Sheik Osama bin Laden

Letter From Usamah Bin Muhammad Bin Ladin to the American People

Posted on this site October 26, 2002, the day after the Moscow Chechen nationalists' bloodshed

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CNN March 1997 Interview Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four


Faithful to Arab ideals of unity: OSAMA BIN LADEN !

Lest we forget, Sheikh Osama bin Laden plays a prophetic role in helping to bring about the unity of all Arab people. His disgust with western Zionist domination over his brothers qualifies this noble man a place of special recognition. As a true patriot of his people he has a big heart for the good of all Arab people. He is being falsely accused of having masterminded the death of many African people in the bombing against the two U.S. embassies. American Government injustice pronouced him guilty without proof and administered quick injustice to him in the bombing of his Afghanistan seclusion. We ask: Why were the Israelis allowed to assist in the rescue and investigation yet all assistance by local authorities was rejected? What evidence had to be quickly removed from the two sites in order to throw the blame on Osama bin Laden? Prophecy told us ISRAEL WAS THERE TO BOMB! And we know ISRAEL WAS THERE TO... INVESTIGATE...? The timing was set for maximum casualties.

Allah's Verdict: Osama bin Laden NOT GUILTY!

Mr. Mueller - 01:31pm Jun 23, 1999

Osama bin Laden: NOT GUILTY! Israel/Mossad/Netanjahu alliance IS!

From the records: (Part One): August 8, 1998 3:03 pm

Reinhard: Yesterday there occurred 2 dreadful bomb blasts against American embassies in 2 separate African states within minutes of each other. Allegedly no American citizens got killed in one of the bombings, but hundreds of locals lost their lives with several thousands injured in both of the bombings. Israelis only are allowed to help with the investigation. Was this atrocity an inside job by the CIA with the intent to blame the Arabs, using reverse psychology strategy?

Uthrania Seila: Brethrenhood, we have a question we would very much like answered. Will you take it? And to whomever comes graciously in to answer this question, I will ask you this: WHO DARES TO TREAD ON THE GODS' HOLY GROUND?!

Reply: Well, meandering around in the darkness still, are they not, Reinhard Gustav Mueller? You may be equally as surprised to hear later on the broadcaste news out of Britain north and west that the select capacity of both the Muslim factions as well as firmly equipped Iraqi soldiers of the northeast faction of militant Muslim 'fundamentalists' (which they concur readily are to blame after all) are not only as innocent as the breeze is long but instead of so much as an 'inside' job being done in each of these swell cases we have instead alluded most heartily to ISRAEL itself being of the most informed and persuasive measure to have held a firm hand in both selective bombings of north and south egypt as well. But that will not be readily exposed on either of your four news broadcasts BEFORE they equatingly GET YOU OUT OF THERE ON THE DOUBLE!

...."The heinous ones out of Israeli west bank as well as the globetrotters out of the American pining for solutions, solutions to our own unwitting crime against the Arab nations, hath brought us thus far with even Saudi Arabia at the helm of major international dispute with Saddam. Our Queen and even calligraphy printing of the awful article texts would not save our hides now! And so, Mr. President, please have a swift recovery of both our sons as well as daughter WELL OUT of the gulf regions of antartica BEFORE THEY BLAST YOU INTO HELL ALONG WITH US!!"

Spoken like a true patriot American. Are they not then suggesting, Reinhard/Uthrania, that their lives are at stake, both, here as well as abroad? In any case the fixation with who did it, or royally did the CIA of all American statistics coordinate this whole event down to the last drop of another/others despair of life? Most certainly not even at this time are they that crazy!

So when the s***, so to speak, hits the fan, and the Israelis who are cordially monerating the disaster areas, both, in Iraq south north as well, you will be akined to the rabid firing of laser mouths toward Israel itself when the American scientists of all forensic discovery FIND that one of the Isrealis themselves was found left a particle intact among all the rubble of distress. And then will you see the braiding from the eye of the lustful worm snatch its ultra desire toward a more feasible interlude with "YOU HOLY BASTARDS OF LIGHT, SO YOU TELL EVERYONE YOU ARE, YOU DID THIS AND TRIED EVEN TO BLAME IT UPON US! GO TO HELL AND LET THE DOGS WIPE YOU OFF THE FACE OF THE EARTH, ISRAEL!! In other words - and let our final comment make our commission quite clear...."

.... So the brine upon the fist of the meat saw of itself in apologies equitable toward the whole entire human race to be backed even strongly before Britain has a chance to even voice its debauched concern toward "WHO IN THE HELL, MINISTER OF THE PROJECT, CAME UP WITH THIS HORRENDOUS AND RIDICULOUS CRIME! AND WE ARE BEING BLAMED AS WELL!" So Britain once again will hang her unseemly head in ultimate shame...


Mr. Mueller - 01:38pm Jun 23, 1999

Osama bin Laden NOT GUILTY! Israel/Mossad/Netanjahu alliance IS!

From the records: (Part Two): August 16, 1998 9:29 pm

Uthrania: Brethrenhood, please what does the phrase mean: "When the sun goes down in the East...."? I do ask: Wo dares tread on the holy ground of the goddess, Uthrania Seila?

Commander Korthrox turning in here, love. In all stark nakedness of true reality, unsurmountable acquisition to your, shall we say, most unencrypted works of arts hath finally arrived veribly a week earlier in time than formerly predicted. Sun, or rather "the Son to go down among the Eastern 'vocation' of all malice toward that of its own kin of the Hebraeic people stifles not only one meaning of itself to the fore: Benjamin Natanjahu IS the prospect of inundated 'evil' to rise higher even among even the ranks of the wealthy, and they don't, no, don't like it one bit.

His talks at Camp David with the journalists (American bandits and their offshoot British posterity) and Palestinians. So, "son in the east" simply refers to the proclamation of Arafat as well as the American/British nauticles repeating most solemnly to "Mr." Great Natinjahoo of all debauched parliamentary increments that they, the United States, abhor the finnicky way Mossad does "business tactics" with American Abassadors from the far-off U.N. buildings, and 5 to 6 innocent men are sitting in jail for a double trouble crime they didn't commit and to make matters worse, the Americans falsely accused bin Laden's men of high treason practically in front of nearly the whole wide world!

So when the son-of-a-bitch Israeli whore Benjamin Natanjahoo goes down a wave of utter despair as he looks at the American/British 'alternative' for him and his country/state, he nearly goes into immediate shock wave production as he reads: "Dear Mr. Natanjahu, we have found out by use of our own CIA intelligence service that it was brought to the national attention of our hierarchy out of Washington, that ISRAEL'S OWN TERRORIST GROUP THE MOSSAD ARE INDEED OF THE UTMOST LIBERTY TO DEFEND THEMSELVES TOWARD THEIR PART AND PORTION OF THE ENTIRE RENEGADE BOMBING OF THE TWO (...) BUILDINGS ON BOTH, (...) AS WELL AS (...) and then to top it off, Mr. Natanjahoo, your own government policy with you we believe at the helm overseeing the operation. Hereby, we, the United States of Congress withdraw any military or secret intelligence support for Israel to which you may have laid claim to through treaty Act 4711 in the past. This is a grave concern to the entire Arab States as well as our boys here at home!" Signed, William Clinton, President of United States of America. "Good-bye, Mr. Netanyahu, and take your document along with you as you travel east - TODAY, please! Your ride has been arranged and waiting at the side gate. Have a good flight." Out. (10:06 pm).

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