IMF and World Bank International Financiers - a deadly plague!

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Under this heading we will go back to basics. We will learn like children the ABC of money and perhaps then understand better the immensity of the monster the world has fallen victim to. Some nations are desperately looking for their way out of a fix the banker has manipulated them into, and if they only could unite in confronting the handful of international(?) bankers and cease cowtowing to this imaginary phenomenon of "international community" (whatever that is), then we will be that much closer to a resolution of national problems pertaining to finance. With proper analysis of the problem the solution becomes self-evident. Of course I invite your input presented in a manner worthy of an intellectual debate. However do not become alarmed if my postings are of unorthodox content and sharp as a razor blade. So let the fun begin!     


Let's begin with IRAQ and her possibilities

IRAQ, there are problems you can solve on your own without dependence from outside supply of commodities or finance. Take stock of all of your resources in terms of natural resources in the form of oil, gas, copper, gold, uranium, aluminum, minerals, etc. Then take stock of potential for self-sufficiency in the area of food supplies for all you people. Ask yourself whether there is potential for greater production (irrespective of financial resources, please). Is there dormant arable land? Are there people unemployed who could be farmers? Examine your labour pool resource, not only from the viewpoint of people willing to work, but identify them as to their expertise, i.e. engineering. science. leadership qualities, pharmaceutics, or what have you,and identify the nation's needs for services in those areas. Direct the nation's people resource toward the filling of the nation's greatest needs. If it is food supply you need, then exploit all arable land for the purpose of growing food - using your labour pool resource. If the nation has need for pumps or electric motors to keep the oil flowing, then extract the people's resources and know-how to make those items inside Iraq, using whatever industry is left to do so.

IRAQ, DO NOT CONCERN YOURSELF WITH ISSUES OF MONEY TO BRING ABOUT THE THINGS I HAVE SUGGESTED. YOUR PEOPLE WILL DO EVERYTHING THAT NEEDS TO BE DONE WITHIN YOUR BORDERS FOR AS LONG AS THEY KNOW THEY WILL HAVE MONEY-FREE ACCESS TO ALL OF THEIR BASIC NEEDS IN TERMS OF HOUSING, FOOD, TRANSPORTATION, CLOTHING AND UTILITIES. When these minimum requirements to the sustenance of life are provided for, your people will do everything else that is needed for the rebuilding of the country. Remember, Iraq, NO ONE WILL ASK FOR A PAYCHECK WHEN EVERYTHING A PAYCHECK BUYS WILL BE PROVIDED JUST FOR THE ASKING! No society needs money, the ants and the bees don't and they do well, so tell your people that their production belongs to them as producers - free for the taking - and only then will they see themselves not left out from being beneficiaries of their own production!

And how will you get there? REMOVE THE MONEY LINK BETWEEN PRODUCTION AND CONSUMPTION, and you will soon become the economic envy of the world and the crowning jewel of humanity which you once were millennia ago in ancient Mesopotamia. Allah blesses you when you return to your own ancient roots of being what you are, an evolved people, and doing what you can do best: DOING THINGS RIGHT!posted 16 May 1999 04:47 AM Jordan   

National Sovereignty - an essential element of nationhood

The time has come where in view of much rhetoric from Trudeau, Bush, Kissinger and others, individual nation states have to make up their minds whether or not they wish to protect their national sovereignty from all efforts by the one-worlders to strip them of this once held sacred trust. Factors like "international law", "international community", "new-world-order", "universal human rights", or "what ranks higher: national sovereignty or human rights?" are issues upon which many national leaders compromised their sovereignty away.

The U.N. today uses "human rights" as an excuse to set aside national sovereignty. That serves no nation any good. The advocates of a one-world society view national sovereignty with much scorn, for that placement of priority runs opposite to the elitist thinking of dominance over national governments. They find the issue of sovereignty repugnant to their view of how the world should be run BY THEM! So if the national leaders wish to retain control over their national affairs, then it behooves them to unite as one against the foreign imposition of alien thinking coming from those elitists who from behind the scenes endeavour to subject the nations under their despotic control. Democracy and international finance are their vehicles with which they impose their tyranny over nation states.

