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(Scribed, Part One)

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EDMONTON, Alberta, Canada, November 07, 2012, by Reni Sentana-Ries

Are we not to be a “peculiar people,” distinct from doctrinal falsehoods of any kind? Indeed. And when the word of truth comes to us and enlightens our minds, we are given the opportunity to “vote with our feet” and allow ourselves to be seen outside of many who still hang on to unproductive doctrine in their respective groupings.

There are many ways the human spirit can become ensnared in false concepts affecting thinking and action of humans in a manner where universal ethical law is being violated and soul progression slowed or halted. One does not necessarily need be religious in order to err, remaining oblivious of being in conflict with the universal mind of oneness in goodness. False philosophical doctrine can entrap us in like manner and impede our soul’s progression into the Light.

In the scribing which follows, Captain Jambian, Commander of one of the intergalactic starships, encourages us to follow the guiding light of truth, regardless of the opposition others may heap on us for doing so.


"...for the time of darkened consciousness is about to disappear for good, but unfortunately there are still some of you who queerly insist on holding on to the past for the sake of thinking you may actually have a hand in rejuvenating the sequence of survival intact, thereby improving your lot to the benefiting of your own soul's status and money currency!

"Not so, ye ill informed, for it is only because of the gravity of the situation that ye will find ourselves to come upon you for the providing of provisionary articles, in hopes that those of you still left behind to the survival status-quo would find your way into the Photon Belt withdrawals, and henceforth comfort yourself with the elevation of the truth not manufactured by idiots!

"LEAVE YOUR DEAD CONCEPTS OF CHRISTIAN ALIGNMENT, FOR CHRISTIANITY SURVIVES ONLY WITHIN THE HEARTS AND MINDS OF THE ENLIGHTENED ONES!! Within the full conscious endeavors of the like-minded Genghis Khan style you would survive only a minute of the time actually left to you! Better to be like-minded with those ones, who have foreseen this action in the taking of place of monetary means, and who indeed feel the need to indwell in the places of the Most High in all - that place of the consciousness - that of the Higher Self - and strictly speaking, that of the GOD/GODDESS IN EACH ONE OF US!

"'BLASPHEMY!!' you shriek? Not so. Again, that is the sole result of your religious text getting in the way. This is so much more. This we offer is the pure remembrance of the sequel of life itself: the who of you of who you really are! The who who indeed fits into the whole scheme of things.

"How many times have the prophets come to make good their word to your ears? Then why have you continued to shy away as good Samaritans? Does this make those of your troop good Samaritans? Nay, never a parallel exists, for betwixt the words of the anathema (for indeed you treat them as such) do the contexts of disturbing phrases fall from your ears much as the humdrum noise of a wrecking crew services to enchant ye naught. In those days years ago you continuously state that the onslaught of God's people would never have happened had ye been at the reins!

"YOU WERE THERE!! Do ye not remember with those foggy calibrated mind forms ye so oft strive to work with? It was your same spirit, which ye calibrate today that got them precious ones put to death in all manner of horrible atrocities! You already did it - over and over and over!

"Leave your hostile libraries and teachers of iniquity! And what is iniquity? Those little feet who flash by in dexterous fashion only to serve their own fallacies of what is what and what is the right and the wrong of it...! And what indeed is attributing to the cause of the crusading-like factions of the New World Church? Pentecostals, Baptists, New Age movements, and a seemingly endless congressional deployment of many more. The figure, we are not totally exact on at this time, but the roaring moving force of light barriers upon the Earth at this time is naught helping that which you so graciously seek: the ELIXIR OF LIFE ITSELF, the stabilizing factor. NO MORE VICTIMIZATION!!

"Well, the new world in itself doth hold those truths, but to get there you must first recognize truth in its essence or you're likely to miss the boat. Keep your cloud rising for the time of space flight, for the only contraptions coming through the clouds are - as you love to put it - your Redemption Day!

"You actually do think Jesus, the Christ, is going to float down from on what you like to term as "high?" Well, I'm not surprised, because you also believe that he spent forty days of his life talking to the devil in the desert!

"WE ENCOMPASS OURSELVES WITHIN LIGHT, NOT DARKNESS! WE ARE OF THE LIGHT, NOT DARKNESS!! In truth he was with his space brothers, who were in reality equipping him and teaching him the new concepts of the day in order to prolong his retirement. But of these words and concepts you have no knowledge, we're sure, though books are completed and distributed among the knowledgeable who stand in the light of a darkened and troubled era.

"Hold onto your hats, for WE ARE COMING! Heighten your frequency, for your redemption is near! We are from the solarplex area of your staunch reception, near the chakra or crown area. We stretch through your very being from head to toe. We are in you and you in us! Listen, watch, and learn!

"HEED OUR WORDS!! They are not typified within any structured system! Tomorrow the darkened world will meet its final evolvement, and those who merit the conscious endeavor will surface to instruct those who wane and weep upon the Earth's surface! Keep watch and wait! Uplift one another and tell of love. TELL OF LOVE OF THE SPACE BROTHERS, WHOM YOU HAVE SO LONG AGO FORGOTTEN!!

"It is the epitome of despair, that which you lock yourselves into if you do naught to heed our everlasting words! AND TO STARDOM ITSELF DO WE RISE!

"Thank you, starseed, and we will speak with you again tomorrow, lovingly to all who manifest the light over darkness. JAMBIAN.

(End quote)

(Scribed by Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries, Fall 1994)

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