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Created by Private 2nd Class Airman, Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez of the Federated Union of Starships Class Number 472 Proxy 8

under command of Captain Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez

Captains’ Files for 2012 and 2013

File created:  August 20, 2013

Last updated: April 15, 2015


Captain Hillary Anthony Jenkins

Captain Hillary Anthony Jenkins Files (Entry 1): Introducing Captain Hillary Anthony Jenkins April 4, 2014


Captain Frank Herman Grifford

Admiral Captain Frank Herman Grifford Files (Entry 1) - They Damn And Dumb-Down Humanity! Mar 15, 2014


Captain Corporal Jasper Winthorp

Captain Corporal Jasper Winthorp: File One - Introducing Captain Jasper Winthorp 


Captain Jerome Greek Rutherford


Captain Rutherford Files: (Entry 3) - Hodgepodge Of Political Iniquities Dec. 16, 2013

Captain Rutherford Files: (Entry 2) - You Have Missed "It" For The World!

Captain Rutherford Files: (Entry 1) - Introducing Captain Jerome Greek Rutherford Jr.


Captain Solomon Dirkson Griffith


Captain Solomon Dirkson Griffith File: Entry 1 - Separating The Wheat From The Chaff Jan.26, 2014 


Captain Forsythe

Captain Forsythe: File One 2013

Captain Forsythe: File Two 2013

Captain Forsythe: File Three 2013


Lord St. Germain

 St. Germain: Sunday, July 17, 1994: Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Korea


Captain Herman Griffith

Captain Herman Griffith File 12: Ask Us! 'We' Know What Is Going On!!

Griffith Files: (Unit 1): Eternally Coddling Israel

Griffith Files: (Unit 2): Disabusing Humankind Of Falsehood

Griffith Files: (Unit 3): A Coded Writ To All Concerned

Griffith Files: (Unit 4): "Read My Lips"

Griffith Files: (Unit 5): And You Earthlings Think You Know Better Than We?

The Griffith Files (Unit 6): A Coded Message About and For Her Royal Highness

The Griffith Files (Unit 8): The Jargon Which Kept The Wall From Falling In!

The Griffith Files (Unit 9): The Evacuation And The Second Great Flood Since Noah!

The Griffith Files (Unit 10): On Horoscopes, Stars And Captive Brethren

The Griffith Files (Unit 11): Immigrate And/Or Cross Into A War Zone



Captain Hargrave

The Hargrave Files (4): Of Queens And Conspiracies Feb. 24, 2014

The Hargrave Files (3): Father And Son Speak (Dec. 22, 2013)

The Hargrave Files (2): The Alaska Panhandle, Puny Minds And Nicola Tesla

The Hargrave Files (1)


Captain Jennifer Higgins

Captain Jeremiah Higgins File: (Entry 17) - The "Frackingsteins" Of Your Earth! April 4, 2014

Captain Jennifer Higgins' File (Entry 16): On Money, Power And Enslavement Mar. 15, 2014

Captain Jennifer Higgins' File: (Entry 15) - Entrenched False Teachings To The Entranced! (Dec. 14, 2013)

Captain Jennifer Higgins' File: (Entry 14) - Children Of The Lesser Gods! (Dec. 14, 2013)

Captain Jennifer Higgins' File (Entry 11) - Unveiling The Secrets

Captain Jennifer Higgins' File: (Entry 12) - HAARP In The Wrong Hands Kills!

Captain Jennifer Higgins' File: (Entry 13) - The Building Of A Pyramid Nov. 28, 2013

Captain Jennifer Higgin’s Files: (Entry 1): Introducing Captain J. Higgins

Captain Jennifer Higgin’s Files: (Entry 2): On Religion, The Church And Malpractices

Captain Jennifer Higgins' Files: (Entry 3): On Marriage, Reincarnation And Soul Mates/Twin Flames

Captain Jennifer Higgins’ Files: (Entry 4): On Egypt, The Nile River And Journey Into Space

Captain Jennifer Higgins' Files: (Entry 6): The Parchments Of Yore And Other Allusions

Captain Jennifer Higgins' Files: (Entry 7): "By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes."

