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Monday, July 28, 2003

by Reni Sentana-Ries, Grande World Councilor, Lion of Judah,  a Builder of the New Era

Edmonton, Canada

* * *

Soon it will be "business as usual" again! (November 6, 2002)

The province of Alberta experiences an economic boom, and yet reports are saying that more people than ever are lining up for food handouts. And why is that so? BECAUSE THE SYSTEM HAS NO MECHANISM IN PLACE TO LOOK AFTER THE NEEDS OF PEOPLE WHO HAVE LOST THE ABILITY TO LOOK AFTER THEMSELVES! - Reni Sentana-Ries, November 6, 2002

  "Beware the leader who bangs the drums of war in order to whip the citizenry into a patriotic fervor, for patriotism is indeed a double-edged sword. It both emboldens the blood, just as it narrows the mind.

And when the drums of war have reached a fever pitch and the blood boils with hate and the mind has closed, the leader will have no need in seizing the rights of the citizenry. 

Rather, the citizenry, infused with fear and blinded by patriotism, will offer up all of their rights unto the leader and gladly so.

How do I know? For this is what I have done. And I am Caesar."
-- Julius Caesar (posted October 27, 2002. George Bush Jr. is stepping into the same trap Caesar did. Please notice that lack of humility makes it impossible to learn from the mistakes of others.)

  Police Against the New World Order, March 1, 1994, on the conspirator George Walker Bush Sr.

  Guest Editorial: Is This the Beginning of the End for Putin? (October 27, 2002)

  Letter From Usamah Bin Muhammad Bin Ladin to the American People  Posted on this site October 26, 2002, the day after the Moscow Chechen nationalists' bloodshed

* * *

  A Bloodbath is looming in Moscow! Putin will not end the Chechnya occupation and slaughter! Putin has looked over his shoulder to assure himself that Tsar Osamah bin Laden would not knock him off his throne beginning with an Islamic Chechnya! (Entered Fri. Oct. 25, 2002, 7:30 am MDST)

 October 26, 2002, 10:51 am MDST: Extent of the Bloodbath: Dead are *more than 60 Chechen nationalists, *118 hostages, many more wounded and dying. Putin thinks: "Small price to pay to keep Osamah bin Laden off his throne as Tsar over Russia!" (* updated as information becomes available)

* * *

U.S. Regulation 1211 "Reserved" for anyone in contact with extraterrestrial brothers or sisters!

The Release of Prisoners is Significant Evidence that Iraq's Government is Rebuilding Paradise!

  "If you attack Iraq the blood in your bones will dry up and you shall stand as cakes of fine dust in the sand."  

[Quote from Starship Orion from the pen of Commander Captain Uthrania Seila]

* * *

Perhaps Some Things Need Explaining...

King Saddam Hussein and Tsar Osama bin Laden must be protected from Zionist/Imperialist hatred at all costs, for to the survival of these two royals is linked the survival of mankind at evacuation time. (And how is that so? Because only righteous men in perpetual power can implement the measures necessary for a reintroduction of paradise to the people. These measures will consist of a forced removal of the money system and stripping the international bankers of all their power over the nations. Also understand that unlike the U.S. Government righteous leadership will be no threat to the intergalactic evacuation craft, as they begin to manifest in full visibility in the skies for the removal of the worthy from this planet, a planet which by that time will have endangered the survival of the human species).

It is therefore the Lion's call on all civilized governments of this planet to provide these two men with a protection of a kind greater than that of their own! (This is due to the magnitude and gravity of their calling).

Any ruler neglecting the adequate protection of these two men will lose his soul before the High Councils of Heaven, for if any operation has ever been destined not to fail - IT IS THIS ONE!!  (Please realize that along the time line of our successive incarnations we have reached an opportunity only an equinox can provide, which gives us the possibility for a graduation into a series of life streams quite elevated from the one we experience now. And so it stands to reason that a betrayal of a ruler or a leader such as Saddam Hussein and Osamah bin Laden who both carry within them the potential for a planetary reform as vast as that of creating the New Era, will bear a profound penalty from self-betrayal with ghastly consequences for many life streams to come, all of which will include the re-learning of lessons of righteousness hitherto learned or unlearned.

The endeavour of building the New Era for the people is not allowed to fail, for if it were (to fail), then the negative consequences for too many people for too long would be too severe).  

