Lest anyone think I have done it all on my own, think again! This was teamwork at its best. And so I have decided to give you a list of associates who have assisted me over the years in bringing about this outcome. Bear in mind, please, that the order in which I give their names is no reflection of rank or significance in their roles.


Seila Sentana-Ries, the talented Lady by my side.


“Dharma” from the United States, another gifted lady, who has laboured long hours and hard for many years transcribing from the stars.


Lord Adonai, stern, yet also very kind.


Master Gabriel, the powerful archangel, who shielded us from severe harm  when we were in grave danger.


Commander Hatonn, the double agent among the elite.


Allah, in charge of the Arab and other worlds.


Lord Sananda Jmmanuel, the “carpenter of 2000 years ago.


Commander Melix, the brilliant engineer.


The Mancharians as “duty performers” (not messengers).


The delightsome Esquarians, cheering us up when the going got rough.


Lord Michael, who assisted by giving us several personal readings from the Akashic Records.


A gentleman from Calgary, whose name I am not allowed to remember.


Ms. Karen Kieser, my caseworker at the prison, who shielded me from menial work assignments and therein made it possible for me to have time sufficient to prepare this work.


Mr. Billy Meyer from Switzerland. He produced the photograph of the dinger, which I then used on my index page without obtaining special permission. I trust he will not be angry with me for doing so. Among all the many photos he produced this one I made to serve a noble purpose.


This list of names is not complete. I caution you however to not worship any of them nor make a religion out of their personages. You may honour them but never worship. From that they will recoil, and you are on your own. All of you must learn to connect to your own godhood or goddesshood from within yourselves and stop seeking after “God”, thinking he (or perhaps she) is outside of yourselves. Therefore, DO NOT DIRECT YOUR WORSHIP TO AN OBJECT, OR PERSON, OR “GOD”, OR “ALLAH”, AWAY FROM YOURSELVES, NEITHER BY ATTITUDE, RITUAL OR PRAYER. You may ask then, and rightfully so: “Do you then pray to yourself?” to which I answer: No, that is not necessary. I respect and honour myself, and will do nothing that would undermine my self-respect. And that is where the “worship” of myself begins and also ends. Do I thank all associates I have listed here? Yes, however their cooperation was as easy to obtain as water flows downhill, for in this endeavour we are and acted as one, with each performing his or her own assigned part in unison for achieving the outcome desired by us all. Therefore, allow the potential of godhood within you to grow, then you will have no longer need to look elsewhere for a “God” or “Goddess” to pull you out of ignorance or difficulties you may find yourselves in. BE ONE WITH ONE ANOTHER!


Mr. Reni SENTANA-RIES, sapphire to the pyramid of man’s evolution.






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