"Sell Gold" for Debt Relief?!

Written by Mr. Mueller, Lion of the Tribe of Judah, July 12, 1999,

Although the "gold standard" has long been abandoned by the banking monopoly, bankers are still exclusively in the business of monetizing all of this world's gold production. What that means is that all gold produced by the mining companies is being presold to the banks at the officially pegged price prevailing at the time. And how does the banking industry pay for all the gold in their vaults? Is it from profits derived from customer banking charges on accounts to the public or from profits derived of the difference between prime lending rates vs the rates borrowers are charged? Not at all! BANKS HAVE FOR CENTURIES HELD THE RIGHT TO CREATE THE CREDIT OF NATIONS (CREATION OF MONEY BY THE STROKE OF A PEN - ALSO CALLED "CREATING MONEY OUT OF 'THIN AIR" - ALSO CALLED "MONETIZING") GIVEN TO THEM BY LEADERS AND POLITICIANS "SLEEPING AT THE WHEEL" WHILE STEERING THEIR NATIONAL SHIPS INTO COMPLETE SUBMISSION AND CONTROL TO PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS, WHO LIVED AND ARE STILL LIVING DISPERSED THROUGHOUT MANY NATIONS AS A "FIFTH COLUMN" HOLDING ALLEGIANCE TO NO COUNTRY EXCEPT THAT OF THEIR OWN ALIEN PHILOSOPHY OF SUPERIORITY FROM TALMUDIC THINKING.

Banking is an area where all governments have lost complete control, and although a concerted effort by the inter-NATIONAL community of nations would instantly neutralize all choke hold on governments, it must also be said that because of the scattered power structure of many "democratic" countries, THEY in particular will have a hard time shaking off the invisible ruling hand of elitist bankers. Democratization of nation states is part of the bankers' program of take- over and ultimate subjugation of the people within these respective nation states, and thus laying the groundwork for the people's poverty and/or economic slavery.

As recent as yesterday (July 11, 1999) it was announced that representatives of 182 nation states are meeting in New York (?) (or Washington, I don't remember where that was) in order to discuss the IMF's plan to "sell off" a lot of its gold in order "pay off" some if not all of many "third- world" nations' unrepayable debt burdens - particularly African nations states. I merely wish to inform you of what is going on, which in fact is this: THE BANKER, WHO OWNS ALL THE GOLD, THROWS SOME OF IT "ON THE MARKET" FOR "SALE," THEN BUYS IT BACK AND SAYS TO THE PUBLIC: "WE SOLD ALL THIS GOLD IN ORDER TO HAVE MONEY TO PAY BACK UNPAYED LOANS." Yet the banker who owned all the gold is the same who buys it back from himself and then says: "Look, people, I now have money to pay your loans!" And as the "loans" are being paid, he keeps the money, for were not the loans owed to himself? And so after these paper transactions no gold was moved, because the owner really had not changed.

We all know when a commodity is offered on the market in greater abundance than to keep its price artificially high the price of it goes down. And as the price of gold goes down, the people in the mining industry are losing their employment, for these firms have no ability to control their production costs below the point of break-even. If they did they'd sink themselves. And so we find some nations say: "Maybe we should reconsider having our debts forgiven with the banker's gold, because if we allow this offer to proceed, then too many of our citizens will fall on hard times from unemployment, which could destabilize our government. We're damned if we do, and damned if we don't." The gold mining industry is on the banks' payroll. The moment this industry shuts down, no brand new currency is entering the market place in order to offset the drain on the money supply from interest charging on all loans, public or private. Evidently, the banks get all the gold for free by credit monetizing that industry. So if they let that industry sink, they will get no more gold for free, right? What a fix to be in!!


Mr. Mueller - 01:54am Jul 26, 1999

To Suzanne (who wrote an excellent article on the poverty of her Lebanese people during the civil war),
At the root of ALL poverty lies the fact that the (financial) system firstly monetizes itself, then big business, then government and its bureaucracy, but not the people. The people are left to themselves, whether they succeed or fail in their battle for survival. What you have written is a classical example of the banker's contempt for the people and government's lack of concern for the people. A disastrous combination of odds for underprivileged to contend with.

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