Question and Answer Sessions with the Mancharians, the Creators and Duty Performers from the 16th Dimension

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This book was created in a series of recorded sessions in which Uthrania Seila was taken into a place where time did not exist but there was an obelisk and there were names of all the worlds languages ever used throughout the universe. It contains vital information from the creator gods, the Mancharians, and has now become their free gift to you, the people of planet earth! They have served us, the prophets, to answer our questions on matters vital to our spiritual growth and survival and we are now passing their answers on to you! Take advantage of this opportunity to gain knowledge and insight from your creator gods. Freely copy and reproduce the following sessions for your personal non-commercial needs. However all book copyrights are reserved by the Arab Prophetess Uthrania Seila and Reni Sentana-Ries. (Wording revised December 29, 2003)

The Guide to True Islam
* * *
Islam is the Oneness of Truth in its Many Forms!


Cover and Foreword

Part Two (1-4)

Part Three (5-12)

Part Four (13-19)

Part Five (20-24)

Part Six (25-32)

Part Seven (33-39)

Part Eight (40-44)

Part Nine (45-47)

Part Ten (48-53)

Part Eleven (54-57)

Part Twelve (58-62)

Part Thirteen (63-69)

Part Fourteen (70-77)

Part Fifteen (78-80)

Part Sixteen (81-86)

Part Seventeen (87-94)

Part Eighteen (95-104)

Part Nineteen (105-108)

Part Twenty (109-115)

Part Twenty-One (116-121)

Part Twenty-Two (122-127)

Part Twenty-Three (128-135)

Part Twenty-Four (136-144)

Part Twenty-Five (145-147)

Part Twenty-Six (148-152)

Glossary (Part One)

Glossary (Part Two)

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