1.     I will only dress casual, not in a suit and tie.


2.     On official dinners all of us will remain standing by our chairs until the host arrives and says: “You may now all be seated.” Then the chatter may begin which is customary around luncheon or dinner tables. There is no requirement for silence. Anyone however may request it if he or she may wish to address all that are there after having gained permission to do so from the host.


3.     There will be no restrictions on small talk anywhere or at any time unless during official meetings.


4.     I do not wish for the media to charge at me with their microphones. Cameramen must stand back at least 8 to 10 feet. There will be question-and-answer sessions with the  media, but they must be prearranged with myself for time and location, and be conducted orderly.


5.     I will accept honour guards.


6.     I do not wish “red carpet” receptions.


7.     I also do not wish to be given gifts while on official visits. Flowers for my wife Seila will be accepted graciously.


8.      The requirement for women to be veiled in my presence does not exist, for it is not necessary.


9.      In public you may address me in any  of the following ways: “Mr. Sentana-Ries”, or “Counsellor”, or “Commander”, or “Commander Reni.” Never address me by my first name only unless you put “Commander” before my first name. In the media I will not tolerate disrespectful, negative, contemptuous, mocking, and slanderous cartoons. Cartoonists unable to work in good and tasteful humour I advise to not cartoon at all on my person.






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