As The Wind Blows Atop the Estranged Pyramidal Design So Does The Fostering Of Example From Above Lay Waiting On The Ground.

Merciful In Design Is The Hajii



Madinah Al-Munawarah

And Here We Begin Our Journey of The Minds and The Teaching During This Proper Time Of the Great Hajii!

In The Name Of God The Compassionate, The Merciful, The Al-Mighty!

The tremendous and awesome pleasure it brings to Me, My People, to See So Many Neatly Gathered Round About and that I May Also View the Blueprint of Automatic Freedom Within the Nautical Design Of All Such Holy Places as These.

Truely, there is no Other expression save that in the heavens above and of those great pillars of design on Other earths which so express the beauty and captivating spirit of the Universal Oneness in All its Mind. Salu.

Today We Are Gathered Here, Beloveds, to express toward the heavens the magnitude of joyful responses back not Only to Ourselves and to each Other, but indeed, to the One who made All heavens and earths upon this starborn planet of Ours. Yea, it is a fine One when man makes it so. It is a sad and demented story when man perpetrates disaster upon the heads of his brothers or sisters entwined. And why is this? It is disaster because what each One of you do to your brother or sister or child is what you do to yourselves and indeed to that Oneness whom you are a part and portion of - THE AL-MIGHTY CREATION!

This mighty Creation surrounds you, is in you and you are a small but great part of this vaste journey you call LIFE!

The expression of beauty in its absolute format should be melded into each One of you by this time in your life expressions One to Another. But We see there is still much lacking in your understanding from time to time and indeed, it grieves and sorrows the heart of God, Him/Herself to realize that such facts are indisputable. It should have been different by the time Of Our firm arrival. But it is not.

Therefore, We will speak a story to you about the twelve laden switchs who saw One day of themselves to hide and peek at the Glory of the One who so gave of the Creation for All to enjoy with pride and much distinquished labour, utilizing each and every talent therein for the good and wellbeing of their brothers and sisters DIVINE!

For each One is a part of the Great Creation, the Great Divinity, and without that realization or great knowledge, that leaves you, each blessed One here today, with little more than a ritual of prayer, fasting, and indeed the great sacrificial FEAST!



Sit down on the earth where you are and I will tell you the story.

There were twelve very young and ingenious Ones and One day they felt they needed to leave their homeland and venture to a rather dry and humid district whereby the rains and the wheat would leave them wet and too dry all at One time.

Now this rather strange but comely episode of their lives were about to drain the lifeblood from the parents with worry, but the six boy childs and six beautiful girl childs did not disparage for they knew their godhood within would not let them down but would rather ensure the umbilical cord be kept as a firm and unmoving ray of Light to forever tie them to their God in the heavens above.

And it was so.

When the Long awaited for day came upon them, the six childs and the Other six female childs set Out on their long awaited for journey through life, and the expectancy that they would cherish their parents even more for the great responsibility and challenge as given to them in freedom of thought and duty did naught less than perform them an opportunity of absolute joy and forethought as to their sole mission.

And do you know what that mission was, beloveds?

That mission was "to tie the rod that binds man to woman and woman to man" thereby fostering many such childs.

Now what does this have to do with the twelve switch laden talents then?

Each boy child grew to be a handsome man and each little girl child grew to be a beautiful queen. And when this happened, the knowledge that God had not forsaken them upon their lifetime journey of half and a quarter by this time had so rapidly appealed to the rest of the world, that absolute wonderment set in among the nations population.

The switch, beloveds, was granted through the knowledge that the Great Wisdom of the forefathers, your bearers, and the foremothers, your seed, are One and the same in the sight of Allah, The One And Only Merciful, Compassionate God Being who created you from a stem On a branch of His/Her family tree.

Do You Understand Us Here?

Now I would like to move on for I have long since promised when I came back or returned that I would speak with much gratitude Also on behalf of the new generation of Saudi's, Iraqi's, and All My Children.



