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We have already alluded to "God" meaning the life-giving essence of creation in its totality. To
attribute then to God the individuality as that of a singular person is a widespread misconception
indeed. If from that viewpoint we were asked to explain what He looks like, we'd really run into a
lot of difficulties, as we would then have to explain how He can be present everywhere and not
also have a singular body as large as the Universe. How we then upon our "resurrection" could
actually "see" God as a reward promised unto the "saints," on the assumption that He is so large
in size, stretches the imagination beyond its capacity of reasoning. So let's forget about a
singular God presiding over "all that is" unless we speak of the spirit of ONENESS OF ALL
GODS EVERYWHERE presiding in unity over the totality of what we call creation!

It is high time indeed for a rediscovery of our best friends and relatives up in the sky above the
continents of this planet. For millennia they have stationed their beautiful motherships there as a
constant reminder of their presence and readiness to guide the developing human race towards
reintegration with their own kindly spirits (essences). At times they go on special missions with
their dingers (shuttle craft) down to the surface for contact with certain individuals or are on
scientific excursions of data collecting, and so, on those occasions their crafts are often seen
and photographed by many witnesses. Their craft are silvery, circular domed vehicles with
amazing flight agilities and great elusiveness, others are cigar- shaped and possess similar
agility and speed. There are many stationary craft in the cosmos as large as the American
continent - big cities in the "sky." Some of the smaller dingers are surrounded by auras visible to
the human eye, reminding us of their extraterrestrial origin. But that does not mean they are
"alien." They do not try to instill fear in anybody, although that often occurs, because people
have not been briefed sufficiently to realize, that they are friendly and have nothing to fear from
these extraterrestrial visitors to Earth. If the people only knew that many of these visitors are
nothing more than benevolent relatives of past incarnations, which they at that time knew
personally, they would surely change their attitude toward them and welcome them here instead
of being afraid. The only "aliens" upon this planet are those who mean to do the extraterrestrials
harm, i.e. our governments and the military, who have set up telescopes equipped with laser
guns to shoot their craft down in flight in order to steal from them their technology. Also many
satellites sent into space as "military cargo" is nothing more than weaponry to do them and us
harm. Of course this information is carefully being kept away from the people as they classify it
"Top Secret."

The fact that some visitors from other worlds look differently from us does not mean they are
hostile toward us. It also does not mean that they do not belong to the Brotherhoods of Light or
operate outside of universal laws as we know them. We believe their mission is widely
misunderstood when we hear of abductions for the purpose of offspring creation with their own
kind. These visitors may be much smaller than you or I. They have disproportionately large
heads and eyes compared to the rest of their bodies. But when they had for eons applied no
wisdom by overemphasizing the development of intellect at the expense of emotions, their
physical bodies altered from this kind of neglect. Someone we know personally was permitted on
one occasion to come on board in order to view what they were doing firsthand. For the benefit
of our readers, here is that person's report:

"Today is March 21, 1994. Firstly, when entities come to collect humans, they don't "drag" them
anywhere. On the contrary - where mankind came up with that supposition - it is ridiculous as
well as ludicrous. Entities with this kind of mind power simply levitate, and they use four, five, six,
anywhere from five to seven small entities for that. They surround the person on both sides and
at the end of the human, and they just walk them into the ship. There's nothing mysterious at all
about it. There is no dragging.

Once they are in there, they are placed temporarily on a pallet (stretcher). Then they are moved
the same way - by levitation - into a chamber which is laid up against a wall and doors which
look much like glass, but they are of... I don't know what they are made of, I never asked. They
close, and the human individual is left in... it's like a compression chamber, with the oxygen to
match what the human likes, what's necessary. Because, as I say, the atmospheric conditions
aren't good otherwise, and the human would get very sick or may even incur brain damage.

Concerning the horrors that are spoken about, and one I saw very clearly, with these entities
not having emotions: They also have a section, where - they don't section their ship off as we
would into different sections of laboratories - rather they intermingle everything they do all over
the ship. Whereas the result is, where you have some entities working with fear, others with
horror, others with joy, others with love. And instead of getting a foretaste of a little bit of emotion
to balance it, each one concentrates on a certain emotion. Therefore you hear screaming, you
hear laughing and the whole thing is a menagerie and very frightening to the human individual.
These entities have very high pitched voices, which does not help. So there is the terror that they

As for the operation of extracting egg and semen: a long tube is run down and for the most part,
the human patient is basically put out. They don't feel or hear anything. A long tube is inserted to
the bottom of the throat. From there a little tube is going down just maybe two or three inches.
From there is a laser beam light, which cuts away anything necessary. The reason for the little
tube is, after the laser beam is cut, there is suction, which takes up either the ovary or the sperm,
whichever is needed. While the tube is down, there is a big kind of arc that comes down and
covers the whole face. None of this is horrifying, because, as I perceived, the individual is not

Again the terror comes when it is explained to the individual human what has occurred for their
own right of knowledge, which the entities grant them. So they have the right to know what is
going on and occurring. When the female - and sometimes the male - perceive that an entity
being born, which is half their child, is being left there, they become very terrified. They don't
understand the concept of it being an entity, but still hold to it as being their child, and they
should take it with them. They don't really understand the scope of what they're asking. The
embryos, which are kept in fertilization, which some are growing anywhere from three to five
months, are also in a chamber. And they are surrounded by a jelly-type liquid. And outside of
that is air, air which is holding them suspended in this jelly-type liquid....

