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Saturday, 20th May 1995 6:15 pm

Mancharians: Greetings.

Greetings. Are you coming in Christ consciousness and in the spirit of Oneness with the
universal mind of the Creation?

Mancharians: Indeed. We are of the Oneness of the whole of the Creator. We are an
embodiment of the christed nature, as you know it to be.

Thank you for this identification. We are much gratified to have you with us again. We
have more questions for you, and therefore we will proceed without further delay.

122. Human emotions run high in the arena of "sexual preference." What ought to be the
proper attitude toward the practice of homosexuality or lesbianism?

Mancharians: Here we would depict this as being ultra contrary, due to all ethics of standard of
universal appeal. And here we do caution people, who have sojourned and equipped themselves
within these lifestyles, that the main function here is to procreate. In order to procreate, of
course, you do need in a physical sense here both man as well as woman.

Brain defunct?

Defunct! Very controversial word to the description of such ultra lifestyles. Here we would simply
say to you and your people, that all arbitrariness, and here again we caution with extraordinary
possibilities, we could strictly recommend here, that there would indeed be no controversies of
this sort.

Should the arrows (be) on both sides, and here again we speak of the male and the female
aberrations, as being united in Oneness for the purpose of procreation, when you find One's
mind of a male, or One mind of a female is attracted to itself in that way, we would simply allude
to say, that they indeed are searching for their "other half." And here they believe their "other
half" may be of the same sexes. And this is contrary to the Law of God, as you would speak it,
and as you would know the Creator by your standards of limited thinking at this time.

Is there anything society or the person itself can do to cast off such disorder?

Mancharians: Disorder. Very peculiar, but indeed applicable, for it is a disfunctioning of the
mainstream of understanding. And here we say those entities on such route must find
themselves equipped within their own soul structure to find indeed a preliminary source or
alternative method of procreation, rather than with One who cannot procreate with them. Is this
not so?

123. Indeed. Thank you. Can One differentiate between a "young" or an "old" spirit as they
incarnate upon this plane? And if so, what are their features or characteristics of being either
"old" or "young?"

Mancharians: This here again we find to be an adequate question to perform and pronounce
before your people, indeed. Congratulations! The essence of an entity, which is rather more
"matured," if we could use that word, as such as an old wine with the casing being old. But here
again, the wine being new in the casing. And as the souls, or these particularly evolved souls,
have passed through into the higher consciousnesses, and linked up with their Higher Selves,
which indeed is the linkup of the One Source of the Universe or into the Universal Mind,
Oneness and Wholeness, so does it bring Wholeness of themselves, such as making the casket
where the skin around the wine into a new flavour, in order that it may hold the new wine for the
essence of which we have already spoken of, that bright and great and radiant white light within
each species of personality.

Here we speak of whether or not nationalities or races exist. But however, here we do say to you
and your people that a mature soul, rather One more highly advanced than an immature One, is
simply One who has performed many existences in the past and in the present and future even,
as we have alluded to, in past sessions. Are we right here?

Yes, correct.

And so we would say to you also that those, who have not anticipated such correction by not
having sojourned to the extent of fulfilling all the lessons in this dimension, are indeed the less
evolved and the "younger" of the species at this time.
In order to categorize of which endowments are within the "new" and the "old," or the "young"
and the "old," however you would picture it is fine with us, but you will find specific
encumbrances put on the "mature" soul, or the more highly evolved, by way of greater testing.

And how in greater testing indeed do they respond to friction? Does it light them on fire? Or does
it institute making the flintlock not work as it should? And here we see and have neutralizing
cause. Can they indeed neutralize? You will find on the other hand, that those of the "younger"
essences or experiences or lesser journeyings to this point, seem to light on fire such as pouring
kerosene over parched paper and setting a match to it! There seems to be no neutralization
there, for it explodes immediately, does it not?

Also for the benefit of understanding of you and your people, both, we would surmise and in
conclusion here, advise each One not to put the amount of restrictions on the younger, for the
benefit of lessons is to have a qualified set of testing. In other words here, we are explaining to
you, that each individual will not test himself further than he can endure, whereas the highly
evolved Self will make his testing to his limits. But here again, we say to you, without breaking
his ultimate goal, without giving him or herself more than they could possibly handle. But yet
here, these entities will indeed stretch to the limit.

Thank you. Can we recognize either group by virtue of presence or absence of a temper
tantrum attitude?