The efforts of dislodging national sovereignty are spearheaded by the United States and Britain, who are using the United Nations and in particular the U.N. Security Council (whose security?) to perpetuate this tyranny upon all nations. The plan here is to weaken individual governments with the adoption of a system of democracy, which scatters national governmental powers because of its fragmenting effect through the party system which then in turn shifts power in favour of internationalism and its tyranny.

The ill effects of internationalist control we see in the ill treatment of Iraq, Yugoslavia, Libya, Russia, Panama, Chile, Palestine and others. Democracy is being hailed as the savior of the world, yet its true face is as ugly as sin. Look at Italy, for instance. Italy has for the last 50 years never seen a stable government, and her democracy will forever prevent this nation from running her internal affairs successfully, because her government is always kept weak. These internationalists think western polititians are all stupid idiots - and they are right, because THEY DO NOT EVEN NOTICE THAT THEY ARE BEING FOOLED AND MANIPULATED BY A HANDFUL OF POWERFUL PEOPLE FROM BEHIND THE SCENES.

I have noticed lately that certain Russian leaders wanted to take their financial affairs into their own hands but were successfully blackmailed by the "international financial community" which detested the idea of a Russian-made solution to their financial woes. So, was Russia allowed her sovereign right to create and control her own currency? NO. And here we have a case of: what Russia was able to do on its own without cost to their people was now done by the IMF international money machine WITH COST to the Government and the Russian people. And what is that cost? MORE INTERNATIONAL (so called) DEBT!! What is the element which kills the life of a nation? THE NATION'S ABSENCE OF SOVEREIGNTY!


CREDIT CREATION - Hallmark of a Sovereign Nation !

The fundamental of finance is credit creation. All monies in circulation have a beginning. This beginning of money, which is called "credit" at the banker's end, is always a "debt" with receipients of such credit. All credit is subject to interst charges, which makes the repayment of any loan a mathematical impossibility. Why? Because NO ONE CREATES MONEY INTO CIRCULATION MERELY BY BEING INDUSTRIOUS! ONLY THE BANKER ISSUES NEW MONEY! And since the money lender will never create the interest portion of a term debt into circulation, any economy is bound to callapse after a while for lack of hard cash (credit) to finance the basic economic requirements of a nation.

See, when a 1000 Dollars loan translates into 1500 Dollars paid back to the lender after 5 years, then some other borrower got cheated out of 500 Dollars he needed to pay back his own debt, FOR ALL MONEY IN CIRCULATION IS OWED TO THE BANKS AND WAS AT ONE TIME OR ANOTHER BORROWED INTO EXISTENCE, wheter it be a private citizen, business man, industrial owner or any level of government. Their borrowed money is the money in circulation. And just because some borrowers are successful in paying back their loans with interest on time, that does not mean that he created the extra 500 Dollars by being industrious. Some other borrower was made a guaranteed loser by the first one's success.

The reason we don't notice a total collapse of western economies is that all Governments go progressively deeper into debt, which on a short term offsets the technical inability of a multitude of borrowers to repay their loans with interest. And how does the before-stated information relate to IRAQ? Very simply in that a sovereign Iraq has the power to create her own credit responsibly and without cost to an international banker. For ANYTHING WHICH IS PHYSICALLY POSSIBLE CAN ALSO BE MADE FINANCIALLY POSSIBLE. The only real assets of a nation are not its financial resources, but rather its natural resources lying within its boundaries in the form of minerals, oil, gas, arable land, people with know-how, and so on. And these real resources can indeed be extracted by means of a responsible way of handling the national issueing of credit based on the nation's resources. Yet this form of handling the nation's money supply - even where properly administered - is only a stepping stone in the evolution of a society to a higher level of economics: one that is functioning without cash currency at all. Perhaps more on that later.


And how did all this trouble begin?

