How Does Forgiveness Really Work?


Thursday, November 2, 2006


It may have come as a surprise to you when, contrary to fundamental doctrines of commercial religion, I reject the concept of blood for sin. How this falsehood got injected into the Law of Moses is to me almost beyond belief and comprehension. I will however attempt to give you an answer which just may prove to be able to withstand the test of time.


The dividing line between good and evil can at any plane of evolution become blurred and be devoid of clear demarcation, and so I surmise some “Lords” or “gods” from other star systems got temporarily carried away with a false notion of self-aggrandizement, irrespective of the cost to other life forms of creation. I am certain they also were warned of the consequences of their actions and chose to ignore them. As time went by, and as from their exalted position in the skies they observed the horrible tragedies they had unleashed on mankind as well as the animal world, remorse came and a plan for their own recovery as well as the recovery of those born into this world by the womb of mothers was developed. This plan would see themselves reclaimed who are the gods of the past, the present and the future, together with humanity they had severely bruised.


The key to that reclamation is forgiveness, where we forgive them, they forgive us, they also forgive each other, and we forgive each other. And here, contrary to traditional thinking, transgression of the laws of universal ethics is not being buried under the rubble of past history, but rather exposed for all to see. That is necessary in order for healing of old wounds to begin. Those among us with sufficient humility to admit our past mistakes can then move on to greater heights of glory, while others without that inner humility stunt their evolution and become tormented by being compelled to exist in a world where the righteous call the shots. Eventually the wicked will leave and build their own kingdoms of hellish existence, and at that point the boundaries between good and evil, “heaven” and “hell”, become more distinct. The end result of that process is balance, where each entity then has elected to exist in a world he or she has created by the hand of his or her own actions and choices; and at that point we can speak of “good” not being able to exist without “evil”, “heaven” cannot be without “hell”, there cannot be light unless there is darkness, and there cannot be joy unless there is also sadness. And in this manner the universe never loses its balance.


Coming back to the law of forgiveness I promised to review, let me give you an example: Two days ago at night a young tall inmate held the door open leading to another building in this prison complex for medication. He and I were the last to pass through the door, when suddenly I hear him say: “You first, Jew hater!” I was stunned and shook my head, and as we walked down the concrete pathway towards the other building, I turned around and said to him: “Don’t you ever call me that again!” When the other inmates heard those words, one of them wanted to know what the issue was and so I explained what happened. He then began rebuking this young man, with others joining in, until we all arrived at the dispensary. And there to my surprise the young man turned around facing me and said: “I apologize for having called you that!”, to which I replied: “Your apology is accepted. The case is closed.”


I did not ask him to catch a pigeon outside, slit its throat, drain its blood, and pass it to me in a dish. Neither did I say to him: “Be comforted, my friend. Two thousand years ago there lived a man on earth. He was the Son of God. You are lucky that he was crucified and shed his blood for you, for otherwise I could not say to you: The case is closed!”


You see, the universe does not function on the basis of such barbaric concepts of justice as religion keeps presenting it to you! From these simple statements I want you to learn, so that you also can say of yourself what I have said of myself. From now on I want all of you to be “sapphires to the pyramid of man’s evolution.” Six and a half billion of you! Only then will I consider my job done properly, barring the application of free agency to deny yourself that distinction. You ask: “Who are you to say such things?” I say: “I am your brother who became fed up with the manner in which this world is being run! We’ll now make it a paradise by working together!”


- Reni Sentana-Ries



* * *


De-franchising Government, Church, and Family out of Marriage


October 31, 2006


I also call it “de-institutionalizing” of marriage. It is not the role of Government nor that of a church to control the process of marriage between two consenting partners of the opposite sex, and neither is marriage a matter of choice parents should make on behalf of their own adult children. I ask, are parents prepared to become hated for the rest of their lives by any of their own children for having forced upon them a relationship which gave them a miserable life? I think not. So then, what is the problem of “letting go”, parents? It is better for the son or daughter to blame themselves for a marital miscalculation than to have that type of accusation land on a parent’s doorstep.