Captain Jennifer Higgins' File:  (Entry 8): The Black Plague And The Secret Agenda

Captain Jennifer Higgins' File (Entry 9) - Religion And The Banking Cartel

Captain Jennifer Higgins' File (Entry 10) - "Tall" Tales


Captain Sampson Griffith

Captain Sampson Griffith Files: (Unit 1): A Commander’s Bird’s Eye View

Captain Sampson Griffith Files: (Unit 2): Of Mice And Men In The Nuclear Age

Captain Sampson Griffith Files: (Unit 3) - Lessons On The True Evolution Of The Species

Captain Sampson Griffith Files: (Unit 4) - Tie Up The Loose Ends If You Can


Captain Jeremiah Higgins

Captain Jeremiah Higgins File: (Entry 15) - Questions And Answers On HAARP Feb. 19, 2014

Captain Jeremiah Higgin’s File (Entry 14): Miscellany For The Few Including Steve, Mark, and Fern Feb. 15, 2014 

Captain Jeremiah Higgin’s File (Entry 13): The Rise And Fall Of Empires Feb. 15,  2014 

Captain Jeremiah Higgins’ File (Entry 12): Cloak-And-Dagger Writ Jan. 20, 2014

Captain Jeremiah Higgins’ File (Entry 11): Reaping The Whirlwind! Jan. 13, 2014 

Captain Jeremiah Higgins' Our Way Of ‘Doing’ HAARP! (Book 1; Entry 1): It's Origin And Purpose (Dec. 10, 2013)

Captain Jeremiah Higgins' File: (Entry 8) - Brain Teaser

Captain Jeremiah Higgins’ File (Entry 9): The Coming Departure And Evacuation

Captain Jeremiah Higgins’ File (Entry 10): We Protect Marine Life Too! (Dec. 1, 2013)

Captain Jeremiah Higgins' Files: (Entry 1) - Introducing Captain Jeremiah Higgins

Captain Jeremiah Higgins' Files: (Entry 2) - What Are The Tell-tale Marks Of Past Incarnations?

Captain Jeremiah Higgins' Files: (Entry 3) - The Tale Of "Two Graves"

Captain Jeremiah Higgins' Files: (Entry 4) - Travails Of Immigrating To America And Military Woes

Captain Jeremiah Higgins' File: (Entry 5) - Repeat, Release Our Starship Brethren!

Captain Jeremiah Higgins' File: (Entry 6) - Churches Crumble And Religion With Them!

Captain Jeremiah Higgins' File: (Entry 7) - Placement Of The Stars And Other Topics



The Sananda Files


The Sananda Files: (Unit 25) - Concrete Abominations: Banks, Money And Religion! Mar. 21, 2014 

The Sananda Files: (Unit 24) - To Those Who Do Not Believe Mar. 15, 2014

A Starship Project: Galactic Craft Design Parameters And Drawings Dec. 18, 2013

The Sananda Files: (Unit 23) - They Have Ears To Hear But Do Not Listen! Jan. 20, 2014 

The Sananda Files: (Unit 22) - Exposing The Hellion Race (Dec. 14, 2013)

The Sananda Files: (Unit 20) - Religion Obsolete And What Happened To Twin Towers, One and Two

The Sananda Files: (Unit 21) - Creating Frankenstein "Mansters"! (Nov. 28, 2013)

The Sananda Files: (Unit 19) - Decision Before The Eleventh Hour Feb. 15, 2014 

Pigeons Roost In The North (Book 5): The Two-State Solution for Palestine (Dec. 1, 2013

Sananda Files: (Unit 1): "Re-acquaintance With The Captain"

Sananda Files: (Unit 2): An Invasion In The Far East Looms!

Sananda Files: (Unit 3): Emergency File For Those In The Know!

Sananda Files: (Unit 4): The Captain Speaks On World Affairs And Interacts With Wikinut Moderators

Sananda Files: (Unit 5): Game Of The Generals

Sananda Files: (Unit 6): The Superpower Shall Cower In Fear Of The Stargazer!

Sananda Files: (Unit 7): The Disguises of Holiness Unmasked

Sananda Files: (Unit 8): The Subjugation Of Smaller Countries

Sananda Files: (Unit 9): Tall Story Of My Crucifixion And Second Coming!