At one time people used precious metals like gold and silver for money. It simplified the process of crude barter like 10 chickens for one sow. But people had a need for safekeeping their gold coins, etc., and so some saw an opportunity to became custodians of other people's gold. These custodians then would issue a certificate for the amount of gold held by them in trust. The certificates were much easier to use than gold coins when doing business. Any owner of a certificate could at any time go to a custodian of gold in order to redeem back into gold his certificate. But there was a charge for the service of keeping gold, and so there developed a situation where there were many more certificates in circulation than there was gold in their vaults It must also be understood that all certificates were owned by the custodian in the form of a debt (because of the charge), for the custodian issued more certificates than he could back in gold - something the people did not know. The custodian never worried about it, because people hardly ever went to redeem any certificates.

Eventually the value of certificates was many times that of gold which backed it, but the people did not care, because they found the certificates so convenient to use. That is how gold-backed paper money was born. The custodian was the most powerful man in town, for everybody trusted the value of his fraudulantly issued certificates. When the gold standard was finally abandoned, all gold held by these custodians (banks) fell into their hands without anybody questioning the ethics of it. That's why all the gold is owned by jewish bankers after having pulled "a fast one" on the people who entrusted them with their gold. That's enough for now.



Under the present financial system the charging of interest on borrowed money can be likened to a barrel of water, which is to be kept full at all times, the fullness of the barrel representing a healthy economy with adequate amounts of money in circulation to meet everyone's needs. This barrel (economy) has a supply line at the top (infusion of brand new currency or capital through public debt acquisition) and a drain line at the bottom (repayment of debts with interest charges). If the currency controllers were conscientious men seeking the best interests of people of the nation, they would always assure the availability of correct amounts of money available for the supply of everyone's basic needs. And here an oversupply of funds would mean a dislodging of economic balance to create price gouging and profiteering, and an undersupply of funds would generate recessions, unemployment, depression and starvation in the midst of an abundance of material availability (also called "stagflation." This word is made up of "stagnation," because not enough money goes around to meet the people's needs, and "inflation," because production costs cannot be curtailed when whose costs invariably include rising taxes and escalating interest charges on corporate loans.)

Now, a closed economy with a constant number of workers or business men, say 100,000 in number, would in this case have 100,000 individuals available to go into debt against the money lenders in order to create sufficient funds in circulation to assure a healthily balanced economy for a while. The supply line has been opened for the barrel to be filled. Everyone works, makes money and spends it back into circulation to supply his or her basic needs. Debts are being repaid successfully, because not all have gone into debt at the same time. For ten years this closed economy has worked well and created much prosperity, for the money lenders noticed, that the amounts of debts and interest paid on loans were equal to the amounts of capital infused through new debt acquisition.

At last, after the lapse of 10 years there were no more people left to go into debt to the money lenders, for everyone who had gone into debt to the credit creator was found in desperate attempts to snatch up from money in circulation whatever he could to firstly meet his financial obligation to the lender lest his property be confiscated. As time went by money became a commodity in short supply, as people scrambled to pay the banker not only what in funds they owed dollar for dollar, but also the "interest" on their debts.

Now, interest could not be paid in the form of labour, or food, or houses to the banker, rather the banker demanded money as the only legitimate form of payment, something the people should have known they could not do, since the banker never saw it needful to introduce the interest in the form of currency along with the capital. The barrel of the economy became drained of its cash, as no more new capital could be infused, as there were no more people left to go into debt to provide the guarantee for continued supply of capital. Of course, eventually our sample community of 100,000 potential debtors collapsed. They all had neglected to check the banker's mathematics, and therefore failed to discover his trick to cheat them out of life and limb. And so in the end it was the currency creator, who became the legal owner of the assets of the people and the people starved for want of food.   




In our little example the "drain" at the bottom of the barrel was greater than the amount of water piped in at the top. When finally the barrel became empty, the economy collapsed and the banker was the only one left to claim for himself the greatest profit ever in the form of harvesting the people's assets upon their financial demise.