The incarnational survival of too many souls to a better world is at stake as we all move forward with eyes wide open and in full conscious awareness INTO THE END OF THIS WORLD!! ("Incarnational survival" merely means the rescue of people from certain death in face of natural catastrophes large enough to qualify as bringing about of the end of this world. The end of this world will be brought about by an ever-increasing deterioration of climatic and geological conditions of earth, and unless the worthy persons are being evacuated into the intergalactic star ships, not one human being will survive the enormous onslaught of mother earth in turmoil).

- Reni Sentana-Ries, November 16, 1999, text in (*) added October 19, 2002, wording slightly revised October 20th, 2002, 4:00 am MDST)

The Light is Still Out, but the Stars Do Shine!

  Bush Jr.'s Secret Plan on Conquering Iraq and Saudi Arabia 

 This is the Real Thing!

  And this is the PDF of Real Damned Thing!


This time around in your incarnational experience you national leaders better had stand for something (good) lest you be found to have stood for nothing (worth while having). 

Keep in mind that my advice to the Government of Argentina was meant for you all, and should you have been threatened with america's bombs in case you implemented the Grande World Councilor's advice then for your own good projected into your next set of incarnations you must learn to ignore america's secret threats and proceed with implementation at any cost to your national safety from the american bully! 


Is this why the Bush-Rumsfeld-Cheney Conspiracy wants to make war on Iraq once again? I think so! And should they demons proceed, then their war on implemented new-era economics will cause the spoken-of intervention by the starship commanders of the Federation of Free Planets!

The following was written on October 27, 1999 by Reni Sentana-Ries, Grande World Councilor and builder of the New Era with all enlightened beings on earth.

"... In the recent past we, the prophets, have made the simple and accurate statement, that all planets who have joined into the Intergalactic Federation of Free Planets have been able to do so because the societies living on them have at one time or another graduated into the adoption of an economic system based on demand, meaning a system of economics where production only covers items in societal demand. 

This "demand" in our terms can simply be expressed by a purchase order (speaking in terms of industry and business) or by the granting of free and unconditional public access to basic essentials so people can live comfortably. 

The latter is a form of expressing that "demand" as well. All members of society participate in an organized but unregimented fashion in filling that demand, and that simple participation automatically gives every member the right of access to the nations' productive output. And all this activity of production equals consumption occurs in the absence of all types of currency as we know it today..."

The Calling of a King: The Prophetess of the Arab Nation makes a King for the Arab Nation - Saddam Hussein, President of the Sovereign Nation of Iraq! (1998)



By the Authority of God, Himself, and the instructions of which have been performed through the pen of these holy scribings, do I submit unto the Arab nations these friendly words: AS A WORLD LEADER OVER THE ARAB NATIONS ONLY, GOD ALMIGHTY, THE MERCIFUL, THE COMPASSIONATE, HAS PROVIDED EACH OF YOU AS SOLIDARY NATIONS WITH AN ASPECT OF TOTAL CONGENIALITY WITH RESPECT TO HOW YOU MAY BEGIN TO SOLVE YOUR INDIVIDUAL NATIONAL PROBLEMS.

In order then for full co-operation and true unity to begin, it must be dealt with the issue first of rehabilitation of the full and complete memorandum of titles which hold your individual national sovereignty in utter and complete bondage by placing each world Arab leader in his own burial ground of lust for power and greed over the people. Until such time as full liquidation of all assets be fully restored unto the individual nation states there will be no set peace bargains - only anarchy.

It must therefore become known throughout the Arab World, that a sovereign leader has been chosen for you based on the capabilities of this man's far reaching knowledge of insight into the where and why of all possibilities of discreditation of his Arab brother States as well as that of his own nationally led country, that the Almighty has already seen fit to anoint this man in order to garnish the wages of the tyrants and their allies back into fruition of better furnishing and industrializing the Arab States back under those sovereign leaders' control for the betterment of the people. The purse snatchers must not presume their tyrant authority any longer upon the oil rich states for it has been aptly written that all command and authority by God alone will be heavily seen to move His hand in the opposite direction not only by faith of the people of Islam, but simply because of the eventual equal and opposite reaction manifesting toward those persons or groups of nations who feed their parasitical encumbrances toward that of the most sincerely duped leadership of today.