As it stands today, both, Government and Church keep a union of two people enforced who have outlived their personal relationship to each other, a relationship which can only be dissolved with a lot of government “red tape” and a stigma of guilt. We should begin to recognize here that some couples have simply completed the purpose of their union as part of their life experience in this incarnation and just want to move on with the remainder of their lives. And here people must be allowed access to continual enrichment of their lives in the form of positive life experiences. A locked-up marriage union resulting in unhappiness, agony or even despair is not compatible with the nature of a paradisiacal environment. Celibacy during the courtship period is commendable. For a couple to go beyond that stage is a virtual declaration of being married. Duration of such relationships cannot be determined by government, the law, the church, nor family. At times two people have not exhausted their potential of making each other happy for incarnations. And conversely, we find marriages which are very brief before a feeling sets in which tells them both that they have completed the purpose of their union. All these relationships must not be dictated upon by outside forces, for they are by nature governed by powerful personal needs and instincts.


In polygamy a man cannot take rights for himself that woman also does not have. Polygamy is socially undesirable as it is lacking in balance. And any woman or man in such a relationship has the right to end it. Why? Because equality between man and woman is universal and absolute!


What I have spoken on marriage so far is only revolting to those who do not wish to see their outmoded religious concepts threatened which call for CONTROL of a society, believing, that unless constraints are placed in the lives of two young people in love, the world as they see it will collapse right down around their heads. And perhaps it should! For the things I speak about are derived from a knowledge of how paradise works in all its liberties of purity, detached from a concept or “sin” where indeed there is none. Archaic laws of the past created this concept upon their violation, but as we discover their redundancy, knowing their absence encroaches in no way upon order and harmony of paradise itself, then why would we wish to hang on to laws which in the past have impeded upon mankind’s happiness by lending marriage a stigma of “sin” in cases where it ought to end out of pure necessity? Do not expect me to compromise on principle as it pertains to paradise just because some of you do not wish the foundation of your traditions knocked, traditions which you inherited from your forefathers of the past, who lived in nothing more elevated of a world than the one you find yourself in today! I could be of no assistance to you if I did not attempt to break your misconceptions down which until now held you captive in a world of misery.


Look into your own marriage! Do you find a paradise in there? Look into the marriage of your children as you have them bound together at your own discretion! Are they happy for the choice you made for them? If their happiness is no greater than a chance of striking a 6/49 hit after you compelled them into their union, then your tradition has been a miserable failure.


You may counter: “But what about children out of a marriage which is falling apart?” I say, it is always good to give young children a feeling of parental stability, but not at the expense of parental happiness. Remember, the children from here on out will be growing up in a somewhat paradisiacal environment, where their personal security will never be at stake should Mom or Dad decide to go their separate ways. Parting here does not necessarily mean a separation in anger. More likely a feeling of continued friendship will remain where children then can freely associate with either of their genetic parents. I am not saying that separation will never be a hard blow for one or the other, but what I am saying is that the absence of a stigma of “sin” in the event of a separation will certainly soften that blow in the long run. The world we are building now is not one of ultimate perfection yet, but is one step closer to taking us there.


-         Reni Sentana-Ries



* * *


On Evacuation


Thursday, November 16, 2006


Contrary to former “holy writings” of which nearly all need to be discarded, my work is virtually empty of the word “love.” Hardly anywhere have I made it a precondition to anything I’ve ever asked you to do. And in many ways it isn’t. “Salvation” you need to “work out” for yourselves. It is hard work and has little to do with love. My portion in it I did not do out of love. I did it for not wanting to miss my (flying) “boat.” I love myself too much to want to do such a betrayal to my soul. That may sound selfish, but it isn’t. Let me tell you why. Sure, “working out” on the many things I have given you to do has eventually given you rewards like that of a body builder. It has made you strong. And when the strength of your soul returns to you, so does the love. And where does “love” fit into the equation of all that you need to do to “work out your own salvation?” The answer to that was shown to me in a short dream I had this morning before waking up.


There is a possibility that I may evacuate this planet before general evacuation is called for. And so I saw myself near one of those “dingers” trying to give me a “home run,” those circular flying machines we usually attribute to having been manufactured not on this planet, but somewhere else. I sensed it had come to pick me up and take me away for my work was finished. Yet I still asked: ”Why did you come?” And the answer was: “It was love that pulled us down!” When I heard these words I awakened and became very worried about your own evacuation. But then I remembered and thought, no, there will be a general evacuation which will look after all of you who have worked as hard as I did in your own assigned area of responsibility.


And now you know what finally brought them down to you in numbers so large you could barely see the sky any more for all those machines in there to take you home: it was your love which pulled them down, for at that point you were no longer fearful to let them take you to safety.


- Reni Sentana-Ries






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