The Pilgrimage Of The Hajii And The Feast Of The "Sacrifice" Eid "Al-Adha!"


Iraq During Hajii Dome Of The Rock Lebanese During Hajii

Iraq During Feast Of The "Sacrifice" Eid "Al-Adha!"

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In The Name Of God, The Merciful, The Compassionate

And Should His Pilgrims Be Any Different?

As Always the time of the Pilgrimage is a treasure to My Heart and let no One tell you differently.

Let Us look, Abdullah at the crowd about Us. What do you see? I see flocks and herds of goats, bulls, mammoth creatures, and stark raving mad bull cows. I see the lepers of the day before this era ever rang in. I see flocks of birds in the heavens in the format of starships coming and going. I See many things I don't like, Abdullah, and I see many things I do like.

They say the camel hooves are the best to carry a man, woman or child through the desert regions and high off the ground. But I like the head the best. Do you know why that is? I like the head the best because I can see into the windows of the eyes of the soul. What do you think about that? It is akin to a man who has demented reasoning or intractable goodness which no Other being can see. We simply step into that man, woman or child and from there We experience what is within that soul. It is no problem for Us to do, Abdullah, it is like nature has little problem growing the grassy planes upon soft desert soil when the Al-Mighty hand of God is present. These are idiom to Us and as easy as breathing fresh and untoxicated air is to you from time to time. You see My point here?

So it grieves Me to look past the gateway to a man or woman's soul if Only for the prospect of what I might find. But that is a topic for another day. You have prepared a feast and you have prepared it toward the pleasing of the Al-Mighty Ones who fly so high and low under the command of the One and Only Creator mother/father God. So I will be honoured if you set a place for Me as well at the "end" of the table. For the end of the table is the place reserved for guests which you did not invite or really expect, rather, that at this time they would be able to graciously attend. And yet you had left the end product manifested with a small seat built for two. One is not here. He is home. But the Other hand of the Al-Mighty God has provided a good company nonetheless and for that reason alone, have I come to talk to My people.

As with All good things Out of heaven, so to speak, a necessary attribute must be made in thanksgiving toward the little One or as such called the animal creatures for giving of their very lifeblood to honour your stomack and soul. And this from now On must always be done in simplicity, honour and care for the creature's health and soul in passing back Out of this dimensional reality and back into the less traumatized regions of the deva channels. In that way they will no longer be seen to reenter life over and over again as frightened and traumatized little Ones who offer up to man their pleasure of sharing meat with him, her, or the child and not forsaking the babe in arms. You see Our point here? In the higher levels this "sacrifice" of the four legged animals to the HUmans is accomplished most comfortably for the animals otherwise the man is not allowed to perform the animal's transformation from the physical into the spiritual, so to speak. But this planet is not ready for that stage yet.

What about the panic in the streets then? And why do the people not listen to their elders on how to behave during the holy month again? Why do you think that is Crown Prince of Arabia? Do you know?

It is because their hearts are not clean toward their brothers and sisters and that is why they trample them in past years and why now they reluctantly charge and storm Out of the buildings instead of offering themselves up as a proper sacrifice to wait and want for their brother or sister to go first as they would want for themselves. So they are selfish beings, dear Crown Prince and because they are selfish beings they do not please God with their journeys nor platitudes. Many are selfish to the core. That is All. They have made the journey in ritual and religion rather than in honour toward One another. Without honour and love and good consideration toward another creature or HUman being there is no honour toward Oneself nor indeed the Creator who sent them forth from his/her blood and love spirit in the first place. What good is religion after All if your neigbours and friends are lying starving and dying at the hand of a merciless enemy? That is sad, don't you think? And after you have prepared such a lovely feast for them All.

Palestinians bring tears to My eyes also, Abdullah, Crown Prince over All of Saudi Arabia. They are passionate beings who understand the true reason for the Hajii and the Feast of True Sacrifice. Yet they are not able to even attend. That is sad, don't you think, Crown Prince who controls the winds and stars from the earth?

They are captives yet they think of Others more saddened than themselves and perhaps at times they are more saddened depending upon the growth of the spirit body inside which is layered with many such etheric cases such as a hand with many close and tight fitting gloves of neat fixture.

