Brethren and Sisterhood Assalaam Alyakaim and good evening. I will today begin by saying that I for One am sick and tired of these stupid American British games being played consistently around this place! If anyOne has anything to say then say it and stop playing games! The internet on the Other computer is naught working right now. I had naught taken down the server. 

In any case it seems that many ones do naught wish of I to be writing upon it at this time.

I wish to also say that I do naught care in the least if the world falls apart at the seams because I refuse to be made anyOne's puppet for their own supreme gain.

I have come down here to do a job and scribing is only One part of it. However, that is too much to expect the world to consider.

How anybody on the face of this earth could possibly think of even reelecting a contemptous sub-hu-man such as the President of the United States George W, Bush is absolutely quite beyond of mine Own holy comprehension. 

Karzai of Afghanistan is also a CIA agent and if he or the majority of the Pakistani government had anything at all to do with the Universal Original and Beautiful Islamic and its economics then of course the Taliban and many Saudis would naught be encased inside of the wretched halls of Guantanamo Bay. What is the rescue of five Saudi when One-hundred dear souls still remain? 

And who rescues the Taliban? Does anybody even care this day?!

It does naught matter to me in the least whether I write upon this certain parchment or naught but was does matter to me is all the people who are paying with their physical lives and who are so unjustly jailed in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.

What also matter to me is that the people of this Earthen plateau get to hear at least Once of the Beautiful Original Islamic Way of Life from the Higher Countinences of this plane. [The One From Above without the man-made rules which serve no purpose save that of also stagnating the governments of this earth and serving the people no better. We must move onto greater heights before of course the Starship Commanders in their greater fleets observe that very few are ready. You see, dear Ones, You cannot prepare Yourselves for Paradise by being taken to Paradise only then to go bowing five times and engaging Yourselves within rituals which no longer exist. Many of the rituals You do now, Beloveds, You do without real or true knowledge as to the why You do it at all. When many Of You reach through the evacuation the Paradisal Worlds beyond this One You NEED TO BE PREPARED FOR WHAT YOU SEE AND ARE TO BECOME ONE WITH. 

Do You Understand Of We Ones here?

It is hoped greatly that You do.

It matters to me greatly also that the People of Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Palestine and Afghanistan hear the Greater truth which will set them all free from the bondage of the ugly and ruthless and destructive Echelon spying system and all its corrupt features from Wall Street down to the very pinnacle of their ugly and contemptuous bombing and chemical dropping waste systems in the Middle East.

Zionist hegemony is naught pretty, Beloveds. It never was and never is.

In regarding the fire: All buildings of all pilgrims who come to hear the truth of the Universal Islamic Higher Accumen should in fact be either in the regular tent facilities or in lowlaying buildings which were supposed to be constructed as the Starship Commanders of the Greater Universes have Ordered and advised all buildings to be. Then if fires were to Occur then of course the people would be able to better get themselves out especially when the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is short on water supplies in the first place.

Tragedies like this only exist when People and Leaders do naught listen to the Wise advice of all those whom You  Only have known in the past as God and now the Gods as well as the Goddesses from all higher realms.

Let us please now look at the rest of the story off SPA news today:

SPA -45 - general / Three nations involved in pipeline project pledge to meet international standards Baku, Azerbaijan, May 16, SPA -- Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkeyagreed Friday to meet all international environmental,social, labor and human rights standards during theconstruction of a US$3 billion oil pipeline from theCaspian Sea to a Turkish port on the Mediterranean. Representatives of the three nations signed the agreement,which they promoted as a "unique" commitment, by means ofa teleconference in Baku, Azerbaijan. "This document we can forward to any interested party,"said Natig Aliyev, president of Azerbaijan's state-ownedoil company. The agreement also provides benchmarks that all threenations agreed "will evolve over time." The Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline is on track to befinished by the end of 2004 and could be transporting oilin 2005. The 1,760-kilometer (1,090-mile) pipeline aims tobring Caspian crude to the West, reducing dependence onMiddle Eastern oil.

I have naught even placed the second portion following this One and I will now tell You precisely why.

This may look good to the eyes of many but to the Eyes which see much more there is a telltale sign of more war. And here again, I will tell You why.

If the President of the United States becomes reelected from producing this grande deal which Others have set up then the west having the Oil it needs will only continue to produce the likeness of even more atomic weapondry and more chemical and biological weapons and only the Gods know what else.

