Can we Muster an Emotional Response to What we See and Hear?

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EDMONTON (INA Canada) November 9, 2001, Reni Sentana-Ries

Patricia Zimmermann says that at no time in the history of modern man has the media been more aggressively muzzled than after the downing of the two towers in New York.

She says what we see on CNN and others like it is less than 10 percent of what is really going on. For instance during the Kosovo bombing raids against the Serbs america used 1500 fighter pilots on a rotating basis to bomb the country to destruction, yet we were never told of such massive air assaults. If that was true for Kosovo, how much more is it true in the air and on the ground of Afghanistan!

She said that five minutes after the bombing started all communications satellites over Afghanistan were repositioned.

Patricia Zimmermann is a lady who turns CNN off and goes on the internet for more factual information of what really goes on in the world concerning serious issues of the day.

She also states that the extent of the tragedy on american/british-bombed nations is greater than the official news outlets describe it. The cost in human trauma is immeasurable and continues long after the bombing has ended, she says.

As far as the function of reporting goes, she says:

"Passion--about anything--has been quarantined, professionalized and sanitized for the market economy. Much of what masquerades as independent media celebrates a snide, disengaged, solipsistic postmodern ennui and aches for the Sundance Film Festival and commercial studio distribution deals."

Concerning media's gross displacement of priorities she goes on to say:

"The global forces of privatization, transnationalization of media, deregulation of public policy, catastrophic arts defunding and commercialization of all psychic/public realms each day napalms public culture. The public spaces for politically courageous and artistically provocative independent media production, distribution and exhibition have been psychically and metaphorically bombed, nearly annihilated in the swiftly changing media landscapes."

"In old Marxist terms, the independent media sector has concentrated far too much on capital (buildings, machine, venues, budgets), and not enough on labor (people, ideas, collectives). Although we all need new strategies for cold hard cash as the concept of anything public degenerates into private enterprise, we don't need their money if it robs us of our passion in insurgency!"

Perhaps now we understand better why news anchors on any (......) controlled media outlet are not allowed to show emotions while reporting on the most heinous crimes against humanity committed by the western anglo-saxon (.......) elite, but are expected to maintain their plastic, "all is well" jovial disposition:

It would arouse the people to action and resentment of all their programs of globalization and practice of public slaughter of nation after nation in promotion of their objective of world control if news reporters were to express their revulsion on what they must report on!

September 2012: We owe it to ourselves to express a value judgment on what we see and hear in our reports to others. That frankness is a public display of honesty, and permits our readers (or viewers) to obtain a quick-assessment of their own personal feelings on issues we present before them.

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