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A Short Note to the KingNew SVG image
(Note four)

Headline: My Message to King Abdullah ibn Abdulaziz ibn Rahman Al-Saud

February 9, 2013

Your holy and kind Excellency! We are all ONE within the universal structure of all life forms in whatever shape they appear. We are ONE with one another. We are ONE with the animals. We are ONE with the forest, the plains, the desert regions, and we are ONE with the brother/sisterhood of all righteous Beings.  We are ONE with you, and We LOVE You!

We saw the other picture of  you upon the stand in the exact likeness of the one we had painted to give you. Will that day ever come?


Jeddah, Rabi'I 29, 1434, February 10, 2013, SPA -- Pakistani Minister of Religious Affairs Khurshid Ahmed Shah who is also his county's Chief of Hajj Affairs has hailed the significant role of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud in building a bridge of communication among followers of religions and finding a common ground between different cultures among peoples of the world.
During his meeting with officials of Hajj Ministry in Jeddah today to regulate the affairs of Pakistanis pilgrims for this year 1434 AH, he commended the integrated services and facilities provided by Saudi Government for pilgrims, including Pakistani pilgrims, by follow of Minister of Hajj Dr. Bandar bin Mohammed Hajjar.

23:09 LOCAL TIME 20:09 GMT

Your Excellency, the defragmentation of civilization lies in your hands, but not your hands alone. We work alongside you as One Body, One Voice, and One Light.

You are as Mohammed. the Prophet of Unity. If the people of all religions were to join in one brother/sisterhood, the day would have to come whereby all religious beliefs and actions, must be dropped, done away with, and the Universal Reality must lead them from there.

Religion divides and sets one peoples against the other. Joining religion is your way to joining all peoples together as One - but this will not completely work for people are too set in their beliefs and their way of being, and their hatred of one another is too acute.

You are a great man, Abdullah, King of all of Saudi Strain, and will be long remembered as the freedom fighter of women, as you have set them up with the men in the Majlis in order that they may find those wicked ones whose soul serves the darkness, in order to free the women of all unnatural causes of bondage.

As always do We  remain,

Uthrania Seila and Reni

Letter Nine to the King
(Please take new copy again)

January 27, 2013

Headline: My Message to King Abdullah ibn Abdulaziz ibn Rahman Al-Saud

Your holy Excellency, Abdullah, the Great One who oversees change to the positive for the entire Arab/Islamic world! May the starships grace you with continuance of good knowledge and decisiveness and to preform their word with action.

Al-Salaam! Abdullah, you do everything you may think off in stabalizing Yemen whilst the new "President" runs to and fro involving everyone in his decision making of his own country. The blueprint has been given to the leaders of Yemen for a zoo in order to place themselves back on their feet in the shortest length of time. The Governate of Adan has been cleared of land mines thanks to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and is the President now planting crops for his people or still on the road to selling Yemen out to the World Bank?!

This is the first issue, dear one.

Sanaa, Rabi'I 15, 1434, January 27, 2013, SPA -- Yemeni President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi met here today with President of the United Nations Security Council who is currently on a visit to Yemen.

During the meeting, President Hadi praised the efforts of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud to provide support for Yemen.

During the meeting, they discussed a number of issues of common interest.
21:33 LOCAL TIME 18:33 GMT

The next and last issue I will curtly produce below in two segments:

Cairo, Rabi'I 15, 1434, Jan 27, 2013, SPA -- Arab League Secretary General Dr. Nabil Al-Arabi met here today with a delegation of the Syrian National Coalition for Revolutionary and Opposition Forces headed by its president Ahmed Moaz Al-Khatib.

The meeting addressed the latest developments in Syria as well as the preparations for holding the Friends of Syria Conference in Paris in addition to the International Conference of Donors, scheduled in Kuwait on January 30.
20:04 LOCAL TIME 17:04 GMT

Segment two:

Amman, Rabi'I 15, 1434, Jan 27, 2013, SPA -- An Arab conference on Water began its deliberations here this morning with the participation of 18 Arab countries.