Signed and sealed: UTHRANIA SEILA, Arab prophetess and scribe


The Calling of a King upheld by the Archangel Lord Gabriel: Saddam is the Anointed King of the Arab Federation! (1999)



It is not so much for the benediction of the union of the new Federation of United Arab League Nations, my sons and daughters that I speak this: It is not for the mere portion of overheard propaganda! Eitherwise I do include myself on a most rational level with all Creator's wishes and demands upon an earth so many have strived to make a centerpiece of utter destruction and unethical conduct. And I am NOT AMUSED! Henceforth I do warn you all from the smallest down to the greatest: I, GABRIEL OF THE HEAVENLY DIVINE, COMMAND A GATHERING OF INTRICATE SOULS DIVINING THE WILL OF THE ALMIGHTY GOD IN ORDER THAT YOU LOOSTEN NAUGHT YOUR OWN GOODLY SOULS FOR THAT PORTION OF TIME IT TOOK YOU TO RECLAIM BACK ALL THAT YOU HAD LOST UNTO THE CAUCASIAN FACTION OF DOUBT THAT YOU EVEN THE ONE OF YOU HAD THE SINCERITY TOWARD GOD ALMIGHTY TO DO THE RIGHT AND WRONGFUL THING INSTEAD TOWARD THAT OF YOUR LOWER EVOLVED BRETHREN AND SISTERHOOD OF LIGHTED AND BRIGHT THINKING ATTRIBUTES. For this you will be punished. In the sincere case of do before don't to either of the sources of hierarchy above the grated field of all high flying politics - fear for your own soul if you must - but our word will be done. And the future tenet of mankind in general will happily acclaim all good works and methods toward the dumping off of the generations of spies, ingrates and politicians toward that which we want done at a much higher level.

Saddam Hussein has been chosen as a rightful and most anointed leader of generations to follow because he was the only one of clear conscience who did not backtrack to us upon his promise of his own soul to never let us down again in conclusion of fastening the gird around of his own waist buckle in annointing another 'god' except his own, to fight and love and liberize the entire Arab nations! Towit did you not believe - ye unbelievers of doubt toward the holy Q'ran! Instead did ye ferment your piece akin the only subservient cultured race: anglo-saxon, who plays your cords of supremacy whilst you buy the whole lot! Did ever one of you listen to your God Almighty?! Nay, not in the least, ye brash and multi-headed ones who forever contain within your own breaded pocketbooks that hourde of money which we didst give ye all through the oil surpluses in the ground! Did ye listen then of us when we told you in the holy Q'ran that you mistakenly abjected many of the female population into derogatory status?! Did ye obey a one of you? Now we stand and speak for one more generation of a time through the prophet Uthrania and you will know of our words as they ferment and fulfill through the vaste recesses of time and then and only then will you throw your gold out into the streets and you will fall down upon your sorry facelets and activate what you call a term of mercy upon the poor. What poorer can there be than a leadership over many unbreaded nations who react with swift unmerciful conduct toward those of its people who by high time in accordance with universal structure do everything within their own besodden power to destroy all holy tenets of that which we have for generations upon time provided for the redeeming of the nations and the reacting of mother earth in providing those duties so sown from the breast of Almighty God alone!

HEED THESE WORDS THEN OH MIGHTLY LEADERS as you term to so often call of yourselves. Remember this: Lord and Master Gabriel does to bequeath the standard of unemployment within the heavens to any and all who continue to engage themselves within any known retinue concerning Zionism or its practicioners. Should any of you take to the streets in a mockery of my words - my soul will rip outside in toward that of my forebearers and you will reap the dire and unwonton consequences of it all! HEED THIS WARNING NOT! AND YOU WILL DIE BY THE HAND OF THE ALMIGHTY HIMSELF! That is enough. Close off circuit scribe and close down transmission. Adieu. GABRIEL. 12:41 AM

With the full supervision of all text by the authority and command of Lord and Master Teacher Gabriel do I Uthrania Seila subject myself unto no law of man save for the intricate law of the universe pertaining to, and God. Signed and sealed by the mandate of my father Gabriel.


The People Recognize their King: Full endorsement of President Saddam Hussein by the People of Iraq as their King and Leader! (2002)

INA Baghdad, October 15, 2002:

Baghdad, INA

Iraqi people all over the country mark the Referendum day. The 15 October referendum is marked by Iraqis as the Day of the Grand March.

Preparations were organized for the occasion, expressing the wholehearted relationship between President Saddam Hussein and the people of Iraq.

In this day, Iraqi people express love and loyalty to President Saddam Hussein and declare readiness to keep on building Iraq, confronting aggression, breaking the unjust embargo.

The 15 October referendum reminds everyone in Iraq of the historic, patriotic and humanitarian role of President Saddam Hussein and his heroic stands to defend issues of the Arab nation.

