Democracy vs. Liberty (Revised)

Mr. Mueller - 10:00pm May 24, 1999

Democracy vs. Liberty

To think there is liberty in democracy is a fallacy. Democracy is stupidity. Democracy is weakness and fragmentation. It is also a tyranny of its own kind, for it expects rigid party loyalty from its elected members, and punishment comes down on those who dare listen to the voice of the people. Its propaganda creates a world of brain-washed artificial enthusiasts thinking democracy will solve all their problems once they have achieved it. But when democracy has arrived as they demanded, they find a world of contention with too many wanting to be chiefs and not enough "indians".

The affairs of a democratic country are run by confrontation instead of cooperation. The system is incapable of working harmoniously and its party system guarantees merely short-term dictatorships which are voted out of office when the people are fed up and then replaced by another short-term dictatorship.

Democratic leaders never know what is really going on in their countries, because the bureaucracy under them never informs them of things they should know for the protection of the people. Their polititians (correct name) are opportunists out for milking the public trough for all it can offer and then surround themselves with immunity from prosecution for the damage done to the nation. Their inherent moral weakness makes them prime targets for back-door blackmail by elitists, who then make polititians do their bidding, and no accountability is ever required.

The hidden rulers of this world call them "idiots".

The system itself is taylored to be run by only one profession: LAWYERS. A democracy is rife with fraud, back- scratching and pork-barrelling and does not allow for true leadership of positive quality. A democracy has no intrinsic power to do good and in that is only capable of scattering the life of a nation. DEMOCRACY MAKES NO ALLOWANCE FOR RIGHTEOUS LEADERSHIP and for that reason alone must be rejected as an option to the running of a country. Only governmental stability can achieve liberty for the people, for only a stable government is capable of controlling the smooth flow of affairs at all times. The moment a government is subject to be overthrown by the people through an election (which is the same as a coup, except performed by the people instead of the military), that government will always feel insecure and allow unaccountable bureaucrats the real power, for their offices are never up for election.

A righteous ruler is always loved by his people, be he a King, Caesar, Sultan, Prime Minister or President, but his office must be guaranteed stability until he volunteers to hand his reign over to another worthy leader of his choice. And a righteous leader will never allow others to make him the target of mockery as is customary in western democracies throughout the newspapers' cartoons. That dishonours him and undermines his credibility with the people. A true leader's strength is the love of his people. True freedom can only come to the people under the firm hand of righteous rule. (Slightly revised November 27, 1999)

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