Uthrania Seila Arab prophetess and scribe


As with all universal principle, the law of One extends throughout society at a much higher elevated level than the people of this plane experience. We are working toward reinstating back into this realm the Oneness of higher learning in order to experience and enjoy dignified living for every man, woman, and child alike. This is what the west so severely opposes for then it would not hold even as much as a faint grip upon the Arab nation under the banner of True Islam and would lose complete control. And therefore, brothers and sisters of the unique Arab people, they seek so relentlessly to impose "western zionistic democracy" upon the minds and hearts of the people, deceiving them into believing that their brand of "freedom" will satisfy the people's need for liberation as its best option. Do not settle for anything but the best. You All deserve "first class," the best in every area that life has to offer. And that is what We are All working toward - to achieve a natural best for all Arab-Islamic peoples!


You have not understood the law of Love in order to embody it upon and within your spirit. Oh mankind from above, it is not so much that you do not love, it is that you mistake what love actually consists of. The religious philosophies have taught you to forgive and forget another's karmic debts toward yourselves, or make for you a sacrifice in order to clear your debts. It is not so. The law of love does not work on that man-made method sufficiently in order to cleanse yourselves from the law of karmic debt. True love goes beyond what the naked eye can see and looks deep into the soul of a man, woman, or child - One and the same.


Reba is against the Law of One. Any format of Reba [usury] is against All universal principles and the Law of One which states: Whatever you shall do with the gain you have taken unto yourself, you shall state it toward the usury system naught. And forsake naught all those who are in need but give not to those who have already. To those in need give plentifully if you are able, otherwise share that which you have so those digestive tracts can be met also. To those who adore the bankers might - have nothing to do with them. This is Great in the Law of One. You May give out of Love - Never must One man force another for any reason of choice.


True Islam is not a religion but a demonstration of reality. Since the days of your forefathers you have been at the seat of those who would "shift" the positive reality of what once was to the negative reality of what you have today. Because you have not held on to the precepts and active ability of what the forefathers and foremothers once taught you of so long ago in our ancient times and allowed man's interpretation of our words to be subjected to their own power and whims, you have fallen victim to even no longer understanding what you have actually lost in your travels throughout time. Religion makes a victim of bondage to the greed and power hunger of man.

Universal law is beyond censorship, without greed, and does not allow one man or woman or child to bondage another in misconception and deception of the liberating truth. Mankind struggles daily with not only the political, but also the spiritual - not knowing which way to turn. True Islam is not to be rationaled with, because it is a statement of fact.


Within universal statutes the law of justice must be worked or implemented from the overall understanding of past, present, as well as future events which have been entwined throughout history, from the beginning. This is why you are not to judge another in his or her misdeeds, for how would you know from which intent or justification another has done this or that deed not to your liking? Justice, much like karmic debt, is extended and handled differently than what you might perceive as being right or wrong. Confusion will arise if unqualified Ones set the dial and tone within their limited understanding of how judgement or karmic debt upon another should be handled.


Karmic debt or responsibility of One individual or One nation against another is either neutralized, worn off or snuffed out by the non-creation of a particular entity who after countless millennia has still not progressed far enough in order to be brought back into the Light.


Karmic debt can indeed be worn off in the most selective manner. This is where your man made law of prison halls and active community work do come from. Very simply then in order to work off a karmic debt (which goes beyond compensation which the law of forgiveness provides for and indeed deals more with the entwining of past lives and their follies on an individual level) the law of severe karmic debt (which does indeed deal with soul entities on this particular given life journey) can be worked off or neutralized by diverse aspects. But this aspect must ensure the one holding karmic payback, we might call it, works off that debt in such a way as to actually progress his or her growth. There is much to be said on this law. But here is a foundation at least for your understanding.


The ostentatious law of forgiveness states that: no man, woman or child can be expected to forgive on the basis of undetermined karma. First you must understand the karmic past of both yourselves as well as others before you see to condemn the ire of your convictions. Forgiveness is not something that you say you forgive and forget. Forgiveness is actually feeling the release of the tension from the past, because the duality of forgiveness states: It's a two way situation. If someone does not want to let you go from the past, or their thoughts are entwined with yours, then all it means is that they are feeding off your contaminants and encumbrances. It does require a ritual of cleansing. It does mean acquiring atunement to other life forms that you treat them as an equal - not that they shall lead your life for you but they as an equal will share with you as you share with them, and have no fear in such sharing. The secret to releasing this unforgiveness we do have.


The balance, as with all matters of life, goes in harmony with universal law and reinstates the equal and opposite effect which subjects itself to no known quanity of deliverance by mankind alone. Here we see the experience in which politics, economics, as well as religion has brought about a perfect imbalance. In order to balance that which is imbalanced one must situate themselves "above" that which as been made in error by mankind alone. You may not combine for instance the religiosity of either [we take as an example here] Christianity or Islamic man-made tenets of instruction which neither benefit nor evolve the cherishers of either religion. Neither may you take one political system over another and engrave its worth to mankind as being liberating freedom. In economics, it is the same. No system save that of what is practiced daily in higher realms can or will be ever seen or practiced as benefitting the journey of man, woman, and child alike. You must indeed be seen to free yourselves from this hegemony of untruths in order to enable yourselves to freedom from the grip of the authorities in all three realms of power.


