Re: Saddam Hussein

Mr. Mueller - 12:27am Jun 9, 1999

With Reference to Mr. Fagan's concern re: Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein has an IDENTITY, and that identiy I have already described to you. It extends not only thousands of earth years into the past, but also upward into higher dimensional realms of existence. In his manifestations of the past he has been a benefactor of humanity, for which he was mistreated. In higher dimensions he is a very powerful archangel of lighted essence, consistent with his incarnational roles as benefactor. And so whenever he incarnates into the realm of fallen man, he is being hated and betrayed and has his true character of benevolence for the people assassinated by his numerous enemies. As he fights back he is being branded a murderer and ruthless killer. People believe the lies about him and wish him dead. Saddam Hussein cannot be judged by what he does, only by who he is. And since his identiy is one of celestial majesty, his actions undertaken in self defence against those who wished him dead are justified by his inherent right to rule and his right to not be murdered.

Saddam Hussein is so much Light, that many looking at him see the darkness in their own souls exposed by his Light and hate him for it. Understand, Mr. Fagan, that this is a prevailing subconscious reaction which many times surfaces into the conscious realm of man's responses. The continued bombing of Iraq is a conscious reaction to the presence of Saddam. When Light will have prevailed over darkness, then the bombing will stop and a new day for the Iraqi people will have dawned and all Arab nations will have joined together under the wisdom of his leadership.

The true character make-up of benefactors like Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and others is usually distorted by religionists into that of pansies and sissies lending the other cheek, always "forgiving" everybody for all wrongs done to them. Since justice is equal to mercy, wisdom at times dictates that "the other cheek" should indeed not be lent.


Mr. Mueller - 03:42am Jun 10, 1999

Saddam Hussein is a True and Worthy Leader!

We are pleased to hear, Mr. Fagan, that you give words of understanding and wisdom the credit they deserve. We will not hold it against you that you in all sincerity cannot understand how we can possibly back President Saddam Hussein and still be consistent with what we teach. HE IS A GOOD MAN, for we have been behind the "curtain" of time and dimension and know who he is, what he stands for and what his mission is in this incarnation. I suggest to close this topic of discussion and watch the developments in the Middle East, particularly those in Iraq. You will see that after the terrorist American/British military has been kicked out of the Gulf, Pres. Saddam Hussein's leadership will make the Middle East blossom in all its righteous glory.


Mr. Mueller - 12:34am Jun 9, 1999
Re: Saddam Hussein

Dear Sami and Bassi,

While I have not been in Iraq and never worked as engineer for the Iraqi army, I have been where you have not, and that is behind the veil of space and time! Only very few on this planet qualify to make that journey to empower them with information the general public is not privy to, unless those of us who have been there report back to share the information with people like yourself. There we learn of realities not obvious to the physical eye nor comprehensible to the limited mind. You judge Saddam Hussein by what you can observe with your senses, and so do many others. I do not judge him at all for I have seen where he fits in pertaining to the destiny of not only the Iraqis, but that of the entire human race. He has been endowed with a mission greater than any other on earth - a mission worth protecting at ANY cost, because your own and your children's future in happiness depend on his success! Had you informed yourself of all the writings from the pen of Saddam Hussein, you would have found out a long time ago, that he had nothing but the best in mind for his people. And, no, I am not ashamed of a man who "fights the imperialistic invaders" with all of his might, for they are the ones who perpetuate the fall of man.


Mr. Mueller - 06:19pm May 11, 1999

Saddam Hussein is no thief!

Saddam Hussein is no thief nor is the out for his own glory! He has no billions stolen from the Iraqi people and has always placed the needs of the Arab world above that of his own! He is consistent, predictable and no back-stabber like the British! If he walked into Kuwait it was because not only were the Kuwaiti/Americans stealing his oil guiding their drill bits sideways tapping into Iraq's oil pools, but the British had been guilty of the first offence creating artificial lines in the desert sand dividing one Arab brother from another. And when he tried to annull this offence, he was greeted with American and British bombs.

BRITISH IMPERIALISM IS THE CULPRIT HERE, and it is his right to re-write a debauched British history of unwarranted impositon upon Iraq! And when they noticed he was trying to right a wrong, his country became the target of covert CIA (American) and MJ5/6 (British!) operations backed by several hundred million Dollars to be spent to overthrow and kill him in his own country! And as these diabolical anglo-saxon efforts became uncovered, thousands of Iraqi traitors working with these agents became liquidated. Is that why you call him a murderer, just because he approved of capital punishment for treason? You are a fool if you do!


Mr. Mueller - 07:08pm Jun 13, 1999

Don't hide behind a narrow issue!

Dear Sami Ala-Dean, as tragic as the calamity on the Iraqi people is, what is going on at this time in man's history goes beyond just Iraq and who does and who does not rule in Iraq. Iraq will recover after the Americans are gone, just like Germany and Japan did after their devastations (also inflicted with American help). Mesopotamia (Iraq) is the "cradle of civilization," and the new civilization (era) will be built from the ruins of Iraq under the leadership of the same man, who continually is being blamed for Iraq's trouble. His good intentions with not only Iraq, but all Arab states he could never materialize, because almost all refused to work with him by reason of their selfish alliance with the Zionist west. But soon he will be vindicated as an innocent man and be able to fulfill his life-long dream of a unified Arab world. He will find to his own amazement, that the nature of his union in true national brotherhood with other Arab states extends far beyond Arab peoples, for many other nations will come running wanting to become part of the "good thing" and not be left out of the blessings of true liberty. And he will have no problem accepting them, for the nature of the new alliance is so easily expandable to also include countries, whose polulation is neither Arab nor Muslim.

History is formulated more by events than by time, and here the Prophetess and myself think more in terms of events (past, present and future) all combined into one final outcome.


Mr. Mueller - 10:09am May 17, 1999

Omar Masry,

You make my blood boil calling Saddam a puppet and a donkey's ass, you insolent liar! If he was what you call him he would have been knocked off his throne a long time ago, yet the combined effort of the two Zionist puppets Bush and Clinton have not been able to remove him! And they never will, for Saddam Hussein will pull the Arab nations together and lead them in true Arab unity. You have the mentality of an ostrich when the temperature is too hot. And while the track record of some Arab nations has been one of alliance with western power and western money, that does not mean they will continue to do so, for you must always remember, their leaders are Arab, and have an Arab conscience and can recognize when Allah speaks to them through one of his Masters. That is a factor you have not calculated into your equation of contempt for King Fahd.


Mr. Mueller - 05:01pm May 17, 1999

To Khan Naveed,

On several occasions I have explained why a strong man like Saddam is needed to lead the Arab States in face of Zionist perpetual aggression. It would not be fair to the readers to keep repeating myself everytime someone contradicts me. The problem in the Middle East is not Saddam Hussein, it is Jewish American British Financial Zionism enforced by their militaries. And you expect him to step aside in order to stop the bombing? What guarantee do you have that the bombing of Iraqi civilians will actually stop? The western political system is as corrupt as the philosophy which controls them. Kuwait was stealing Iraqi oil and had been an Iraqi province before the British drew artificial lines into the desert sand to isolate it from its homeland.

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