Open Letter to Powers Ruling Washington, London, Tel-Aviv, and the Vatican

May 29, 2016, Philippines


My name is Reni Sentana-Ries.

I am a representative of the Intergalactic Order of Freedom in the Universe. To none of you I am a newcomer on the block, so to speak, because you have known of me and my co-workers since 1998 – nearly 18 years ago.

I also hold the Office of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, but am not the reincarnation of the person of Jesus Christ.

From the advantage of the Office I hold, I offer you, gentlemen, a helping hand in the transitioning of this planet into the Ancient Order of Economics, which you mistakenly so are presenting to the people as the New World Order after your own imagination, knowing full well that none of the Captains and Commanders from among the overseers of this planet would pronounce their blessing upon.

During the past 18 years I have observed your procrastination in accepting the Order of Paradise we have always been speaking of, and that procrastination has taken you 18 years closer to a forced conclusion of the issue under the guidance of intergalactic starships, as natural catastrophes are being permitted to take this era of time to a forced close before the new one can be introduced after earth has recovered and healed from its wounds.

The process of transitioning from the Old to the New and yet proven Ancient Order will under our guidance be so much smoother and less traumatic for the people currently incarnated here if you, gentlemen, would grant us unfettered participation in setting up the New (to the people) Order of a paradise.

You will continue to fail without our help, and we will continue to fail without yours, to take this planet and its people into the New Era safely. Therefore I ask you to accept our hand and move us into a position of Security of our Persons, coupled with liberties for the promotion of the words of the Commanders for the publication of our most important books, and for us to enjoy an unrestricted promotion of all articles written by Captains and Commanders themselves as they have contributed to the great arsenal of wholesome information.

We expect to hear from you soon as you will offer us the safety we ask for.

Reni Sentana-Ries


Related Remarks made by the Archangels Gabriel:and Adonai:

Master Gabriel:

"If you would only come to the stage where you will face yourself - maybe you will make the final breakthroughs - but, even so - the time is late.

"The hour is past. and the wrath of the heavens and the universe - of the creation itself - can no longer be appeased!"

(Taken from "Conspiracy, Corrupt, Unfolded", scribed by the Prophetess Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez, summer of 1994, added April 18, 2004 to the website

Lord Adonai:

"Lessen your sentence to yourselves - ye, of great natural power! Let us witness the demise - not of nations great - but OF THE NATURALE SOURCE OF INIQUITY, BOUND FOR THAT GREAT DESTRUCTURAL PIT OF COMPOSURE!"