The conference, entitled 'Prospects and challenges facing the water sector in the Arab region', is organized by the Arab Society for Water Utilities 'Aqua' in collaboration with the Jordanian Ministry of Water and Irrigation and the Ministerial Council of the Arab Water.

The conference features several events notably its 14 sessions spread over three full days, presentation of 70 working papers, staging of the Second Arab Water Fair, and a workshop on the organization of the water sector.
14:14 LOCAL TIME 11:14 GMT

Your most gracious Excellency, with the Arab League in the hands of a man who serves Israel rather than the goal of peace throughout the Middle East, Amr Moussa is greatly missed.  Israel is after  the  water  of Syria  in  order  to  turn  off  the  taps  throughout  the  northern  Middle East,  when  Israel's  desires  are  not  met,  and  the  Arab  League  Secretary  General  Dr. Nabil  Al-Arabi  is  not  working  for  the  good  of  anyone  but those behind the great wall in Palestine.  I  am  sure  his  affiliation  with those ones is not by accident. 

Colonel Qadaffi had the solution to water sharing which he would have shared with the Arab/Islamic world.

I believe Washington or Tel Aviv has that blueprint now and is keeping it away from not only Africa but the entire Arab/Islamic world and any nation in need of it.

Your Excellency, ask Washtington for it and I believe they will give to you excuses but not the blueprint.

That is all for this day, your Excellency, and as always do I wish you the best life has to offer.

I remain,

Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries

Letter Eight to the King
(Please take new copy)

January 24, 2013

Headline: My Message to King Abdullah ibn Abdulaziz ibn Rahman Al-Saud

Your Excellency, We are pleased your health is promoting good will among all men and women alike. You are doing all within your power along with those around you who are taking your word to bring together the Arab and African world in a stable resemblance of that which is necessary to bring peace to the nations.

Free energy is an example. It is very sad that President Qadaffi was stripped of his power and murdered,  for it now means that the water so needed by all of Africa has been denied those nations. But then, the banking establishment which sits over the world like a two edged sword, ready to lop off the heads of any who choose to ignore them and not cut them into any profits, made sure of his demise.

Free education. Free health services. Free hospitalizion. Free medicine. No usury. Government owned banking service. All this is as anethema to the World Bank.

Former President Abdullah Al-Salah would never have brought Yemen under the thumb of the world bank who will end up owning Yemen, lock, stock and by the barrel of the gun.

Putting all this aside, I come before you now, your Excellency, with a message which you, I am sure, can do nothing about. So for the record do I hearby place upon this electronic sheet these words with a followup from myself.

GENEVA, Rabi'I 12, 1434, Jan 24, 2013, SPA -- The U.N. panel that settles claims for damages from victims of Iraq's 1990 invasion of Kuwait has paid out another $1.3 billion - bringing the total so far to $40.1 billion, AP reported.

The U.N. Compensation Commission did not disclose the identities of the claimants on Thursday but said the money goes toward settling two claims for damages to Kuwait's oil fields, as well as production and sales losses.

The Geneva-based commission was established by the U.N. Security Council in 1991 and is funded by a 5 percent tax on the export of Iraqi oil.

It has approved $52.4 billion in total compensation to more than 100 governments and international organizations, and makes payments every three months.
13:12 LOCAL TIME 10:12 GMT

Your Excellency, these continuous misdeeds against Iraq and the good people of Iraq to ensure they never regain their sovereignty back, is a crime in addition to all other crimes against Iraq!

Not only did the U.N. take the Iraqi Escrow account and feed it into their own pockets, including the son of Kofi Annan, the then Secretary General of the U.N., but now the nations of the U.N. continue to put false information out over the airwaves, in general, accusing Iraq of destroying oil fields in Kuwait!

Not only did Britain section a parcel of land off and called it "Kuwait" but it was the British and Americans who were side drilling up into Iraq and stealing their oil.

It was not President Saddam Hussein who set the Kuwaiti oil fields on fire, it was George Herbert Bush as all American veterans will continue to attest to!