The Sananda Files: (Unit 10) - Guantanamo Bay, The British Queen And The Middle East

The Sananda Files: (Unit 11) - On Spies Infiltrating Skype And (Mis)Using HAARP Energy

The Sananda Files: (Unit 12) - The Message That Falls On Deaf Ears

The Sananda Files: (Unit 13) - When The Great Flood And The Evacuation Come To Pass

The Sananda Files: (Unit 14) - Be Forwarned, Generals!

The Sananda Files: (Unit 15) - Historical Truth Revealed

Captain James Galiac Sananda: A Prelude to National History

The Sananda Files: (Unit 16) - A Writ And Update With Captain Dexter On Earthquakes, Nuclear Radiation, Etc.

The Sananda Files: (Unit 17) - Read Between The Lines

The Sananda Files: (Unit 18) - Where Did They Go When They Disappeared In The Bermuda Triangle?


The Korthrox Files

Captain Alfred James Somajar Korthrox Files


Captain Korthrox Files (Unit 15): Oblivious To The "Growing Season!" Feb. 24, 2014 

Captain Korthrox Files (Unit 14): Sage Advice During The Holidays! Dec. 29, 2013

The Korthrox Files: Unit 1: Timelines

The Korthrox Files: Unit 2: A Coded Message To Those Concerned

The Korthrox Files: Unit 3: World Perpetually In Conflict

The Korthrox Files: Unit 4: To Whom It May Concern

The Korthrox Files: Unit 5: Plans, And Trouble, Are Afoot

The Korthrox Files (Unit 6): The Captain Returns

The Korthrox Files (Unit 7): Writing On The Wall

The Korthrox Files (Unit 8): Be On The Captain's Wavelength

The Korthrox Files (Unit 9): The Hour Of Reckoning

The Korthrox Files (Unit 10): The Captain Lashes Out The Corporate Elite And Its War Machine

The Korthrox Files (Unit 11): A Parable And The Multifaceted Lives Of Captain James Galiac Sananda

The Korthrox Files (Unit 12): The Depths And Heights Of Knowledge

Korthrox Files (Unit 13): Ship-To-Shore Warning!


The Murdock Files

The Murdock Files: Entry Nineteen - Your Propensity For Waging Wars! March 9, 2014

The Murdock Files: Entry Eighteen - Our Teachings Do Bear Repeating! Jan. 20, 2014 Feb. 15, 2014 

The Murdock Files: Entry Seventeen - New Year 2014: Thoughts To Ponder Dec. 29, 2013

Murdock Files: Entry One

Murdock Files: Entry Two

Murdock Files: Entry Three and Entry Four

Murdock Files: Entry Five

Murdock Files: Entry Six

Murdock Files: Entry Seven

Murdock Files: Entry Eight

Murdock Files: Entry Nine

Murdock Files: Entry Ten

Murdock Files: Entry Eleven: When The Shit Hits The Fan...

Murdock Files: Entry Twelve: The High Side Of Living – World Leadership!

The Murdock Files: Entry Thirteen: There Is A limit To Our Patience

The Murdock Files: Entry Fourteen - The American-European Slave Trade

The Murdock Files: Entry Sixteen - Homage To Captain Sophram Somajar Suflus Galiac

The Murdock Files: Entry Fifteen - The HAARP-caused Typhoon And Other Coded Messages

The Murdock Files: Entry Seventeen - On The Sun And The Bermuda Triangle

Captain Jeremiah Murdock: THE MURDOCK FILES: Entry One


Captain Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn

Hatonn Files: Entry 23 - Q & A: On The Crimean "Invasion," Telepathy, Other Worlds, Et al Mar. 21, 2014

Hatonn Files: Entry 22 - Q & A: Dispelling The Misconceptions (Dec. 22, 2013)

Hatonn Files: Entry 21 - Q & A: On The "Virgin Mary," Her "Apparitions," The Birth Of Jesus, Etc. (Nov. 28, 2013)

Hatonn File: Entry 10: Question and Answer: 2013 - The Corporate Elite, The New Era And Starship Intervention

Hatonn File: Entry 12: Question and Answer: 2013 - Christianity, Our Names And The Hollow Earth