For the most part, in conclusion, these entities are not dangerous at all. Their methods are
somewhat a little incongruous, but they try to keep the human as comfortable as possible. And it
is the emotions of the humans, which brings the terror. There is not pain. That's completed."

Fundamentally speaking, humans have nothing to fear from extraterrestrial visitors. We would
see much more such "traffic" upon this plane if it was not for the hostile attitude from our
authorities who are continually displaying ill intent toward them.

Extraterrestrial spacecraft visitations occur from planetary systems within this Milky Way and
other galaxies. Even our own solar system contains planets inhabited by people having mastered
intergalactic travel, for they are permitted to do so because of their compliance to basic rules of
conduct prevailing in the Universe (universal laws). Of course, they also at times stop over here
on certain missions, and are as much involved in overseeing Earth's transition into the new era
than those from Pleiades or the Andromeda Sector. Many societies from our own solar system
are genetically deeply related to a variety of human races we find living on Earth.

Also many of our nobler forefathers, who, shall we say, have "graduated" from Earth after
having learned most of their life lessons, we find now incarnated as either staff members or
commanders of the millions of intergalactic stationary craft high above Earth's atmosphere. They
have chosen incarnations of this more "elevated" kind, for it is their desire to help humanity at its
crossroads, or equinoxal time slot, which in the end involves global evacuation, reassignment of
people for reintegration into other planets and other chores. The leadership for these many
commanders, of course, is provided by the Masters, who are faithfully overseeing the entire
operation of Earth's reclamation and preparation for re-seeding, when the time comes for a more
glorious manifestation of humanity upon this plane. These Masters in turn cooperate fully with all
intergalactic councils presided over by archangels, like Gabriel, Raphael, Michael, Orisis and

So we see, that whatever happens to planet Earth and its people is carefully supervised by
friendly forces higher than our own or more powerful than any military might, for that matter. The
motivation for all they do is LOVE FOR THIS PLANET AND ITS PEOPLE, although that love will
not exclude the element of justice as a karmic response, backlashing upon the heads of the


Much confusion exists around the tremendous efficiency, with which highly evolved entities
communicate among themselves or with individuals on Earth, for instance. We must understand
here, that at that level of evolvement telepathic abilities are honed to perfection and negate the
need for "...making a trip to see Commander X in person and tell him, that we of the Northstar
ship have just begun to notice the beginning of a slight wobble of planet Earth's spin axis on our
computer screens." Even a rediscovery of man's telepathic abilities reveal, that distance is
inconsequential when speaking of telepathic communication. For example, on one occasion we
registered a message from a commander on a journey from as far as 500 billion light years away.
(By the way, it took him only about four Earth hours to return back to his location in the sky, but
he admitted, the trip was somewhat of a "strain on the engines.") You see, distance just does not
matter. This is not to say, that telepathy is the only way, whereby they communicate words. At
times pre-recorded messages are being sent via equipment on ships, which tie in to telepathic
frequencies. Many transmissions from ships can be detected by military monitoring devices, but
never deciphered.

In the wonderful world of telepathy one cannot only transmit strings of words in any language,
but also ayone's thoughts and ideas, as well as picture images. To benefit from these methods of
communication one has only to apply himself, for these skills can be learned and perfected just
like any other skill. The fact that, generally speaking, humankind is quite unaware of these
possibilities, does not preclude the fact that this form of communication is preferred by higher
evolved entities. It probably is a far more efficient way of thought conveyance. We know true
prophets of old as well as today have received their information from the gods by virtue of their
abilities to communicate telepathically, and here speaking of gods we make no difference
between commanders of intergalactic beam ships or the Masters, for both will speak the truth
with ultimate passion of an exalted being.

At this point we feel to issue a warning: Evolvement alone is no guarantee for receiving truthful
information telepathically via the gift of true prophethood. In cases where out of neglect the
screening process between essences of light vs. those of darkness is not maintained, then the
possibility of deception becomes real, and this has nothing to do with sincerety. Even the finest
of prophets can become sincerely deceived on a temporary basis. The difference here lies in
what will the channel (or prophet/prophetess) do once the fraud has been discovered. A true
messenger of truth will come into the light and clean house, and erect new standards for
screening communicating consciousnesses in order to tighten security. It must be understood
here, that for every light there also exists the equal and opposite element of darkness. It is for
that selfsame reason that the gifts of true prophethood can also be used to the same
effectiveness in the realm of darkness.

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