When the day of reckoning comes to pass, all those who stood with the wicked ones who invaded Iraq and tore it to bits through bombing, chemical weapons, and sectioning it off, with over two million Iraqis murdered,  will pay a price neither you nor I would ever wish to witness - but they will have deserved it!

This is nothing but pure theivery,  and a stackfull of rotten lies!

The only nation Iraq owed money to was Russia and Lukoil was to take their portion from contracts once the invasion and occupation was over.

I had suggested to President Saddam Hussein that the Iraqis themselves should bring the oil out of the ground and sell it in order to pay Russia back. Russia was being most courteous.

And this is another trick of the west to incite more aggression by baiting Russia.

When, your Excellency, will Iraq ever be left alone to survive without nations and greedfilled leaders always getting their way like the Great Schoolyard BULLIES that they are?!

May this letter reach you in good time and as always take the best of care of yourself for us all.

You are one of the last sane leaders upon this planet.

As always and do I remain,

Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries

Letter Seven to the King

January 20, 2013

Headline: My Message to King Abdullah ibn Abdulaziz ibn Rahman Al-Saud

Greetings, King Abdullah upon this fine and wonderful day in the continuance of the regaining of your health. 

I place upon this sheet the portion concerning the well being of the nature of brotherly ties (sisterly?) with the nation of India whose place it is to clean their own house from the rampid display of utter contempt for the females within its own borders. In any case, this brings to mind, if you remember, the  time  over seven years ago,  when  I had  invited the  Indian leadership  to Saudi Arabia as a guest  of  yourself  and  King  Fahad.  That was when you  were the gracious and blessed  Crown  Prince of Saudi Strain.

Both King Fahad as well as your most gracious Excellency, did so to invite the leadership and I had wondered at the time if any common ground would come out of two countries whose nature and religious leanings differed to such extent.

Thank you for the wonderful update which I will place now for the record to be fondly remembered by all. It has been noted that the gravity of the situation has turned into fruitfulness and when all differences are put aside and universal law and principle followed, nothing short of excellence and peace can arrive.

Riyadh Rabi'I 08, 1434, January 20, 2013, SPA -- A group of Saudi women photographers have displayed the Saudi traditional kitchen items at Al-Riyadh International Food Festival 2013, which is sponsored by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities in cooperation with the Tourist Development Council in Riyadh in which 12 hotels participated in the capital Riyadh.
On the other hand, the Indian Ambassador to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Hamid Ali Rao opened here the Indian cuisine at Al-Riyadh international cuisine Festival.

During the Inauguration, the Indian Ambassador expressed his happiness for the participation of Indian cuisine in the Al-Riyadh International Food Festival, stressing the strong relations between the two countries.
The celebration was attended by a number of ambassadors accredited to the Kingdom.

22:10 LOCAL TIME 19:10 GMT

The second issue, your Excellency, is as follows: Remember when the Americans bombed the tents which yourself, as well as King Fahad, had set up with all manner of supplies for the poor downtrodden and sad Afghanis? Then  Japan  joined  in with its assistence as well, before other nations tender footed (because of the American threats against them) joined in?

Well now, once again, Saudi Arabia has given in the manner of
"US$475 million, in addition to in-kind assistance and other technical and academic aid.-SPA"
whereas it gives of the choicest of its meat, for the gain also of stability for the nation.

You have followed the poem to its exactness save that there is not one hungry mouth in the Kingdom.

Your generosity precedes you at all times.

While this is a most commendable move, is it not somewhat like the affairs in Palestine, where Saudi Arabia sends building supplies and the thankful Palestinians build and the Israels bomb the buildings, and this goes on and on and on? I remember when you had told the world that unless the bombing campaigns stopped against the Palestinians, it would be futile for Saudi Arabia to continue in sending in more supplies.

And yet the Americans demanded that the Kingdom keep supplying Palestine, which after once again building new homes, such buildings would only be once again bombed by the cruel and occupying  neighbours of Palestine.