In conclusion of this topic, hear what the credit manager of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Mr. Robert H. Hemphill, had to say: "If all bank loans were paid, no one would have a bank deposit, and there would not be a dollar of currency or coin in circulation. This is a staggering thought. We are completely dependent on the commercial banks. Someone has to borrow every dollar we have in circulation, cash or credit. If the banks create ample synthetic money, we are prosperous; if not, we starve. We are absolutely without a permanent monetary system. When one gets a complete grasp upon the picture, the tragic absurdity of our hopeless position is almost incredible - but there it is. It (the banking system) is the most important subject intelligent persons can investigate and reflect upon. It is so important that our present civilization may collapse, unless it is widely understood and the defects remedied very soon!"

And Dr. Martin Luther (1483 - 1546) said: "Little thieves are put in the stocks, great thieves go flaunting in gold and silk... Therefore is there on this Earth no greater enemy of man than a gripemoney, and usurer, for he wants to (be) God over all men.... But the usurer and money-glutton, such a one would have the whole world perish of hunger and thirst, misery and want, so far as in him lies, so that he may have all to himself, and everyone may receive from him as from a god, and be his serf forever!"


 Who is this Magnificent Creditor? (Part One)

The governments of all "rich" nations are in debt. In Canada each family carries over $70,000 Dollars of public debt via the federal government alone. Double that figure to include the public debts provincial governments have accumulated and we are looking at an astronomical figure of one hundred and forty thousand dollars of government debt per family. None of the western as well as east block countries are debt free. Almost all corporations and businesses are in debt, and so is a large percentage of the adult population. At this point consider the nation as a unit and let us freely add up all current debt loads of society and divide this number by the number of adult working people, and in this writers estimation the per family total accumulated debt load hovers around the $200,000 Dollar mark, all of which is subject to current interest charges. If that rate of interest is a "modest" 10 %, then the family must come up with $20,301 Dollars annually for 30 years before the debt bill to the banker is paid. With an average family income of less than $30,000 Dollars such an up-front cost is unaffordable in light of current cost of living expenses and a taxation level approaching an average of 40% of middle class income. Now, if society at large is in nothing but financial "red ink," then who in the world has had the ability to come up with all that cash to finance the entire human race into debt? And even if we were to identify that oligarchy by name and number, what magnificent contribution to humanity have they made to acquire wealth to where the entirety of humanity lies prostrate at their feet? Has such wealth and power been earned or stolen from the people by means of a money trick - THE MISUSE OF POWER OF CREDIT CREATION? It is unreasonable to assume, that acquisition of such control over the nations has been achieved by ethical means. The international bankers have constructed a system, which forever requires more and more people to assume new debts in order to keep the world economies going. The day when no more people can be found for successful manipulation into new debt acquisition will be the day when their system will either collapse or they will be compelled to begin to "forgive" debts in order to maintain control. Of course, the "forgiving" of debt is a dicy issue with them, for they deem themselves not to be in the business of compassionate services nor of the extension of mercy to anyone.


Who is this Magnificent Creditor? (Part Two)

Have we ever asked ourselves why only individuals, businesses, corporations and governments are solicited and/or inclined toward the providing of disaster relief donations in events of natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes, yet never do banks participate to ease the burden of people in their afflictions? This writer has yet to learn of one example, where a bank has come forward and participated in financial disaster relief for the people by putting their efficient power of credit creation to good use for the benefit of the people in distress! No, the currency custodians are not in the business of extending compassion. The murders of Abraham Lincoln, J.F. Kennedy and Alberta's Premier Aberhardt are a grim reminder of that reality! In order to ultimately control the entirety of all the world's natural resources, the banks have begun to bargain with debt ridden governments. In the case of Brazil they dealt for control over her most precious natural resource, the Amazon forest, in return for unpaid debts to their privately owned credit institutions. This example will definitely serve as a pattern to be followed by other countries. When Canada's politicians deem the national debt as too much of a burden upon the nation, they will then in the end pledge away that country's natural resources (which is being held as collateral in the meantime) in return for the banker to take a pen to cross out her national debt and allow the nation a fresh start into more debt misery! Although personal accountability of participants in this ultimate crime against humanity is absolute reality before the Universe, this writer finds it pointless to attach names and faces to the money custodians, for responsibility for the situation of misuse of credit creation rests squarely with people, who are willing to function under those draconian conditions. They have allowed themselves to be divided (fragmented) and then conquered. They volunteered to become victims. And it is the people only, who can bring about reversal from ultimate economic destruction. How? DEFRAGMENTATION IN ALL ASPECTS OF SOCIETAL LIFE! UNITY! ONENESS! More on that later.


