Zero Tolerance for Insults and Threats Against the Arab Princess Prophetess Uthrania and Reni Sentana-Ries!!


Warning to all those who might think to do likewise!

Mr. Hakim George from Britain insulted the Prophetess and admitted to have had intentions to hack into her website! He is a computer genius by profession and therefore we have taken his hacking threat seriously.

For the benefit of all leaders and powers interested in a continuation of our work on internet and in the achievement of our goals with humanity I have decided to publish the details of his insults below:


Here is Hakim George's statement as posted on the October 10, 2001, 7:38 am:

Now this reminds me of somebody nutcase "bull sjit" called "The Lion of The Tribe of Judah" and his "sumerian whore" Prophetess Uthrania who are apologists for Osama Bin Laden and anything anti establishment, now I see the web site has been pulled down, I was planning to hack it



Here is Mr. Hakim George's website:


And here are Mr.Hakim George's credentials as professional website hacker:

Object oriented software engineering with expertise in UML and experience in management of medium size turnkey object oriented project development (<25 man years, 4-12 Analyst/Programmers)

Specialist in:

  • Middle Layer Architecture

  • Multi-Tier Client/Server or componentised development using C++ and/or Java

  • Distributed development using CORBA and Web Technologies

  • XML, XSLT, and XML Schema implementations, persistence and transform

  • Database development (Relational and Object Oriented)

  • Real-time and Mission-Critical 7x24 development on UNIX and NT

  • Cross platform development and integration between Unix and NT

  • eXtreme Programming Project Management and Development

Advanced Knowledge of:  OO, UML, Patterns (Go4, Coplien, Fowler), C++ (including Visual), STL, Generic C++ ( Alexandrescu), C, Java (main EE components), STL, RogueWave Tools++ and DBTools++, MFC, CORBA (Orbix-MT), COM, Unix (AIX, Solaris, LINUX), Unix network programming, Multitasking and Multithreading (Posix, Sun, RogueWave, NT, and Java threads), Parallel Algorithms and Processing, SQL (Oracle, Sybase, DB2),  Rational Rose,  MQ Series Messaging & Plugin development, XML,  XML Schema,  XSLT, JSP,  JMS, JDBC, JTA&JTS, JTX, Junit, Purify & Quantify,  Apache+Tomcat, JRun

Experienced in: Visual Basic, Pascal, Assembler, ODBC, Fame, Versant, and Development using MS Office, MS Project, Visio Technical, and Crystal Reports,  Mathematical, Financial, and Statistical Analysis and Modelling, Network Traffic Analysis and Design, HCI, Computer Graphics, Real-time Image and Signal Processing,  Colour Technology,  Engineering Sciences



1989-1992 M.Phil., Mechanical Engineering, Cranfield Institute of Technology, specialising in Surface Analysis and Applications for Cooling of Electronic Components.
Responsibilities and Research:

  • Development of Thermal analysis template for electronics circuits captured via normal video and infra-red cameras
  • Analysis of material surfaces and their effect on thermal contact
  • Development of a thermal analysis modelling system
  • Interfacing to the surface analyser hardware

1976-1979 BSc (Hons) Engineering Science, Exeter University specialising in Instrumentation, Control, and Power Electronics.

  • Develpmnet of Data Aquisition System for The South West Water Authority to remotely monitor, river and flood levels.