The referendum this year, particularly in these circumstances, will be a message to the entire world, confirming Iraqi people’s trust and loyalty to President Saddam Hussein, and their victory on enemies’ failed schemes.

It is natural for the people of Iraq to back and rally behind President Saddam Hussein who created opportunities for democracy to be practiced. The democratic practice was widened in holding a referendum in 1995 when the Iraqi people for the first time freely and directly elected Saddam Hussein a President of the Republic of Iraq. The 15 October, 1995 referendum is marked by Iraqis as the Day of the Grand March.

As if all the democratic avenues were not sufficient for the people to voice their desires and express their views to him, President Saddam Hussein has been keen to keep direct contacts with them: listens to them feels their suffering, solves their problems and makes sure that the state renders the services they need. It is a historic leadership that plays an active role in bringing about a radical change for the betterment of his people in all fields, a leadership creative in both intellectualization and application and unique in all aspects. Any state cannot achieve progress and prosperity without a historic leadership that would exert efforts in this direction.

Under President Saddam Hussein’s wise leadership, the people of Iraq confronted the U.S-led aggression and frustrated all enemies’ ill-intended schemes. Iraqi people could rebuild their country and bring relations with friendly countries back to normal despite the daily US-British aggression and the decade-old unjust embargo. Iraq faced economic sanctions unilaterally imposed by U.S.A in February 1990, then in the name of the Security Council on August 6th 1990. Under the leadership of President Saddam Hussein, Iraq courageously confronted the Zionist-Imperialist conspiracy of not only an economic blockade but also of a naked military aggression by more than 33 states led by U.S.A lasting for more than 40 days: from January 17 to the end of February 1991. Though military operations came to a halt, the aggression continued intermittently in the form of missile offensive, military intervention depriving people of food and medicine, endangering its political stability and hindering its progress.

President Saddam Hussein has initiated and administrated the all-out reconstruction campaign with a purely national effort and in a record time, thus capacitating the state to confront the enigmatic problems of the severe embargo and subsequent difficult circumstances so as to serve the people suffering the resultant harsh conditions. He has directed the party and the state orientation towards lessening the harmful effects psychologically and ensured food and social security for all people.

President Saddam Hussein has provided all the requirement for the people and the state to carry out the formidable task of heroic resistance and to ultimately win victory.

The most creative efforts were exerted by a leader who felt the suffering of his people, shared their aspirations, fought against imperialists and cherished the heroic deeds of great Iraqi leaders. Since early years of his youth, he joined the national pan-Arab current. It was leader Saddam Hussein who joined in the fifties the Arab Ba’ th Socialist Party, unified its ranks and prepared to assume power in July 17, 1968. He was also behind all the measures that have consolidated the authority of the Revolution and its central power in addition to political stability.

Due to its strategic position, natural resources and glorious ancient history as a cradle of civilization and center for enlightenment and cultural radiation, Iraq was, and is still, threatened by enemies. President Saddam Hussein has always called for Arab solidarity, cooperation and support to defend the Arab nation against imperialist schemes that aimed to dominate the Arab world and exhaust its resources.

On the international plane, President Saddam Hussein outlined Iraq’ s policy and stances to enhance friendly relations with The Arab and foreign states, besides activating Iraq’s role in the nonalignment movement. As for the relations with western countries, Iraq’s policy is based on the principle of independence and within the framework of cooperation and mutual interests.


Why The Light is Out!

Hatonn once said: "I command nothing but fools!" and if the New Era Command Center cannot do better than have american security agents for an audience to show for only, then the most sensible thing is to shut this site down. 

However lest some of you one day feel totally forsaken when you find this center gone I will leave you with Bush's most recent evidence of insanity and the glossary to it in order to assist you in understanding what the NSS document really is saying. 

This site has been boycotted from all search engines by american, british and israeli security agents. The governments of the nations are not allowed to access this site under threat of our own lives and the bombing of their countries - never mind implement our counsel! The only possible interveners in this sorry situation are the Commanders from the Federation of Free Planets, and their time for effective intervention seems to not have arrived yet.

As the audience of this site has shrunk to america's security agents with Bush Sr. at the top, throwing the pearls of the New Era before the swine is really not what I want to do with this information. 

Therefore the New Era Command Center site comes down as of today (September 23, 2002), and it will remain down until the intended audience can return safely under no threat from america's military might.

The Light is Out!

* * *

(September 30, 2002: For the benefit of a guest from El Salvador I am permitting access to the archives. Click Here!)

U. S. National Security Strategy Glossary

Latest White House Pack of Lies... And Outrage!  

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