The Myth on Inflation - EXPLODED!!

There is hardly another word in the financial industry around which the bankers have created so many lies as we find in a phenomenon called INFLATION. The banker says: "We must curtail the issueing of credit by raising interest rates, in order to curb inflation." Then he says to national leaders:: "If you print too much of your own money you cause inflation because you will have 'too much money chasing too few goods.'" The first statement is idiotic and the second is a half truth, and therefore also a lie. So let's begin with the idiotic one: What is "inflation"? Inflation is the erosion of purchasing power, where the consuming public finds prices rising on goods and services as time goes by. And therefore the people demand "more money" in order to reclaim that lost portion of purchasing power. We then have strikes and demands for higher wages. But what causes inflation? INFLATION IS CREATED WHEN THE COST OF GOODS AND SERVICES ARE RISING BY FACTORS OUT OF THE PRODUCERS' CONTROL, AND WHERE THE PRODUCER HAS NO CHOICE BUT TO PASS THE ESCALATING COSTS ON TO THE CONSUMER! And what are these out-of-control costs? Interest charges by banks on loans, and taxes imposed by governments of all levels must be added on to the production cost of any item, and the sum total of all costs make up the selling price. And so every time we purchase anything, we pay a large percentage of direct and indirect taxes and interest charges as part of the purchase price. And all this AFTER our incomes have already seen a substancial reduction through the application of a direct tax as well as interest charges on loans we may have with banks. Conclusion: Nothing causes inflation except taxes and banking usury. By these two factors the worker's bread basket is raised higher and higher, until it is almost out of sight! And so as all are struggling with holding down a 9 to 5 job the banker sees "almost FULL EMPLOYMENT" and speaks the fateful words: "Raise rates, because if we don't, the people will have too much money and create inflation. We must slow down economic activity and thereby wrestle inflation to the ground, for when there is less money in circulation then the prices will come down!" The gullible believe this twisted logic, and among them are all sorts of "experts". HOW IN HEAVEN'S NAME CAN PRICES COME DOWN WHEN PRODUCERS ARE NOT GIVEN A BREAK IN TAXES AND INTEREST CHARGES AS WELL? Should the producer lower his prices as less money buys fewer of his products he goes for broke, for neither government nor banks will reduce their levies just because he sells fewer goods. In fact a rise in interest rates (to curb inflation, remember, the banker says) has just the opposite effect, because it causes the producer's price to rise also! And what is the fruit of the bankers' fight against inflation? BANKRUPTCIES with all its stress and personal disruption of life, which ought only to be worth living.


How to REVERSE Inflation

Since the disasterous years of Trudeau's reign in Canada we have heard a lot of malarky coming from Government and banks of just how they would go about "fighting" inflation and "wrestling it to the ground!" The confusion around this issue is staggering. INFLATION IS NOT "FOUGHT" IT IS REVERSED!! Once we have correctly analyzed its cause the reversal is easy.

Step 1) The national governments must reassume their constitutional right to control and regulate their own currency. For most countries this is easily done, because such powers are already entrenched in their constitutions. JUST USE IT, FOR GOODNESS SAKE! Be careful though to not do it alone lest the combined military forces of nations under control of the "International Financial Community" (so called) lands at your doorstep to throw bombs on your head. They have done it to Germany, they have done it to Japan, they are doing it to Iraq and Yugoslavia, and they will do it to you and your country unless you act in unison with many other oppressed (by them) nations.

Step 2) Having implemented step one proceed to cancel all governmental debts allegedly owed to the "International Community". Just write them a letter and say you owe them nothing. Tell them, they are thieves of your people's properties and they have usurped temporary control over your nation by means of a dirty trick with money they created out of thin air. Tell them, that their billions lent to them cost them no more than the ink in their own expensive pens, and that from now on you will do the same for your own country BUT WITHOUT HURTING THE PEOPLE LIKE THEY DID! Tell them also that you will believe any more of their lies no longer.

