We live in a "fallen" world!

Mr. Mueller - 03:19am Jun 10, 1999

All creation on this planet lives in a "fallen" environment. Thorns, thistles, barbarism among man and beast and secret subversive societies are proof of that. There are two ways whereby man's fallen state can be reversed to where mankind becomes "holy" and "universal" again:

1) By a successful large-scale revolution against corruption,

2) or by a global wipe-out of the entire race of man in a planetary catastrophy and the subsequent reseeding of mankind worthy of carrying the name HUman. We are in the process of making man HUman again. It is a combination between education into correct principles of life and the application of force where appropriate. Our success depends on the cooperation of all truly HUman beings desiring a clean-up of this planet from corruption. If we succeed, then we will have laid the foundation for many incarnations in peace and happiness. Should we fail, then the struggle will continue for many of our own incarnations until we finally do succeed in pulling ourselves up from living in a "fallen" environment into one which is no longer "fallen".

Don't think for one moment someone else (a saviour or "prophet") is going to do it for you. Whoever decides not to participate has already made his choice to continue for many of his own future incarnations to struggle in fallen environments. Within the framework of man's history there are "windows of opportunity" for rejuvenation from darkness into Light. We live at a time where such a window is open again. It will not remain open much longer. "High tide" is here, but after a while it recedes. Will we have "missed our boat?"

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