(Most recent on top) Server Security breached February 23, 2002, 1:57 am

See for yourself: (posted March 23, 2002, 1:52 pm MST)

CSIS and CIA/NSA/Mossad agents controlling the server did obviously not like the people to learn of Israel's bombing of the two american embassies in Africa and of Netanyaho's involvement in them! 

They also did not like to read that Allah pronounced Osamah bin Laden innocent of the attack against those embassies and of the outrageous killing of so many Africanis in broad daylight! 

And furthermore, they also did not wish Osamah speak for himself and of his philosophy towards america and americans in general as was long ago published in two separate interviews by ABC and CNN respectively, to which I had provided links on this page!

Obviously Osamah bin Laden is not allowed to participate in the fundamentals of a free contest of ideas belonging to a free society!! And therefore we speak on his behalf!

Please note that in Canada freedom of speech on Internet was violated on political grounds as the site was broken into and its page laden.htm mutilated on February 23, 2002, two days after the 1999 archives were posted!


As is - today:

February 23, 2002 Break-in archived:

February 21, 2002 archived original:

Access to Angelfire file transfer site restored as of October 18, 2001. 

Thank you,!

Access to Angelfire file transfer site prevented!

September 28, 2001:  Either hackers or Angelfire's web masters have blocked the access to my back-up site using my file transfer program. Will anyone with influence please restore my right-of-access to my own site. Thank you so much for your much appreciated efforts.

Blocked Telephone Calls

August 26, 2001: Approximately once a week we receive on our fixed telephone line a call with just one ring. By the time we get to lift the receiver the dial tone is back on. One such call came through today at roughly 4:00 pm. Our caller ID registers these incoming calls as "number blocked" and "name blocked". 

And what do we think of it? We think it possible that the prophetess's family of the Royal House of Saud is trying to get through to speak with her, however agents stationed in Edmonton have through their power over TELUS blocked all calls originating in Saudi Arabia, Iraq or Afghanistan. 

 Reni Sentana-Ries is being tracked!

This morning, Thursday, August 16, 2001, while doing my deliveries (after 35 years of engineering work I decided to place less stress on my system) I noticed a dark blue sparkling new Jaguar Type S as shown below following me on 121 Str. northbound near the intersection of Yellowhead freeway.  I caught a glimpse of the driver. 

One hour later the same car drove into the underground parkade of 10180-101 Str. using the 102 Str. west entrance. The middle-aged driver re-emerged shortly thereafter on foot, having left his car parked near the entrance. 

He wore a flashy dark blue suit and carried some papers in his hand. He walked up and down the sidewalk as if waiting to meet someone there until I entered into the building for a delivery of two boxes of Xerox paper to the 24th Floor. He followed me inside the building and took the escalator to the second floor.  I proceeded to finish my delivery and drove home. 

Before leaving the apartment the Prophetess warned me that someone would attempt to harm me by ramming my van off the bridge with a big tractor-trailer rig into the river. I headed out to work anyway, promising that I would be careful and mindful of her warnings. Shortly after leaving she phoned me on my cell phone, having been informed that she would be a "very sad girl" if I went to work today.

The man was my height, 160 lbs, short-cut grey hair, Caucasian, prominent nose, not hooked, though. His features were not necessarily jewish. 

We suspect him to be a hostile agent from Britain's MI5 or MI6 with the unfriendly mission to remove my guardianship of the Arab Prophetess before I am able to deliver her up to her Royal Family in Saudi Arabia.

This was the car, but picture it very dark blue


Monday, August 6, 2001

Yesterday afternoon the Arab Prophetess and I returned from Quesnel, B.C. We had participated in the wedding between Jason and Candice. During our stay we had several items stolen from our van while it was parked on the grounds:  two magnetic clip-on sun glasses, one belonging to the prophetess and the other to myself. (Aug. 16: Thank you for returning the shavers and hygiene items. May we please have our magnetic clip-on sunglasses, now!)

It is also noted that our prospective tenants are being contacted by hostile agents and threatened to not move into this apartment building. One of the tenants has disappeared without requesting his $500 Dollar security deposit back. I am unable to contact him to learn of the reasons why he failed to move into suite 304 he had applied for. This interference we believe is happening in order to assure us falling into disfavour with our new building owner and suffer the prospect of becoming without shelter before winter sets in. (Update Aug. 16: The tenant for #304 showed up again after our return from Quesnel. He has now moved into his suite).

We also have received a coded threat on our lives. Two weeks ago someone placed a bullet-proof piece of glass beside our apartment steps so as to sarcastically say we may need it as a shield from flying bullets.

We also noticed a new stone chip in one of the sliders of the bedroom window belonging to the prophetess.

The work of restoring this planet must go on, for it has been decreed that it is imperative for the people to have had a taste of paradise before their evacuation, for other planets in this galaxy also depend on the successful conclusion of earth's restoration to harmony with the Federation of Free planets, and in that sense the project is almost beyond comprehension in scope and size!