Step 3) After ridding yourself of all debts to any banker lower the taxes on the people's income proportionately, seeing that that cost factor to running your national affairs no longer exists. You have also effectively lowered the production costs of all goods and services INSTANTLY and thereby effectively REVERSED INFLATION! Then proceed on by responisibly regulating the issue of credit in order to stabilize and balance your economy suited to your country's productive capacity and needs.


A word on money hoarding (profiteering)

Let us not think for a moment that by "making a lot of money" nobody gets hurt in the course of it, but rather let us remember that profits come from people already struggling (for the most part) with rising costs of living. Mr. Bill Gates (for example) is being admired and envied by all who learn of his personal fortunes large enough to pay off national debts of nations, yet people forget that excessive profits are just as much a drain on the money supply than usury. And why is that? Because ALL BANKED MONEY IS MONEY DRAWN OUT OF CIRCULATION! It sits there doing nothing unless it is being spent back into circulation. And as it sits dormant in a bank account the people, who have borrowed it into existence can either not pay back their loans or are being forced into bankruptcy. MR. BILL GATES' MONEY IS NEEDED IN CIRCULATION IN ORDER FOR PEOPLE TO BE ABLE TO PAY BACK THEIR LOANS! If Mr. Gates had been more modest in his profit expectations, then he would have left a much larger portion of his profits in the people's pockets by selling his products for less and thus helped in reversing inflation (increase in cost to the consumer). But granted - the greed problem of Mr. Gates is tiny when compared to the disasterous effects of banking usury. BANKS AND BIG BUSINESS ARE LIKE ENORMOUS VACUUM CLEANERS ON FUNDS IN CIRCULATION, AND THEY DON'T SEEM TO CARE ONE WHIT OF HOW MUCH MONEY THEY SUCK OUT OF AN ECONOMY! WHATEVER THEY CAN LEGALLY GET AWAY WITH IS WHAT THEY WILL TAKE AND LEAVE THE PEOPLE ALWAYS "SHORT ON MONEY"! The difference between Mr. Gates and the Banks is that Mr. Gates may just spend his fortune back into circulation, but the banks never keep record of the billions they extract in usury. And if the man in the street wants his money back he paid in interest to a bank, he has to go back to back that bank and BORROW AGAIN THAT WHICH HE HAD ALREADY PAID (in the form of usury).


Starvation in the midst of abundance!

The financial elite knows that money is the connecting link between a society's production and THAT SAME SOCIETY'S CONSUMPTION. And here the society which produces is the same that also consumes, for we are all members of that society. In the past we have proven to be capable of enormous production if given that opportunity. Our engineers help us with automation and robotics in order to free up manual labour so we can have more holidays. The purpose of automation is to free up people from mundane labour so they have more time to themselves. However, since MONEY IS THE LINK BETWEEN PRODUCTION AND CONSUMPTION it is theoretically possible for the hate-filled banker to remove that link and deny society access to its own production in order to make many go hungry in face of overfilled food stores. One can only compare the ridiculousness of this situation to a farmer's family producing chicken, vegetables, beef, carrots and so on, and along comes a government official at suppertime saying: "You can't eat unless I give you a permit to do so!" The permit was denied, and our farmer's family went hungry - THEY WERE DENIED ACCESS TO THEIR OWN PRODUCTION - AND THAT IS WHAT IS HAPPENING TO SOCIETY TODAY UNDER EXISTING BANKING RULES! THERE IS NO RIGHTEOUSNESS NOR JUSTICE IN THE BANKING SYSTEM OF TODAY - JUST MISUSE OF POWER! The food and department stores are brimming with commodities for consumption, and so is the real estate market, the car lots, the travel industry, etc. All are vying for customers (consumers) to take some of the surplus off their hands so they don't have to close shop and haul everything off to the dump. AND YET THE MASSES OF THE PEOPLE WANDER AIMLESSLY THROUGH THE SHOPPING MALLS WISHING THEY HAD THE MONEY TO FILL SOME OF THEIR PERSONAL NEEDS FROM THEIR OWN PRODUCTION!! They all have helped to put it there, but once it ended up on the shelf of another, their own production became inaccessible to them as consumers. Why? BECAUSE THE LINK WAS MISSING IN THEIR POCKET BOOKS! And so many began to see starvation in the midst of abundance!


