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Postings written or selected by Mr. Mueller, Lion of the Tribe of Judah
Postings written by Uthrania Seila, the Arab Prophetess and Scribe
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June 26, 1999


The world has reached its moment of truth. The year 2000 A.D. has prophetic significance, and man is still busy trying to figure out what that significance is. The affairs of this world are still going wrong as much now as ever, and if today's leaders' mind set does not change to include a spirit of true brotherhood among races, then the year 2000 will have come and gone without a signal of hope for the people to anticipate a brighter future for themselves and their children. For the rulers to think it is the masses' responsibility to make this world a better place are shirking their responsibility to seize the opportunity and give them a better life. Today's leaders and rulers will never be acquitted of their duty to labour for the freedom of their people from oppression of ANY kind. Their leaders must understand they are not here for the purpose of self-glorification and feasting on the slave labour of the poor and oppressed, but to make this world a better place to live in FOR ALL! The opportunity is great in that we have good news for all of this world's leaders: Your past sins (so to speak) will be forgiven the moment you include the poor and downtrodden people of this planet in your restoration of justice toward them and labour toward their reclamation from misery. This I speak as one being familiar with the spirit of revelation, for the Prophetess and I have been informed of neutralization of all negative karma of this life and past lives for those who in this life stream seize of their opportunity to become ONE WITH THE BROTHERHOOD/SISTERHOOD OF LIGHT! This position is being taken by the High Councils of all Intergalactic Affairs by reason of earth's critical point in equinoxal time.

The Prophetess and myself are not on the Arabia-On-Line forum displaying our craft for profit or glory or entertainment. We say to any sceptic of our sincerity and veracity the following: events which will come into your immediate future will show in plain view that what we have spoken of concerning this planet's dangerously unstable situation is indeed so, and when the stabilizing factor of strategically placed intergalactic craft will be removed, then this world will come to its end. This will happen regardless of whether you world leaders elect to work with us or not. In that area your cooperation will make no difference. THIS WORLD WILL BECOME DELUGED AND ALSO BURNT TO A CRISP! The difference between your cooperation or lack of cooperation with us, who are held hostage here in the West by powers ruling the Western world, is this: IF YOU WILL NOT WORK WITH US, YOU WILL BE LEFT TO PERISH IN THE FLOODS AND FIRES. Conversely, IF YOU COOPERATE, YOU WILL BECOME EVACUATED (rescued) WITH US BEFORE OCEANIC BREAKERS HIT THE CONTINENTS. And don't think to have a good time and a great party with the Pope to usher in the new era. Partying from your fat bank accounts while the masses starve will earn you no credits with the High Councils of the Universe.

And what is it that we expect you to do? To begin with simply this (and I speak to the governments of this world): BOYCOTT THE AMERICAN DOLLAR IN YOUR COUNTRY'S TRADE WITH OTHER NATIONS! There is nothing sacred about the U.S. Dollar that should qualify for it to be the only currency with which to pay for your trade with other nations! Accept each other's currency, for heaven's sake! Secondly, STOP RECOGNIZING AND PAYING YOUR PHONY DEBTS TO THE "INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY" (so called), which consist of nothing but private Jewish bankers, by whom you have been sincerely duped, because you leaders have never understood how their system of money really works. And thirdly, leaders of the nations: GET US OUT OF CANADA AND INTO A PLACE OF SAFETY!! From past experience we have not been permitted to properly look after ourselves, and the Canadian authorities do nothing to keep us safe!

The Prophetess wants to go to Iraq, yet the bombs are still raining there on people's heads. Iraq is the nerve centre for mankind's healing, but not for as long as the American/British military gangsters keep smashing the people's infrastructure there. For as long as you other nations' leaders stand idly by watching and doing nothing to stop American/British aggression against Iraq, you will allow your only chance for recovery of your OWN country to become smashed. THERE WILL BE NO NEW MILLENNIUM FEATURES OF "PEACE AND GOOD-WILL TOWARDS ALL" WITHOUT IRAQ BEING INCLUDED IN IT!! And do not for a moment think you have to depose of her present government first before she becomes salvaged onto reconstruction. The heavens work with people, and sometimes they may not be to your liking. BUT THIS IS YOUR TEST OF SINCERITY TOWARDS TRUE PEACE AND HARMONY AMONG NATIONS! Bury your hatchets and start over again, and do so without compromise towards debauched Zionist/Imperialist thinking!

HOW DARE YOU DERIDE THE GOVERNMENT OF SADDAM HUSSEIN WHILE WORKING WITH AND CONDONING THE TRULY DIABOLICAL WORLD-WIDE ENTRENCHED GOVERNMENT OF POLITICAL ZIONISM?! WHY HAVE YOU NEGLECTED TO INFORM YOURSELVES OF ZIONISM'S BLUEPRINT FROM "THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION?" For as long as you will not dare to come to terms with that thorny issue of Zionist world control, you will be left behind at the end of this world and perish in ever growing calamities to befall you all, culminating with the end of this world and your death!

I have spoken of evacuation. Now I tell you: EVACUATION WILL NOT BE FOR YOU, FOR AS LONG AS YOU WILL NEGLECT THE USE OF YOUR GOVERNMENTAL AUTHORITY TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT TO SAVE YOUR NATION FROM PERISHING! THE CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR INACTION WILL AT LAST FALL ON YOUR OWN HEAD! Uthrania, myself and very few others will evacuate - that is a given fact. But we are here wishing to share that experience with you. There is enough space in our intergalactic brotherhood's ships for the safe evacuation of six and a half billion people.

In closing I share with you what Hatonn told us in 1994: (Scribing): "Military manoeuvres are actually quite stimulating if you happen to be within proximity on the right side of the fence. DO protect your "butts". Be wise! Secede, for within the unknown force behind all areas of your very life here upon this planet, which forces of course we ourselves are most familiar with and in due time so will you be, find within each of yourselves the strength to march straight in the beaten path of the righteous. No matter what the cost of truth is, hold "her" in the greatest esteem and pay a high tribute to its force, for in the end each one of you will find yourselves accountable in fact and fiction upon your honest integrity in light of circumstantial events pertaining to the period at hand. Good evening. HATONN out. Transmission off. (7:19 pm).

Postings written or selected by Mr. Mueller, Lion of the Tribe of Judah

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