Germany is naught wise in backing the U.S. on anything.

The sanctions will be lifted as trade within the Arab Islamic nation truely and verily begin.

The Islamic and Arab world in particular hinder their own growth when they franchise any type of currency system. You see, everything a nation, an individual or group of nations wish or need to have to accellerate their progress is Only subjected to stagnation because of needing riyals or dinars for instance before they can surely progress. Why, Brethren of the Arab Islamic World do You wish to stagnate Yourselves? Is power such a gain then that the mere thought of all issuance of money categorially out of the window is naught a gainsay in the lives and triumphs of all those who sit over the earth?

King Fahd ibn Abdulaziz Al-Saud will be Orating a speech tomorrow of Our day. I for One will be most interested to listen to it hoping that the Words written here will also be taken in full consideration of.

There need never be any play on power struggle either anywhere inside of the Arab Islamic World simply because if each One in Leadership follow the explicit rules of the Universally Held and Loved Islamic Economics and Structural Blueprint for Paradise of which Ye Ones have only a part and portion of therein everything would fall together like a well oiled mechanism.

When We spoke about the body or the Islamic Higher Original Universal Ummah and We said: If a man, wo-man or child performs a misdeed with the mouth, it is better if it be a very serious misdeed to cut off the tongue of the mouth by bringing the Truth to Light in which the person caught off guard will no longer be able to defend themselves. We in no matter had ever told anyOne to cut Out the tongue nor to stop the person from speaking by blocking their voices over the internet or world news broadcaste stations from whichever nation they might be. This also was taken out of the Scribings of all Religious text no matter what religion we speak of. Religion is only good if it is mindful of what was really written and the power of Religion over the people is only powerful if the rest of the text is missing and men set themselves generations later to try to figure out what was said. This is why there be so much descention among men, wo-men and children who listen to those who do naught listen to the Hand and Pen of the Master Teachers who have all come like I have to liberate each Soul from their blindness and authatorian command of those who do naught have an inking as to what they are speaking about in the first place. A Religious man, wo-man or child who listens to that which is naught taught by the Religious establishment or who listens to those who academically place their truth in the garbage can and listen instead to the truth of the Universal Original Universal Islamic Acumen are indeed wise and blessed unlike any Others for they naught Only Open the door to themselves but they Open the vortex into Heaven. Likewise when We spoke about hu-mankind running the gauntlet of disgrace upon themselves, taking ugly gossip out of place and running to and fro from nation to nation in order to blackmail, threaten or any other sort of thing We stated it would be better by far to take these people and take the feet from their bodies meaning exactly to take the people by WISDOM and stop their efforts of war by cutting off that which allows them to continue with their war. For example: When planes and ships marooned off the gulf wish to target innocent nations with bio-logical and chemical bombs and other horrible atrocities then it is better to cut the feet of this practice off for if it were to continue then they would do the terrible deeds therein keeping their Ownselves out of Paradise.

When none of Ye have the entire Writings or Scribings and then You have Only Your Own interpretations instead of that which was Originally spoken and Written down. Then Of course You all find Yourselves running to and fro in all different directions with One man saying his wisdom is the greater of say another man's wisdom of which We can say neither wisdom is the greater if they have no connection to the Originally Versed and Scribed Acumen of the Higher Universal Islamic Way of Life, Sensibility and True Freedom.

Do You better understand of We Ones now Your Excellencies? We could speak volumes but what is the use when this hu-mankind would rather practice the lowly verbium of the understanding of what the Gods and Goddesses first and Once taught.

Would it do any good then to proceed?

But You are Man and this is earth so it will naught. 

Have I thrown my Annointed King Crown Prince Abdullah ibn Abdulaziz Al-Saud out of the window yet? No I have naught. I do naught throw any Enlightened Ones anywhere but I am getting so tired of all this gameplaying in the west between Europe, the United States, Canada and Great Britain that I just wish the world would go away and let the World We came to build be built to stay until the great evacuation - to give the practicioners of the New Heavens something to look forward to as they begin to understand the Greater Experience today. But for the Ones who have bombed Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan there is justice for them to pay and by the mighty hand of their own people they had better stay out of Our Way.

- I Am Whom I Am - Uthrania Seila Captain and Commander Of The Entire Arab Islamic World

[Note: I have none Of mine Own usual backgrounds upon this computer]