Automation - A real dilemma by today's financial standards!

The present financial system makes no allowance for the release of ALL human brain capacity. It forces intelligence back into the dark ages of superstition, locks man's evolution behind bars and throws the key away! How so? you may ask. Don't we live at a time of unprecedented technological discoveries? Not really, for all that elite-financed and monopolized high-tech stuff is firstly being used for keeping the banker's system in place. Automated satellite banking, high-tech weapons for smashing nations that rebell, national security surveillance (spying), etc. Some spin-off from this research is permitted back to the people like the internet system, but that is about all. The rest is definitely out of reach for the common man. Even automation and robotics? YES, EVEN AUTOMATION AND ROBOTICS HAVE BECOME A CURSE TO THE PEOPLE! IT IS ONLY UNDER A SEVERELY REVISED FINANCIAL SYSTEM THAT THE PEOPLE CAN ACTUALLY BENEFIT FROM AUTOMATED PROCESSES!! And why so? BECAUSE ROBOTS AND AUTOMATION PROFITS THE INVESTORS AND OWNERS OF INDUSTRY AND NOT THE WORKER! The windfall goes into foreign bank accounts but not into the peoples pockets to buy them more of their own production or vacations at their favourate resorts. Yet in the end the "chickens come home to roost!" for a robot is not a consumer, only a worker is. But the worker got displaced out of his income by the robot and therefore has no income to purchase what the robot has produced. So if there is no adequate consumption possible, then why have robots (automation)? UNLESS A ROBOT'S PROFIT IS DIRECTED INTO THE WALLET OF THE WORKER, THE WORKER CANNOT BUY WHAT THE ROBOT PRODUCES! And that is exactly why we live in a world of overabundance of everything (robot produced) and yet the people go still without basic essentials of life. And how do the chickens of automation come back home to roost? THE RESULT OF NOT LETTING THE WORKERS HAVE ACCESS TO THE ROBOTS' PRODUCTION OUTPUT CAUSES PLANT CLOSURES AND SHUT-DOWNS. New tires for the old car are needed, but all the worker can afford is used tires, because he has not enough money to buy new ones. And so the new-tire plant in Nova Scotia gets shut down (example only). One more thing before I close this topic off. At the beginning I said: "The present financial system makes no allowance for the release of ALL human brain capacity." In the past the elite has made tremendous efforts to discover the secrets of anti-gravity space travel. And so it happens, that whenever they can lay their hands on either a crashed extraterrestrial space craft (i.e. Rosswell) or undamaged ones (Area 51) they make the military work with the brightest scientific minds to figure out the secret - AND FAIL!! Why? BECAUSE THEIR OWN BRAINS ARE NOT SMART ENOUGH! These secrets require the liberation of everyone's brain capacity in order to be discovered - including those of the Masters!


And "The Icing on the Cake" is a prophetic bright spot!

I have not given you all of my secrets. You must now put your (national) heads together and decide what you are going to do with this information. Do you wish to raise humanity to a higher level of thinking? - or not. Your actions will show to all whether you are a friend or foe of humanity and whether you understand the true nature of human brotherhood. I have spoken to you as your friend and have proven to you all that that is what I indeed am to you. I have not withheld from you that which is most crucial for you to know at this time, which is of equinoxal significance. And now YOU will decide whether the entire human race will evolve upward to that next plane of higher thinking, or whether you and your brothers and sisters will remain not only stagnant in your evolution, but will be compelled to digress backwards to learn all over again many painful lessons of the past for many lifetimes to come. Honestly, I do not envy you for the task which lies ahead of you all. It will be nothing less than fighting fire with fire. But as one who has been permitted a glimpse into the future I will be kind enough to share with you that glimpse so that you will not become discouraged when the going gets rough: Here it is: (quote)



(end quote)

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