Saturday, 7th January 1995


I, Reni of ancient Egyptian stature, by the authority vested in me, which authority is being recognized by all High Councils of this Galaxy and beyond, which authority has been earned and not given to me by anyone,

do hereby solemnly declare in absolute finality

that for the purpose of conducting trade under the new and universal planetary economic order NO CURRENCY SHALL BE IN USE ANYWHERE, WHICH CURRENCY HAS HITHERTO BEEN KNOWN AS "FINANCE" OR "MONEY", which medium of exchange was in the past used without benefit to our brethren, for who's sake such systems of exchange were instituted. The misuse of said powers of credit creation and control by entities adversarial of all righteousness, brought about the karmic consequences upon themselves, as well as that of the end of the world, you have just witnessed,

and this decree is to stand now and forever in this Earth's remaining history.

Let it therefore be known and held in perpetual remembrance of yourselves and your children, that to you, my beloved brothers and sisters of the Universe, belongs THE RIGHT TO DIGNITY OF LIFE AND HAPPINESS, AND THIS IS UNIVERSAL AND BELONGS TO EVERY MEMBER OF ANY SOCIETY.

It was money, which was made an end in itself, rather than a means towards an end, and it was the concentration of the right of access to it in the hands of a few, which resulted in a massive denial of our brethren's right to the fulfillment of their basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing, transportation, leisure and freedom.

The absence, however, of a financial system of any description whatsoever, will therefore guarantee unto ourselves and our children, that at no time in our lives will there occur a repeat of usurpation of the exchange medium toward our and our children's victimization, by having our economic security and existence in dignity compromised.

Let it further be known, that the universal order of life on planet Earth will be one in harmony with that on most other planets of this Universe, the alignment of which will require of you the personal individual development to the fullest as a contributor toward the building of a righteous and prosperous society, and thus you will become empowered to grow into full harmony with every other society of this Universe.

Hence, there will be no taxes collected, no debts created nor paid and no salaries received. There will be no copyrights nor patents granted for anyone, as all accomplishments of individuals' genius will become public property for the benefit of all. There will be instant and unconditional access to the fulfilling of all personal basic needs such as shelter and food without price or payment of any description. The society's creation of leisure time by such means will belong to those who are their creators. And here it is the society's noble example alone, which is to become the individual's motivating element to contribute rather than to cherish an attitude of idleness.

The governmental structure will be one of voluntary alignment with the character, attitude and examples of the Brethrenhood of Light from the stars and its councils, as well as that of the authority of Ascended Masters. Each member of any council will see himself or herself as a guardian of all rights and liberties of the people and rule accordingly.

The laws of this planet will be the consensus mind of the Governmental Council for Planet Earth, consisting of the most noble minds, appointed by higher authority according to individual worthiness and calling.

There will be no elections of majority vote for any position of public trust, such as Councils' positions. They will be filled on the same basis, that is, through individual worthiness.

There will not be permitted the creation of boundaries for the purpose the making of nations, as such activity is contrary to the spirit of universal oneness and equality.

The administration of justice will be guaranteed through appointed Councils for that purpose, and its numbers will be in accordance with needs for such services. The administration of justice will be absolute and administered without incarcerations and cruelty.

There will be no requirements for the enforcement of laws, as universal laws will be adhered to by all with an attitude of delight, for they will be recognized as beneficial to the individual as well as the whole of society.

I, Reni Sentana-Ries, hereby hold every man and woman being within the reach of my voice and hearing the message of this proclamation, responsible for the upholding of its essence by life and example, and teaching our children to be of like mindedness, and this for the purpose of universal planetary peace, happiness and prosperity. So be it!

(End of Proclamation)