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Letter One to the King
Date: December 30, 2012

Headline: My Message to King Abdullah ibn Abdulaziz ibn Rahman Al-Saud

Al Salaam your Highest Excellency King Abdullah ibn Abdulaziz al-Saud, I trust this letter finds you well and happy. It is a time and a half since I have written to you, save that of a portion concerning Iran.

Abdullah, you can battle the unrest in Saudi Arabia by setting everyone up with their own business in order to utilize the best of their talents no matter how great or how small.

When everybody has their basic needs met then your most Excellent Kingship, you will have taken the sword out of your adversaries hand, both the left and the right.

This is a wise and prudent move, and only a King with the wellbeing of all his people could make such a decision.

Wealth of a monetary means is not the way to paradise, but whilst we wait for the real event to develop upon this earth so do we need make amends toward all those dissatisfied souls.

The men who keep to the old traditions of locking women in rooms with no windows, no light, no sound and no contact with the outside world including those within their own house, need to exchange places with them, and it would be so if it were not displeasing to all those whom are men and women of higher values.

Remember, your Highest and Utmost Excellency, when over six years ago I beseeched thee to go to the home of a poor man and this, in order to please me, you did, and put upon the net these pictures and you were horrified at that which you saw.

You had momentarily forgotten your own origins where the most famous king of all, King Abdulaziz ibn Rahman al-Saud fought for his rights and alongside were his sons, of which you, yourself, your Excellency, were one. Remember, the battle which was lost and into the security of Kuwait everyone went and the famous poem was then created shortly thereafter, and King Abdulaziz ibn al-Saud traversed back into what is now known as Saudi territory, his sons with him?

Well, a wise decision was made which made the King GREAT!

King Abdulaziz ibn al-Saud chose peace instead of war by circumventing around the warmongers. And what did he do? He came back with power and the adversaries were removed and then the great king married one daughter of every tribe including into the districts now known as Jordan.

From then on the adversaries became his friends and peace reigned and the starships and their crews shined their lights upon the king and his people.

How clever he was.

And you are a clever king as well. Remember the days we worked together upon the net, and I would advise you of important issues and you would call and listen and post your pictures?

And then for years were we off the net for our computers were taken and aught was against us. This, you remember well, for governments would not let us speak one to another.

Nevertheless, you carried on and all went well and you became the comfort to women in many other ways than one, but still the religious hold on Saudi Arabia was not something the government could do anything about.

Therein could a religious revolution take place if religion continued to be followed by being created through the pen of the hand of man not assigned to be scribes of the starship commanders nor the Master Teachers of men.

However, you cared and you listened.

BUT, with the Saudi surplus, NOW IS THE TIME to win against your adversaries who would like to knock the government and yourself off the throne.

For whom could have aught against you if you set their minds at ease for mere survival?

No matter if there be Sunni or Shiite who live under your gracious command, they are first citizens of Saudi Arabia and as such should all be treated as equal, with equal rights and equal opportunities.

This is fitting for the King of Saudi Arabia to indulge himself within.

And a Great King is he, Abdullah ibn Abdulaziz ibn Rahman al-Saud of the hierarchy of the blessed ones.

You have incarnated into these great blessings due to the events which you had mastered in past lifestreams. Do not neglect to bring such blessings upon others to ensure you, yourself, continue in blessings upon your own plate.

You have been given your health back and now you have been given a second chance.

May the gods and goddesses of the great acclaim be with you and guide you on your path.

As always,

- Uth-rania Seila Sentana-Ries

Note: Your Excellency, King Abdullah, I only just now found the GCC meeting, and the snow and a place set for me once again. Unless necessary, it is imperative at this time to be as brief as possible with the flare up in the Middle East.

Therein will a page be set up for me at where we will be able to converse much as we had before. Please allow a few days for this to be in operation. - Uthrania

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