The unity as portrayed and practiced in everyday living structures within the higher realms is not what your understanding of unity contains. You must understand that in order to have true unity it does not mean to compromise and bring together the darkened energies or practices of this world and combine them with the practices and implimentation of the Light. Such as a torch in the darkness of night, a darkened consciousness cannot illuminate the Light. It would be ridiculous to think so. The forces of Light or higher intellect working within that Light may suffocate the darkened minded ones providing unity not abstract itself working on two joint fields at one time. That does not work within any universal establishment of reason or logic. Therefore, for the foundation of true unity to effect itself properly within the tenet of Oneness, the Light must join together in order to produce a strong front against the darkness or evil, as you may call it, of this world.


Whatever is seen in duplicate in breaking the Oneness of society, whether it be of man or woman on display is contrary to all good sense and reasoning of equality. That which takes of the outward beauty and places it above the inward beauty designs for itself the corruption of HUman status. "H" in man being of a "holy" status or making, and "U" in man being of an equal in "universal" standards of which each of ye are of supposedly to be One within One making, One Creation, and One Creator mother/father God presence.

Therefore, those who place as such One sister above the other places also that sister above the brother for she walks while the brother sits and feeds his lust. This is in no way conducive to a mode of gratifying growth in either woman nor mankind himself for as One sister sits home with a brood, cooking, cleaning, and supporting of the male, so does the male take of himself ferment attraction like old wine in the lower parts toward another sister of his Own kind, making a difference and slander toward the other who waits for him in his own abode.

Do not be seen to place brother above brother, sister above sister, for if you do this thing you will be guarenteed to live upon that foundation of western principle which allows all distaste upon the altar of their sediment, and wickedness will take on the seed from within your own household for generations to follow from your own womb and seed.


As with all things created in love and firmness of liberty, so did Creation join the man and the woman to Him/Herself [Creator] in beautiful harmony and togetherness - One in unction and one in deed toward all that the One Creator did to offer within the Creation of Unity.

At no time in the heavens nor the higher graded earths has ritual played such a damaging symposium as this dimensional planet "Earthstar." Ritual formed the basis in the past for those without enlightenment nor intellect, nor higher scientific nor acclaimed study of Oneself and deemed them Oneself to be superior to no other vestment but the track record of the falsafied "doctrine of Truth" which once was.

Instituting rituals break the very foundation of universal liberty and Oneness on every level in dealing with the Creator. The Creator, who is the maker of all heavens and earth planes including the One you now reside upon at this time in your journeyings, did not make man to be either slaves to Him/Herself, slaves to others, nor robots to any cause.

Beauty in Creation does not form itself within man-made robotic laws upon the living precept and God. Man and womankind alike made heavily in tune with all fair and creationary laws which are deemed as satisfactory by the Great Creator God Presence, do not involve the robot effect upon the heads and spirt of those made in the likeness of the untemporal One.

Engaging Oneself in liberty and love of the essence of Oneness retracts all that superstitious acumen back into the darkened grave of another tomorrow for the less evolved and less fortunate to experience on their upward journey. For everything has its duality.


All through the times of the days of the nights, songs were effective to bring about Light. Even though they come from the books and writings of ancient scrolls, the song in the heart is the most pleasing of All.

You must realize, dear Ones, that whatsoever be written in text by the Mighty Hand of the Spirit of God through both men and women alike, down the ages of time, is to be lovingly and caringly given to All of Mankind with a breath of fresh air for the tomb of the mind.

Forbid not therefore those who chose to contribute to the Jihad of God or to manifest the beauty of the pennings through song. For song above all is more pleasing to behold than dried up old ritual which men pen their mold. The Creator's way of practicing right over wrong does never exceed placing words over song.



(From the scribed words of the Mancharians)

Mancharians: ....rather than collaborating within the mainstream of names and who has this name and who has that name, we simply speak of this spectacular entity, who once did come and has indeed permeated his essence throughout the nation and throughout the world and the Universe and indeed, this particular galaxy. He was One, a messenger with a very strong truth to tell, a truth based on union, a truth based on compassion, a truth based on honour, and morals and high rates of immoralities and the essence of conducting Oneself into a process due at one time to immortality of the highest honour and essence without backtracking or falling back into the pits of non-echelon manner. Stricken from the record, of course, was his discourse on the Canaanites, and here we have another word name. There was no misrepresentation on his part or portion. This was dutifully bound to occur. For here again we have the subservient structure of One religion trying to press down upon the head of another. Sad indeed, yes. Proceed.


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