only recommend to search your heart for it to be presented and asked. We will wait.

Reni: When Uthrania is rejoined with her family in the Middle East which I understand is an event that will happen here in the physical. The Mancharians have spoken while in Tempe - or advised me or asked me to make a promise to stay with the eaglett. I understand that to be the American Eaglett, or the western world eaglett. My question is, where am I to be? Do I understand it right?

Lord Michael: You are going to Iraq.

Reni: Thank you.

Lord Michael: You'll be joined with one of your own making there. "Making" by what we mean is before you came down to this level an agreement had already been made. You had known the entity by the name of Andreas at that time. She now bears a different name and a different father. You will be joined with her and not with the House of Al Saud. This is for a reason. The reason is wisdom. You do not know nor do you understand the Saudis. It is better you stay in Iraq. Thank you. We will close up the session now. This will happen around the time you are 59. Still young for your age, believe us. Your health will be greatly restored.

9 fighter 2 take out of the sky. Whip the wind enjarred at 82.45978 3 10 degree and snap it in two. Do the same with the second one and snap it in half. Now use it both as ramming rods, and ram the tower. We will not take "no" for an answer, neither will we be insulted, mocked, nor called "the canaries".

Open up Capa Canavaral and let out the "entities", as you call them, from the bunker! We will cause massive earthquakes to release them! Tectonic plates will be moved. They are shifting under the ground of New York at this very moment in little verbatims.

What do you see, Uthrania?

Uthrania: I see small pebbles, I see dirt, silt, sort of.. I'm not sure.. dirt, clay mixed together under pebbles.

Lord Michael: We call it "sediment".

Uthrania: Thank you, Lord Michael. Sediment, and it seems the pebbles are sort of... they are moving slightly back and forth, and then they move a little bit to the right, and there is quite a layer of them, while, it is like a thick, sort of, mud, sediment, that moves under them toward the left. Very slow but very thick. There is a brownish/grey.. They said the Nile was going to overflow its waters into the Red Sea which was in turn going to cleanse the land around Jeddah from the enemy. (Whistling)

The bottom portions of the pyramids are going to flood around Giza.

Lord Gabriel has awarded you yet another question. I'm not sure why. I'm not sure what's going on, but if you would like an extra one you may have one..(incomprehensible).

Reni: Thank you.

Reni: The question that I have is...

(Next question stricken)

Lord Gabriel: We are waiting. (Pause) You are offended. We wait.

Take the tiger down. G6. G7 force. Strike the stripes from its tail.. from the tail wings. Bend it forward and crimp! Thank you, Juxton.

In the time of our growth patterns throughout the generations each one of us has faced gruesome times. Each one of us have had our knuckles wrapped, you could say, from time to time. And It hurt, especially in the inner being. We know what it is like. We have never forgotten ourselves. But it is all a part of the learning, and for those who have been chosen for such missions we are very stern and very strict. For the end of the equinox is the beginning or the end of many eqinoxes for many of them. This is a serious acquisition. There can be no room for mistakes, there can be no room for disobedience. Am I make myself clear? And there can be no room for sulking. Is your question pertinent, and is it ready? We will be pleased to take it. All we ask is for something that has not been asked.

Were we kinder to Jonah? Were we kinder to Jacob than we are to you? Has any master not served the wrath of his heir from our time? Not so. Beloved one, we all grow the same. Now, is your question ready? (Pause)

Reni: I can't think of one right now. (Pause)

Lord Gabriel: You are much loved by Osamah bin Laden, as you call him, and much respected by King Abdullah Abdul Aziz.

Reni: Okay, I will ask you this one question: After Uthrania has been joined and reunited with her family will there remain a task for me to do, even in Iraq? In other words, what will my contribution be after my arrival in the Middle Eastern...

Lord Gabriel: Initially you will learn to raise a family with many sons - and daughters. In other words, you will be what they call "a grand councillor". And they will be your children. You will also marry and learn on that front as well that in the Arab world there is nothing more important than sons - to guard the borders, to feed the house. You will learn, do you not understand all the culture. You will nevertheless be assimilated for a short time until perhaps you cannot stand it any longer. But that is something to be seen. We have faith that perhaps Allah will show you! Smiles to you from us. Adieu.

Reni: Thank you.

Lord Gabriel: Close off the session now, Michael.

Lord Michael: Take the two tornado planes and ram them head-on one into the other and throw them back at the boats where they came from. Put the gale wind churn up the waters! Make an eggbeater design and let us see the open bronchial tube and what it can do from a suction plant underneath the waters of the cool and deep blue sea - Arabian Sea. The Red Sea send a cutlass and break its back in two! Underground pirates we do not like. They sit and fester and fuel and fight, yet no one can see them to strike 'em from back. What degrading cowardice is that!! Spew them out of my mouth like a giant fish! Swallow them whole! Place them on a dish, turncoat them around, splice them in half, and the Arctic Ocean will receive a blast from Russia, who has had their last footing with the traitors, traitorous CIA from the past for what they had done to their boys in the Kursk. And now, America, revenge is their first! Kursmokarti Kursmosi artists first two and sue, nay, the hand of Allah came down and lowered the two, the dust the max the poverty and the greed - all crumbled before the almighty onto its human knees.

The Atlanis tide.... (tape recording interruption)

Lord Gabriel: Are you having problems?

Reni: No, it's alright.

... nor the marines.

Lord Gabriel: Afghanistan, as well as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Palestine, Lebanon - YOU WILL ALL BE FREED as a present from the Lord of the heavens. The skies and the seas will we take no more arrogance impudence from ones like Bush, Blair or Timothy.

Uthrania: Who is "Timothy"? Please to tell.

Lord Gabriel: He is at the head of the whole "damned", as they say, "thing". And the Blinkensop labs where they test of our DNAs is right beneath He. And now we have come back to avenge what they have done to Orion, to you and to me! GABRIEL out on this frequency channel. Good Day, Uthrania. My military in the sky awaits thee. Your command will be their adjustment, their coordinates. Be careful where they may be. If you need assistance or help in this area, which I know you do, just call on me, you understand?

Uthrania: Yes, thank you.

Lord Gabriel: Lord Gabriel.

Uthrania: Yes, thank you, Lord Gabriel. I will do that.

Lord Gabriel: Adieu then, make sure there are no slip-ups. You are dismissed.

Uthrania: Adieu, thank you, Lord Gabriel.

Lord Gabriel: Adieu and Amen. Salaam, Adieu, Amen.