It grieves the spirit, beloved Ones, to hear of you gossiping among yourselves with petty injustices One to the Other. Do you not know yet that the act of gossip is the fermenting ground for separation and fragmentation of the mind of the One consciousness?

Gossip is DISUNITY.

Gossip is Hurtful to yourselves and to your brother, sister, or child boy or girl.

Gossip is a form of slander which will not be tolerated in True Islam.

Gossip is against All principle and gossip is against Universal Law.

So there will be no more gossip among you who wish to follow the principles and precepts of God.



There can be no life without liberty. And what is liberty as so designed by the universal mind of the One and Only Creator Al-Mighty Being of such gracious conduct you could scarcely imagine at this tender level in your travels?

Liberty is simply that essence that brings you to the Holy Places. It is the spirit within which liberalizes the soulstructure of man, woman and child.

Liberty is the tenderness which arises Out of the grave of your unconscious minds and gives you the resources to full understanding of your godhood.

What is your godhood?

Your godhood is that recognition from within that you are a sentient being and that you are tied by your spirit's umbilical cord to the rest of Creation.

It is that simple.

Without liberty you can express no recognition of love, One toward another. When you cannot love One another and want for your neighbour the best that you would want for yourself then you are not capable of Loving either God nor the Creation He/She has provided for you. You are not capable of being kind to your four or two legged animal creatures. You are not then capable of loving the stars in the heavens who provide you with their lights of spontaneous pleasure to see you grow. You are not capable of loving your Own families nor your friends and neighbours. This is why Iraq is in a living mess. You have not been capable of caring enough for yourselves, individually to expand that caring unto another. This is why Chechnya is crying and Palestine is weeping and Lebanon still strives for its battlefront with Only moral support and that of trappings and finances.

More is needed for invaded sovereign states and you are not giving as much as you could.

This giving likens itself to a man in a desert who had been already attacked by theives and murderers. You stop. You listen to his complaint. You agree with him. You give him a tent. You give him food. You give him council. You give him extra guns and shields to defend himself better. And then you leave. Over the next sanddune of the present day coupled with the future, the horsemen come riding back and kill him. You have not provided All. He shot One or two with a gun but they were twenty and they had grenades to throw. That man is Iraq. That man is Lebanon and that man is Chechnya.

This does not please the Al-Mighty One and Only Creator who gave to each One of you Life to enjoy.

This does not please Me.

For who can injoy life but the insane when their brothers and sisters are suffering such agony and pain?

I cannot. Can you?


War comes forth from All these aggravations of not living a proper and splendid life. War comes forth from not living within the boundaries of True Islamic [Peaceful] Liberty. And war comes from the ravages of misunderstanding, idle gossip and cantankerous greedy lifestyles. War comes from not knowing how to love yourselves. If you cannot love yourselves and be good to yourselves on an individual but not fragmented basis of lifestyle and purpose as created by your many earned talents then you attribute to war.

Many of you of the new generation of Saudi's and Iraqi's will either continue to be the problem or you will BE THE SOLUTION.

Which are you now then One to the Other?


Which will you be tomorrow?



Who will be the first to cast a stone?

I thought not. Let Us proceed.

Now, an example I brought with Me today is of utmost concern to many Iranians sitting here. This concern I share with you because you are My brothers and sisters. And as My brothers and sisters of the new generation, not neglecting the old or almost past generation [PBUT] {praise be unto them} each of you should be EQUALLY concerned with what joy will be given or taken away from your counterparts. For each sentient being, each One of you is a counterpart of another.

Understand Us here?

It is likened to having a Foreign minister who is concerned for the thoughts and actions of another Foreign minister of another sovereign nation. He is concerned for the thoughts and actions of his counterpart because he hopes he is able to work comfortably on behalf of himself, his nation and his President or King.

You Understand Us here?