Mancharians: Only here on the surface. But this would, if you would study hard, you would find
this tendency has a cause, and here it goes much deeper. But there are those on the outside as
well, who portray friendliness and kindness and love toward a man, but most of you cannot see
the inner person.

124. Thank you. In dealing with the emotion of anger, can you please explain to us at
what point righteous indignation becomes the destructive force of anger?

Mancharians: Indeed. Categorized as "rage," and here you have rage as you would, a
madman. This is somewhat in a different category than anger. Anger is simply an outward
expression of "holy frustration" at times. And rage on the other hand is anger, which is within
non-controllable barriers. If one could be defined defunct more than the other, we would indeed
qualify "rage" that unwitting expression of complete and total explosive quality without any reins
in which to hold the horse back.

Its full contribution here to mankind is much akin and related to that individual for instance, who
has just taken a glass of "cocaine," could we say, before he went out to fix his gun. Proceed.

125. Thank you. A man's tongue, when inflamed by the fires of hell, can become an extremely
destructive force for, both, soul and body, as well as being ruinous to life. Do you have any
advice for people, who are desirous to bring this most obnoxious organ under control?

Mancharians: Indeed. Cut it off! It is like any other suggestion here of inner contempt for the
soul's Self in general, for if that soul has no love for himself, how indeed can he love anyone

You sure have a way to take this one down to a simple denominator!

126. The influence of religious doctrine is very powerful and can create tremendous hangups
in people by way of the imposition of feelings of guilt in cases where certain precepts of doctrine
are not obeyed. The result is a sense of condemnation. With this in mind, how are we to view the
use of contraceptive devices for the purpose of controlling the size of our families?

Mancharians: Ah, the defunct society! Here again we would like to retract back to our
questions. Here a man is sent, indeed, is he not, to procreate? And also as a standard of his
significance of growth he is a duplicate, he is a duality of the Creator. And does the Creator not
procreate? The Creator fulfils its duties unto mankind. The Creator provides for man those
means, whereby man can earn his living.

Man's standards here seem at times to be dropped. And as we realize world population grows,
we must also remind you and your people, the main reason for birth control is not because of
religious conviction here, but rather because man has so successfully destroyed the Earth plane
to the point, where mankind can no longer take a plot of land, if he should acquaint himself within
that aspect of his existence and buy himself some land, because very little now with soil pollution
and air pollution will grow.

Man needs to look at the causes. If a man in the past would have looked after his conscious
fragments better, such as indeed his thoughts he puts out to those around him, and had kept
them in a more positive encumbrance, instead of negative encumbrance, he perhaps and most
likely here we say, would not have brought this upon his shoulders to the extent, where he must
find reasons for restrictions upon the procreation.

If man indeed had looked after the planet and the way the planet indeed was being harvested,
then it would never have manufactured into such situation, where man would find many vast
deserts for example. And those lands so treated with pesticides and insecticides, that even the
fruit he eats is poisoned to the hilt.

Man has retracted from his contract with the Creator in looking after this beautiful old planet, you
see. And by here of consequence has endowed himself with such restrictions and such
possibilities of destruction upon his own carcass, that he has disabled his opportunity for
reproduction to the greatest extent here of his ability. For he no longer has the means and the
opportunities present to him to raise a large family as he should be doing. For this again is as a
present or a thank you back unto the Creator.

For all things propagate, including oranges on trees, do they not? Does not one tree, which is
the father the mother essence, does not all nature engage in the act of propagation? And does
not every season that mother/father element come to bear fruit? The fruit of the labours, being
the children, the oranges for example. Do you understand?

Yes indeed.


127. Thank you. With many people there are a lot of guilt feelings associated with
masturbation in privacy by either males or females. Do you have any comments to that?

Mancharians: Not really. Here we do deal with the physical functions. And you must
understand here, that each One of you have created your physical attributes to be brought into
the birthing process. All has been laid out in blueprint format, and then what you do with your
own creationary product, which will hold your essence, is of yourself.

But here again, these are your own choices. Just remember, there is a law to fulfil, the Law of
Procreation. And if you were dutifully bound toward that goal, then indeed you must sometimes
sacrifice by waiting. But here again on the other hand, if a match has not been made as yet, then
there are times, which you must not let the burning within, the eternal flame of your own soul,
overpower your conscious ability to operate within the fundamental recesses of your mind. Is this

Yes indeed. We will leave that arena now and go to something different.

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