Ft. Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada, November 6, 2006


To the People of Iraq


Iraqis, I AM YOUR GOVERNOR! I am Reni Sentana-Ries, a friend of Saddam Hussein, who in 1998 tried to teach me to walk like a king, gave up, and finally said: “You are not a king, you are a leader!” I just could not match his gait.


In Iraq I want all guns to fall silent and all bombing and sectarian torturing and killing to stop. I WANT TO HEAR A PIN DROP IN IRAQ!! From here on out the only ones dying in Iraq shall be those on their natural way back into the womb of where they came from. I cannot build a nation on the foundation of endless revenge killings for wrongs of the past. Saddam has learned his lesson from the past and will not repeat those mistakes when I will reinstate him back to you, not as President, but as your King and King of the Arab Nation! However this I will not do unless I give back to him a country of discipline and order, not chaos! In the meantime Saddam remains under my protection and care, and I want to remind you, the Iraqi people, when on sentencing day he said: “God is greater than the occupiers!” he did not lie to you, for his faith in your reclamation was unshakable.


Now, put your weapons away, stop your thoughts of revenge, forgive each other, be kind to your neighbour and stranger, forget your religious affiliations and class hatred. Paradise will never come to you for as long as you cannot forgive each other nor Saddam and his former Government! Never in a million years would I consider giving Saddam back to you if he were not a changed man from his former self. Therefore conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of receiving a King for your next leader, who has nothing but the noblest thoughts about your spiritual, emotional, and economic welfare in mind, and I assure you, Shiites and Kurdish people are not excluded from these noble thoughts of his. Saddam will leave your country when the Americans are pulling out. In America he will remain under our care until order in your nation has returned under my direction and governorship. I will attempt to work with government officials who are in place at this time. Therefore the Sunnis must not attempt to depose the current leaders, and neither must the Shiites feel to lord over the Sunnis. Both must learn to respect each other and accept each other in the common cause of setting up Iraq as and example of a perfect paradise to all other nations. The job I as your Governor of Iraq will commence, your King Saddam will complete in utter perfection!


So now, people of Iraq, go home and read these words out aloud to your children, and begin to be silent in your hearts, for silence will help you come to your senses, and be joyous where the words I speak to you resonate in your souls!


Your Governor Reni!






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