So My example today concerns President Khatami of the most Sovereign and Beautiful Republican nation of Iran and what did in fact happen to his personal advisor, Our brother Saeed Hajjarian.

Now, as a new generation of natural talents, and as a new generation of upcoming leaders you must always remember that God is able to place a man or woman in a position of responsibility and that same Al-Mighty Hand and Tongue of God can just as quickly remove that person out of the given position of responsibility if that person is not respectful of those around them. And here We do NOT speak about bullets or granades as formats of removal. We speak soley concerning the Absolute Will of God. Nothing more.

Now let Us look without condemnation upon Saeed Hajjarian's words of spoken authority: ``We have to clean the Parliament,'' he said during an election rally. ``Some of the current members of Parliament are too old and not usable any more and we have to put them in the garbage bin and throw them away.''

Now, I will tell each One of you here today who is aptly listening that this is NOT the way to true REFORM.

Why is this, beloveds?

Because We DO NOT THROW AWAY PEOPLE. When the elders become of mighty age, this age guarantees you the wisdom of their years. Many have progressed and learned many lessons. Many though their years are bountiful, have kept their consciousnesses bound by seizers of the mind and have not even progressed to the stage of many infant boy or girl childs. But this is rare. Our elders are given to Us to provide guidance. Not that they should rule your lives, but to provide the necessary love and guidance to the best of their accumulated ability or talents which they have learned and gained throughout their many lifetimes to the life they are in now.

You have been given to them and they have been given to you.

Listen to them and above All respect their Love for you.

Respect on the Other hand is always earned. And a word to the elders from this mouth, tongue and pen, caution greatly and truthfully that the streetsign bears two distinct travels. One is Love, Honesty, Truth, and Understanding as well as RESPECT for both your boy and girl childs, while the Other road walks down the so often trodden pathway of disregard for your boy or girl child's tender and youthful feelings and concerns, coupled with dishonesty, lack of understanding, not knowing how to Love and worst of All, DISRESPECT.

So, you now, both the new as well as elder generation have two formulas.

One is chaos and strife.

The Other is a symphonic harmony and Love.

It is your choice. Never say We have not given you a choice.



Many of your leaders today are of the elder regimes or monarchies. They have fought and struggled at some time in their lives for what they understand could or would possibly be a way Out of the bondage for Our entwined people, Who are Each and EveryOne of You. You are firstly My Blessed People whom I chastize from time to time but I love each One or I would not bother correcting your errors as the Al-Mighty corrects Mine. Each leader tried his Own way to liberate Our lands. Some failed. Others hung on. But now everyOne of Our leaders needs your assistance, your faith and your loyality. In their walking shoes, you would now be in the exact same position. And they in turn would be seeking your help.

Now you of the new generation cannot throw stones at their ways no matter how grieveous you find their activities. And why is this indeed? Does the Al-Mighty Creator God not punish what you understand as being "sin?"

NO the Al-Mighty God does not "punish" evil doers. Evil doers punish themselves. Their spirit cannot take in the Light of the Truth for it torments the soul and body. This is why Light will not be overtaken by the darkened consciousnesses. In the end the darkness will flee or be cast out by the hand and Light of those wishing True Peace, Love, and equality with their brothers and sisters of the Lighted Brother and Sisterhood who watch over you constantly from their high places in the skies.

That is the end of it.

Light will always root Out those who have no Light within. I have said: WHO HAVE NO LIGHT WITHIN TO BUILD UPON.

You Understand Us here?


You may not throw stones. For in your minds many of you have likened thoughts which are manifest in the throes of intent. Even the negative can prove to be a helpmeet to bring events and aspects of One's life or nation back into the Original positive.

I want you to think on these words.

We are finished for tonight.

Be kind therefore, to One another, and listen to your elders as they care for your wellbeing upon this Great Time of the Hajii.


Uthrania SELA Hussein, Arab prophetess and scribe, and True Guardian of the Heavens and Earths above!