They send My Iraqi people the necessary writing tools. More pencils. My people need food and their health back for those who still have time upon this earth. But do you know what the pencils I have called for are for, Crown Prince of much Saudi struck consciousness? They are for the sole purpose not of elementary and high school and university type education basis, they are meant for All My people equally, whether man, woman, or child, is irrelivant at this point in their growth, to write down and draw Out their dreams of what now their new future will be like. I want to know what each One is thinking and experiment with looking with the physical eyes and mind for the enhancing of Mine Own journey as to what they would expect of their new and prosperous and healthy world. They have lost so much, Abdullah, so very much to the tyrant gods who sit upon their unmajestic ships in the starlit skies plummeting them with bombs and run sieges from the ground as the Americans camp all around them and again invade Us from the north. This is a great test of patience for them and I will look at their dreams as penned, scribed and mouthed, One day, when I Am no longer held captive by the stricken consciousness of man and his and her western generated influence, for I Am to be rescued as prophecies dictate. As it is written through the archieves of time.

So Will It Be So!

When I look at their dreams in the flesh of the pen I will put each dream together as a jigsaw puzzle, Crown Prince Abdullah, and then I will work until the time of evacuation from the face of this planet in Order to manifest each tender and not so tender One's dreams All into place. Not One left Out. I will do this first for My generous Ones of spirit who have laboured and suffered so long without. Then I will do it for you, for Saudi Arabia, for Palestine, for Our province of Kuwait who have had a heart change toward the good of All commonality toward their Arab brothers and sisters. Toward Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Sudan, Jordan, the sweet Gulf States of lesser amount of land space and of Iran if they are willing.

There will be no more war, Abdullah, for I detest war.

But first there must be the tight war at the gas pumps toward the Anglo-Saxon who dismiss the thought and judgements of the gods in the heavens which are sent by the intellect and mind of the One and Only Al-Mighty and Heavenly manifested being, and instead find some rumor to abstract from their diaries as penned by the voice and conscience of man, woman or child, as "weather-to-be" of some less than spectacular journey from the brain of a less developed mind control. This is not pleasing to the Al-Mighty and Heavenly God to be thus ignored and brushed off. So the goal at the pumps must stay Abdullah, until the covert action of the Americans and British are flushed from Our lands. The warplanes must be cut and tied off at the throttle nose and the tanks must be rendered empty. They must be forced from Our lands. Otherwise, Indonesia may be sitting in Saudi Arabia. It is better therefore, if the people of Saudi Strain close off the pumps to the flyplanes who bomb Iraq for if that is not done in a hurry then We may need of course to flood them Out of Our entwined but holy land. And that is not profitable to Saudi Arabia at this stage in the time slot even though it would serve a dual purpose by effecting a cleansing of the land from the chemical weapons the postitute bear placed deep in your soil.

You Understand Us Here, Crown Prince Abdullah?

We want Peace.

The Americans and British are desecrating Our lands and killing My people, and Only the penciled in dreams are keeping them alive.

I will fulfill those dreams.

I will serve them without shame for they bring to Me no shame.

And I will prove to them that there is Love left in this World.

I will be their keeper and their guardian.

I will have My Peace.

And I will have it shortly.

For there is little time left to continue this war and My people are tired of this war.

They need Peace.

The hour is late and I must be getting back but first I wish to speak to those around Me. On the morrow, We will talk a story to them about life, love, liberty and war. I will use examples that We can All understand. I will speak about people whom they All know. I will utilize My talents in Order to teach them and not to condemn. And there will be no more gossip in the lands for the Al-Mighty Creator One and Holy Being DETESTS gossip and of this We will also explain why.

Keep the pilgrims here then for another day. Those who wish to leave must stay until I Am finished teaching them their first Hajii lesson. That is after All why they came.

Did you really think I would leave you out? {smiles} I was watching. I always do.


Thank you for the lovely meal. I thoughly enjoyed the brave supply. Adieu.


Uthrania SELA Hussein, Arab prophetess and scribe. High Priestess of Saudi Arabia and Queen Over All of Egypt. Keeper of My People, Helpmeet to My President of Iraqi good and honourable faith and conscience. Friend to All who are friend to Me. I Am the Commander Who Reigns On High. I take many necessary and unnessary positions. I Am become ONE WITH YOU ALL TO YOUR HIGHEST AND LOWEST EXPECTATIONS NAUGHT GRIEVING IN THE DARKENED PLATATUDES BY WORD OF VOICE, EXPERIMENT NOR THOUGHT. ONLY THE HIGHEST INTENT TOWARD THAT OF ALL MY PEOPLE AND WELL VERSED IN THE ART FORMATION OF WAR AND PEACE! I AM YOUR GOD AND GODDESS! I AM SAVIOR OF THIS WORLD AND I AM ALL TO ALL MEN AND WOMEN ALIKE! I AM THE LORD OF THE WORLDS! ADIEU!