Well, this seems to be the same type of ongoing situation in Afghanistan.  The Americans will bomb everything in sight and blame  the bombing and destruction  upon  others. 

Why, for instance, would Afghanistan need money? Afghanistan has its own oil wells which it could use, if it wished, on the open market save that for the Americans steal all the oil and gas and leave Afghanistan with nothing. I remember a time where the Afghani oil and gas were to be protected by Saudi Arabia from the Americans and their thievery, and the Americans did not like this.

So a parcel of land in Saudi Arabia, in the north-west, was to be the experimental station to set up a  community  for  some Afghanis to reside within due to the excessive bombing raids in their own country by the Amerians.

This project, however, never got off the ground. Many Americans saw to the physical death of these Afghani which we were,  for their own protection and well being, going to temporarily move.

Saudi Arabia was always willing to help those poor and dying unfortunate ones.

The occupying forces are an abomination to the essence of all HUmankind!

Stability will reign in Afghanistan, your Excellency, when the occupation ends and Afghanistan is allowed to once again shut down the poppy crop which the Americans are so fond off, and proceed on with the paradisaical system which we once gave to them. 

Islam means to bring peace, and no peace can be had under the occupation of those wicked ones who reign in the White House in D.C., or over the wall in Palestine, nor in countries whose forces are occupied through NATO tyranny.

The people in those nations do not want these wars, but money and power hungry biggots of society think nothing of sacrificing the blood of their own soldiers, and the  people of the nations  they  invade  and  occupy.  And these wars are all based on lies which are told to the soldiers before they even begin their journey into the occupation of another nation; and now many soldiers commit suicide when they find what they are commanded to do to other innocent people with brown skin and a different religion, whilst other soldiers return to their homes and denounce their own government and military, and for their effort are either thrown into the asylum for the mentally disturbed, or incarcerated as traitors.

When universal principle and law (not law as written by the lower evoved mankind) are put aside for gain of another nation's weath, in the form of taking what is not theirs, then only destabalization and greed  will remain at the hands of a few, and the continuation of destruction and misery for all others.

With this do I relinquish my pen for another day and wish you the best life has ever to offer another.

Sincerely as always do I remain,

Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries


A Short Note to the KingNew SVG image
(Note three)

January 19, 2013

Headline: My Message to King Abdullah ibn Abdulaziz ibn Rahman Al-Saud

Al-Salaam and warm greetings to you, Abdullah, holy and blessed King of Saudi Strain.

Many come to you, to see you for the goodness of your health. And yet others come to you with respect to what they may obtain from the Kingdom in matters of money and assistance. Though we are to assist those whose houses are still fraught with distress, your Excellency, the house of Saudi Arabia must come first.

In this way it is not charitable to give to others whilst empty stomachs and ill read students are still at large within one's own house.

When the houses of other nations begin to fall, or have fallen into disrepair, it is because they ignore universal laws and principles, and until they change they will continue to fall in disarray no matter how much help Saudi Arabia gives to them.

Palestine is an exception, simply because they have no means to defend themselves against those tyrants who utilize every weapon of high technology against them.

The majority of nations, however, do have the option to leave the wickedness of the banking and usury system which is against all universal principle - all usury, no exceptions.

All religions maintain wars. It has always been and continues. Religion, no matter where it originates or is taught is not universal reality, but threatens humankind with hellfire if its precepts are not followed. Religion is used to promote wars. Religion is not and has never been peaceful for it does not originate from  our forefathers and foremothers who brought us from the stars and other worlds, seasons ago.

When the house is built upon a solid foundation, so to speak, words will go out far and wide that the King of Saudi Arabia and his Crown Prince once again have proved their great wisdom and understanding of the universal principles through action and determination.

I have given you once again a simple poem I have written. I did give this to the Arab World over seven years ago. The poem is placed upon the top of this sheet and trust the simple wisdom within will suffice.

It is most pleasurable in speaking with you thus, once again.