Hatonn’s Question And Answer Period: Entry Four (Final Entry)

Hatonn’s Question And Answer Period: Entry Three

Hatonn’s Question And Answer Period: Entry Two

Hatonn’s Question And Answer Period: Entry One

Hatonn Files: Entry One and Entry Two  2012 Technology Hides our People

Hatonn Files: Entry Three 2012 Reason and Logic

Hatonn Files: Entry Four 2012 On Poison  in Alcohol and Slitting Animals' Throats

Hatonn Files: Entry Five 2012 On HAARP Wheather Creation and Washington Injustice

Hatonn Files: Entry Six 2012 Randon Info on This and That

Hatonn Files: Entry Seven 2012 On Monsanto, Abraham Lincoln, and Drones

Hatonn Files: Entry Eight 2012 People Protest Ineffective as long as Taxes are Collected

Hatonn Files: Entry Nine 2012 Governmental Mismanagement in Canadian Politics

Hatonn Files: Entry Ten 2012  Bulwark at the Helm

Hatonn Files: Entry Eleven 2012 Freedom of Speech vs. Brain Washing

Hatonn Files: Entry Twelve 2012 Sorting out Affairs in Syria and the Middle Eastern Scene

Hatonn Files: Entry Thirteen 2012 To Whom Belong the Cantankerous Sores?

Hatonn Files: Entry Fourteen 2012 Will the People Fall Before the Elite Will Crumble?

Hatonn Files: Entry Fifteen 2012 Will the Stomach come out of the Turkey?

Hatonn Files: Entry Sixteen 2012 Bullets  Instead of "Rights" for the People?  Not in the End!

Hatonn Files: Entry Seventeen 2013 U.S. Still in the Making of a Middle East Witches' Brew

Hatonn Files: Entry Eighteen 2013  Hamsters Smarter than People: THEY DON'T FIGHT TO KILL

Hatonn Files: Entry Nineteen 2013 Filled to the Brim with Infomation for Discerning Eyes Only

Hatonn Files: Question and Answer: Entry One: 2013 Did Uriel Time Travel 2400 Years Ago?

Hatonn’s Question And Answer Forum: Entry Eight

Hatonn’s Question And Answer Forum: Entry Seven

Hatonn’s Question And Answer Forum: Entry Six

Hatonn’s Question And Answer Forum: Entry Five

Hatonn’s Question And Answer Forum: Entry Four

Hatonn’s Question And Answer Forum: Entry Three

Hatonn’s Question And Answer Forum: Entry Two

Hatonn Files: Entry Two: 2013

Hatonn Files: Entry Three: 2013

Hatonn Files: Entry Four: 2013

Hatonn Files: Entry Four: 2013

Hatonn Files: Entry Five: 2013

Hatonn Files: Entry Six: 2013: Get Out Of Afghanistan And Iraq!

Hatonn Files: Entry 7: 2013: The Boys In The Red, White, And Blue. How Safe Are They?

Hatonn Files: Entry 8: 2013: Ever The Dirty Game They Played

Hatonn Files: Entry 9: 2013: The Captain Gives Vent To His Anger

Hatonn Files: Entry 10: Question and Answer: 2013

Hatonn Files: 2013: Entry 13: Brief Assessment of Work Accomplished So Far

Hatonn Files: 2013: Entry 14 - The Hummingbird Doesn’t Sing!

Hatonn Files: 2013: Entry 15 - Commander Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn Raises His Voice In Fury

Hatonn Files: 2013: Entry 16 - The Origin And Nature Of Orbs

Hatonn Files: Entry 17 - A Highly-Coded Memorandum

Hatonn Files: Entry 19 - The Soul's Upward Journey

Hatonn Files: Entry 20 - Questions And Answers: The Relativity Of "Time" And Other Topics

Hatonn Files: Entry 21 - Q & A: On The "Virgin Mary," Her "Apparitions," The Birth Of Jesus, Etc. (Nov. 28, 2013)


Captains’ Files Compiled by Private 2nd Class Airman, Jamie Sentana-Ries-Cortez of the Federated Union of Starships Class Number 472 Proxy 8

under command of Captain Uthrania Seila Sentana-Ries-Cortez.

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