Kuwaitis From the Province of Iraq Insist Upon Allowing No More Destructive Control By The Destructive Hand And Nature of the Selfish, Wayward, and Self-Seeking British Planted and Zionist Supported Criminal Al-Sabah.

Kuwait Liberals call for reform in power structure

A Kuwaiti political group called for urgent reform of the country's power structure, warning that a shaky leadership was making a dangerous internal situation worse.


February 05, 2000, 02:40 PM

KUWAIT CITY (Reuters) - A Kuwaiti political group called on Saturday for urgent reform of the country’s power structure, warning that a shaky leadership was making a dangerous internal situation worse.

The left-leaning Kuwait Democratic Forum (KDF) said in a statement the ruling Al-Sabah family’s monopoly on key posts should end and demanded rotation in top cabinet jobs.

The KDF has long played a role in the politics of a state which sits on 10 percent of the world’s proven oil reserves and where official parties are banned.

"The instability which the government’s centers of powers are passing through is increasing the danger in the current political situation," it said.

"This situation now calls for clear arrangements to overcome the country’s ills of (economic) recession, paralysis and stagnation," added the KDF, which has long favored a split in the posts of crown prince and prime minister -- both held by Sheikh Saad Al-Abdulla Al-Sabah since 1978.

Two out of 50 elected members of parliament belong to the KDF but others are either indirectly linked or sympathize with its policies.


Liberals speakout

Liberals made a comeback in July parliamentary elections, but they are either independents or belong to various groups.

An open internal debate on the succession in Kuwait, unprecedented in the Muslim conservative Gulf Arab region, has been growing since Sheikh Saad flew abroad several times last year for medical treatment.

KDF’s Al-Talea weekly reported that first deputy premier and Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah had had a heart pacemaker installed earlier in the week.

The sheikh and other officials said the key member of the ruling family was hospitalized with a heavy bout of flu. Sheikh Sabah on Saturday resumed his official duties and the Kuwait News Agency said he separately received three cabinet ministers.

Both Sheikh Saad and Sheikh Sabah, who has emerged as a key leader in the absence of the prime minister, are about 70.

"A new government must be formed," the KDF said, adding that a monopoly on key posts, traditionally held by senior members of Al-Sabah family, should end and be rotated.


Calling for dramatic reforms

It said that long-promised economic and other social reforms must be preceded "immediately with steps for political reform, starting with reforming the management of the executive power." The current non-elected government was formed in July. In line with the law, it includes one elected MP but some politicians have called for wider representation with elected MPs holding several ministries.

Kuwait is the only Gulf Arab state with an elected parliament which enjoys wide powers, including those of forcing governments to resign and rejecting laws decreed by Emir Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah.

Parliament was dissolved in 1986, triggering an internal struggle but it was restored a year after the 1991 U.S.-led Gulf War ended Iraq’s seven-month occupation. [end quote]

Uthrania Hussein's MOU to Kuwaiti KDF Governmental Officials and That of Public Acclaim


Brothers and Sisters of the Sovereign Province of Kuwait and As of Being One Province, One Brotherhood and One Sisterhood within the Holy Boundaries of the Sovereign Nation of Iraq,

Too many nations and provinces express this very immediate and truthful concern: "This [provincial] situation now calls for clear arrangements to overcome the country’s ills of (economic) recession, paralysis and stagnation."

This is precisely why you were given the general blueprint in helping the reestablishment of Kuwait. This blueprint which I will Once again present to you at the finalle of this note, will allow you to reexamine your "democratic" principles to that of higher principle.

Those concerned with the economic and society instability of the Iraqi province of Kuwait may now come foreward without border barriers into Baghdad and present your concerns to your President, Saddam Hussein. He is willing to sit down with you and discuss this examination of the general blueprint to your satisfaction.

You, the Iraqi Kuwaitis' have been previously informed, whether holding governmental position or civilian, that you would not be left bereft, and true to Our word, you have not.

You have a true leader who cares for your well being as a father cares for the wellbeing of his entire household. He has tried to free Kuwait in the past from the bandits of your merchandise but you at the time were not of the understanding of this man's complete and true wisdom.

As he was there for you in the past, So is he there for you in the present as well as the upcoming and near future. There is no further need to live under Zionistic nor Imperialistic control. You are strong. They are weak. Flush them Out of your province and enthusiastically join with the strong of the rest of the nation and you will not Only feel and see the satisfaction of a truely "liberated" Kuwait, but indeed your perspective and understanding will gain you nothing less than a life worth the living for each and every man, woman and child.

I thereby invite you to Once again review this simple document before you make the journey to Baghdad to speak with your President.


Thank you for your genuine courtesy and attentiveness toward that of Mine Own and His words. Adieu.

Uthrania SELA Hussein, Arab prophetess and scribe, Messenger from the High places and regions and a firm supporter of Truth, Life, Love and Liberty.