As always do I remain,

Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries


Letter Six to the KingNew SVG image
(Please take new copy)

Date: January 16, 2013

Headline: My Message to King Abdullah ibn Abdulaziz ibn Rahman Al-Saud

Dear Abdullah, your holy Excellency,  it is with a concerned heart I write to you this day concerning the tragic occurance of the small boy and the young lady from Sri Lanka.

I have no doubt, you, yourself, have looked into this situation, and with an equally heavy heart have hoped the blood money would have sufficed.

One cannot blame the position, of the family, of course.

The soul of every human Being is precious and it is necessary that the lifestream of the soul be brought not to an early end by the hand of those around them.

My concern is: Saudi Arabia has taken up western type court proceedings, and in the west, most courts hand out verdicts which are anything but just, including covering up the facts to suit those endowed with money, and sometimes, in other parts of the world, with religious ferver and favour.

Ones without money can hardly hire a woman from another country save they are paying her next to nothing which, with many Saudis, is the norm, as it is with certain ones whom are wealthy.

I am further saddened, your Excellency, that the Majlis no longer holds the standard, with a man, wise as you are, holding the office of  "one who is enlightened" and is able to see truth through all falsehoods, coming forth with that which is true and realistic.

That is not to say a woman can not hold such position, but at this time and place, it is you, your Excellency, who should regain this office, as you have proven it time and time again, to be your right.

Remember, the days when you and I worked the Majlis, and the spark of life you gave unto the people with your insight into their situations?

Remember, you sent to schools far away, those whose parents beseeched thee to further the education of their talented ones; or healed the sick by the generosity of your own purse?

Remember the Siamese twins which your doctors separated at the behest of yourself and your purse alone?

Remember, the Mancharian's gave credence as to why in the universal scheme of things, the twins should not be separated,  yet you shouldered the responsibility as you saw the situation in a much different light?

Through all these events, you have shown those around you, including myself, and those above in your skies, that you have a most discerning ability to see into the future of certain ones, and come, most of the time, to the correct conclusion.

You are the only one whom I must converse with upon this subject, for I have seen your works.

Many times, as we know, embassies who send a representative to a trial on behalf of one of their citizens, tend to, in many cases, not wish to offend the friendly country upon whose land the embassy sits, even  though that land  is known as the parcel of land belonging to the country of the embassy, at least by western standards.

Therein, dear Abdullah, for the sake of setting the soul at rest, would you once again, supercede the courts, of which, I have noticed, you have replaced many of the judicerary, and you, yourself, rest upon your own wisdom instead, as was done in the Majlis when we did work together to ensure the verdict was just and correct?

Do I ask upon my own request.

Lastly, do I read:

"The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia categorically rejects any interference
in its affairs or in the provisions of its judiciary under any justifications.'

This is most understandable given the instance of the three British men, whom, over seven years ago, were dealing in drugs and alcohol bringing them into Saudi arabia by means of the underground from Yemen, and the world body objecting to their arrest, yet, they in turn  had no  problem  in arresting  such ones who  committed  such crimes  within  their  own  countries.

Amnesty International, as well as a British doctor, we must all remember, saw they were treated well by the Saudi Government who rightfully placed them in jail.  But when the men were released back to Britain, they told their lies of their incarceration.

Your, Excellency, when it comes to wisdom from above, let the judicical system of any nation, not be above the wisdom it was once endowed with from time immortal, and since the beginning when this earth was seeded by those whose ways far outpreformed the wisdom of today.

May the ones above give you the grace and discernment you are so famous for, in my eyes, if not the eyes and hearts of us all.

Be well and continue in the utmost of good health,

I remain as always,

Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries

Letter Five to the King

Date: January 12, 2013

Headline: My Message to King Abdullah ibn Abdulaziz ibn Rahman Al-Saud

Your holy Excellency, King Abdullah, every nation hinges upon the success of the people working alongside the King or Leader of that nation and this is where western democracy simply will never work. Do you agree?

Now, though the people work in synchronization with the King and perhaps with each other to some extent, unless the King be of one mind within the laws and understanding of universal principle,  all  will eventually  fall assunder. 

This is my next concern for time is short for humanity, in general, as the Equinox draws to a close in the near future and of that future many are still not prepared.

"Originally restricted to discussion of regulations and issues of national and public interest, the mandate of Majlis Al-Shura was broadened in 2004 to include proposing new legislation and amending existing laws without prior submission to the King." (

Your Excellency, an historical moment has been made this day and will live long in the minds and hearts of the Saudi male as well as the Saudi women, and this is because the new generation understands that equality with women can better find themselves more sucessful in such relationships.

Will the women be allowed to approach the King with their concerns without the men of the Majlis Al-Shura standing in their way?

Please, Abdullah, hand your power over to no man, for you have been set in such position for the elevated brilliance of your mind and your clever solutions, as you have proven again today.

Back in the year of the Gregorian calendar of nineteen hundred and ninety-four an Archangel (which is a position and not a title) by the name of Michael, spoke to me and allowed me to understand that I was to look after the cause of women in places where men had dominated them, and treated them rashly in their dark ego, delighting to harm the beautiful souls whose only crime was to be born and wished to live a life according to the universal reality which indwells every HUman Being. H=holy, U=universal man and womankind, as you well remember.

What I did not know was steps needed to first be taken in a labour of love toward bringing the blueprint and the understanding of the universe to a darkened world, globally. But my labour of love was directed to Iraq and Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan, as you know, but two of those leaders are not at present upon their thrones, so to speak. And of them all, you are still in command and we must thank the universal wisdom for that.

This is when our paths again crossed and we worked together with the Majlis and that was a wonderful time. Now, of course, my direction has changed to the point of finally bringing the women's causes to the forefront and doing what we must to redeem their full status in universal equality with rooting out all wickedness unfairly put upon their heads.

How will these thirty women with one as speaker approach the King with their concerns? These women have no soldiers to remove the wicked men and release the poor souls from the womans room.

Will this be at the King's command?

"It shall be done." King Abdullah ibn Abdulaziz al-Saud, "in a quiet way."  (Scribed by the hand and pen of I, Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries)

Thank you, your Excellency.

Words are incapable of expressing the joy which came into my soul at your decree to appoint thirty women to the Majlis Al-Shura Council to the King.

How I respect a king whose humility lies within the universal oneness with all of creation.

Let none make laws without your signiture for within such organization may creep in unfriendly platitudes against the female and then all may come undone.

May your health be at the peak of its existence for eternity.

As always do I remain,

Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries

Letter Four to the King

My Third Message to King Abdullah ibn Abdulaziz ibn Abdulrahman al-Saud New SVG image

A Short Note to the King
(Note two)

Date: January 12, 2013

Headline: My Message to King Abdullah ibn Abdulaziz ibn Rahman Al-Saud

Your Excellency, thank you for the note back and whilst it is most commendable and refective of your soft and kind nature to assist the Syrian refugies with ten million ryials in their time of desperate need in the kingdom of Jordan,  my heart  is  also refecting the  course of nature  which has  befallen those  dear  ones  who  land  in  the woman's  room at the  hands  of  vicious  and  cruel  men  who,  themselves,  have  no  caring  for the  universal light  and  it's  laws  and  principles. 

What then, Abdullah, will be done about this problem for every day those women suffer, therein we, too, suffer with them for we are all One and come from the One source of  All which the universe is made up of?

Life should  not be cruel to those  dear souls whose only crime was to inhabit a house with those who are backward to the hilt.

Please, your Excellency, refer back to "Letter Three to the King" and reread with thoughtfulness.

I remain as always,

Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries

A Short Note to the King
(Note one)

Date: January 11, 2013

Headline: My Message to King Abdullah ibn Abdulaziz ibn Rahman Al-Saud

Dear Abdullah, your holy Excellency, it is now the end of a long day where I am at and our work shortly comes to an end. I have been in wonderment at the efficiency of these writs and it is good that people are now clearer in their understanding enough to ask of me questions.

I do enjoy being of assistance to them for that indeed gives life good purpose, albeit, I do miss the length of our conversations.  It is  good  you fare so well, and  I appreciated  the  photo  with the  red and white checkers  for  I,  too,  have fond memories  of  such  poem.

I notice that Crown Prince Salman engages himself and visitors in great merriment and trust this is not at the expense of others for I see your insignia (large) in the back of the room upon a great wheel with the leaves, just behind the curtain. In any case, it is good to see others happy, and I hope to find you, thusly.

I am just signing in for the day to ask once again for your health, before signing out.

I remain,

Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries

Letter Three to the King


0028 Saudi Female Research On Scholarship Ranks Third in the World In Rome Conference

 Tabuk, Safar 26, 1434, Jan 8, 2013, SPA -- Vice Rector of Tabuk University for Higher Studies and Scientific Research Dr. Faleh Al-Salami has expressed the pleasure of the University's staff and employees over the accomplishment achieved by Ph.D. Student Researcher on scholarship from the University of Tabuk Hind Al- Juhani for ranking third for the best research in the world presented at Rome, Italy Conference titled 'Removal of organic compounds from wastewater' .
Dr. Al-Salami said that Researcher Hind represented a scientific model of students on scholarships at international arenas.
On her part, Researcher Hind explained that her research focuses on the use of nanotechnology to remove organic compounds from wastewater for reuse in irrigating farms without having any planktons that cause epidemics for agricultural products.
14:39 LOCAL TIME 11:39 GMT

Date: January 8, 2013

Headline: My Message to King Abdullah ibn Abdulaziz ibn Rahman Al-Saud

Your most highest Excellency, King Abdullah of the Saudi Reign,

Though it is heartening and pleasurable to witness the height of a Saudi woman’s accomplishment,  I am sorely concerned of the plight of those women and girl childs who reside in the dark recesses of men’s minds, with no one to speak for them. These dear ones are locked up in such places as the woman’s room where they live out their lives in darkness until death or insanity, or both, grips them.

This is a sickening tradition which belongs in the dark ages and not in a Kingdom which wishes to move forward in the light of all paradisiacal worlds.

You have the power to admonish the religious leaders who may turn a blind eye to these form of wickedness, for wickedness in any format is against universal law and principle.

Please, Abdullah, I once again beseech your Excellency, find who these men are and remove the women from their sadistic care. It is not a matter of interfering with another man’s women or girl childs, this is a matter of universal law which forbids one human Being to treat another in such manner.

Such men are not to be considered HUman for they are not holy but are as the wild beasts of the field.  Ones such as these are never to be found upon the higher evolved worlds  whose people all work in the light.

As always,

Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries

Letter Two to the King

King Abdullah ibn Abdulaziz al-Saud Chairs Cabinet Meeting. My Portion Thereof  (pic)


Date: January 2, 2013

Headline: My Message to King Abdullah ibn Abdulaziz ibn Rahman Al-Saud

Your Excellency, King Abdullah, I was given to inform you by the ones on high (Angelic realm) that an explosion will occur at one of the Saudi oil wells and it will have been done by those whom consider you their ally to forment even more trouble within the Sunni/Shiite structure. - Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries.


Date: January 3, 2012

Headline: My Message to King Abdullah ibn Abdulaziz ibn Rahman Al-Saud

Your Excellency, as Saudi Arabia does not like to badmouth other nations and their governments, it is incomprehensible how the Ayatollah of Iran insists upon using Press T.V. to fuel his campaign against the Kingdom. Press T.V. shows pictures of "Saudis" who are "Saudi Shiites" and do not explain they are in the eastern portion of the Kingdom and not only do not wear the clothing of the Sunni Arabs but prefer to dress as westerners and keep themselves apart. Since they are Saudis we wish them to be one with the King and the Kingdom but they insist upon following the Ayatolla's campaign instead.

Your Excellency, it is imperative to take the steam out of them by equalizing their rights with the rest of the Kingdom. Neutralize their concerns until they have no more excuse for uprising, but keep your hand strong upon your throne and allow the people to protect you and the Kingdom through the taking away of their anger and becoming one with you. If the Saudi Shiites are making this into a religious war on the side of the Ayatollah then there is indeed a problem and if there were no religion then this type of divide could never take place. Religion all too often does not bring people together but rather does the very opposite.- Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries

Letter One to the King
Date: December 30, 2012

Headline: My Message to King Abdullah ibn Abdulaziz ibn Rahman Al-Saud

Al Salaam your Highest Excellency King Abdullah ibn Abdulaziz al-Saud, I trust this letter finds you well and happy. It is a time and a half since I have written to you, save that of a portion concerning Iran.

Abdullah, you can battle the unrest in Saudi Arabia by setting everyone up with their own business in order to utilize the best of their talents no matter how great or how small.

When everybody has their basic needs met then your most Excellent Kingship, you will have taken the sword out of your adversaries hand, both the left and the right.

This is a wise and prudent move, and only a King with the wellbeing of all his people could make such a decision.

Wealth of a monetary means is not the way to paradise, but whilst we wait for the real event to develop upon this earth so do we need make amends toward all those dissatisfied souls.

The men who keep to the old traditions of locking women in rooms with no windows, no light, no sound and no contact with the outside world including those within their own house, need to exchange places with them, and it would be so if it were not displeasing to all those whom are men and women of higher values.

Remember, your Highest and Utmost Excellency, when over six years ago I beseeched thee to go to the home of a poor man and this, in order to please me, you did, and put upon the net these pictures and you were horrified at that which you saw.

You had momentarily forgotten your own origins where the most famous king of all, King Abdulaziz ibn Rahman al-Saud fought for his rights and alongside were his sons, of which you, yourself, your Excellency, were one. Remember, the battle which was lost and into the security of Kuwait everyone went and the famous poem was then created shortly thereafter, and King Abdulaziz ibn al-Saud traversed back into what is now known as Saudi territory, his sons with him?

Well, a wise decision was made which made the King GREAT!

King Abdulaziz ibn al-Saud chose peace instead of war by circumventing around the warmongers. And what did he do? He came back with power and the adversaries were removed and then the great king married one daughter of every tribe including into the districts now known as Jordan.

From then on the adversaries became his friends and peace reigned and the starships and their crews shined their lights upon the king and his people.

How clever he was.

And you are a clever king as well. Remember the days we worked together upon the net, and I would advise you of important issues and you would call and listen and post your pictures?

And then for years were we off the net for our computers were taken and aught was against us. This, you remember well, for governments would not let us speak one to another.

Nevertheless, you carried on and all went well and you became the comfort to women in many other ways than one, but still the religious hold on Saudi Arabia was not something the government could do anything about.

Therein could a religious revolution take place if religion continued to be followed by being created through the pen of the hand of man not assigned to be scribes of the starship commanders nor the Master Teachers of men.

However, you cared and you listened.

BUT, with the Saudi surplus, NOW IS THE TIME to win against your adversaries who would like to knock the government and yourself off the throne.

For whom could have aught against you if you set their minds at ease for mere survival?

No matter if there be Sunni or Shiite who live under your gracious command, they are first citizens of Saudi Arabia and as such should all be treated as equal, with equal rights and equal opportunities.

This is fitting for the King of Saudi Arabia to indulge himself within.

And a Great King is he, Abdullah ibn Abdulaziz ibn Rahman al-Saud of the hierarchy of the blessed ones.

You have incarnated into these great blessings due to the events which you had mastered in past lifestreams. Do not neglect to bring such blessings upon others to ensure you, yourself, continue in blessings upon your own plate.

You have been given your health back and now you have been given a second chance.

May the gods and goddesses of the great acclaim be with you and guide you on your path.

As always,

- Uth-rania Seila Sentana-Ries

Note: Your Excellency, King Abdullah, I only just now found the GCC meeting, and the snow and a place set for me once again. Unless necessary, it is imperative at this time to be as brief as possible with the flare up in the Middle East.

Therein will a page be set up for me at where we will be able to converse much as we had before. Please allow a few days for this to be in operation. - Uthrania

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