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The Consensus Of New Governmental Control To Defuse The Nations - By Hatonn Himself (Pt1)

The Majority Rule-Espionage Of The Century Affixed! By Captain Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn (Pt2)

The History Of The Beginning Of Pyramids On Angorius By Lord Adonai

Documentary From The White Winds

Pyramids: The Most Horrendous Attitude/Blessed Brethren

The Grievances Of Policy Control Of The Eastern National Board By Captain Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn

The Spacecraft In Your Skies Are Not Really What You Think People!

Have You Considered This?

The Truth That Unlocks Freedom

Captain James Galiac Has A Severe Word For The World!

Commander Captain Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn Speaks On The Intricacies Of World Affairs

A Message To The Religious By Lord Adonai

(A Hatonn Special) Commander Hatonn Speaks On "Important" Past Occurances

Captain James Galiac Speaks to the Patriots

Hatonn On "Behind The Scenes Of Asia, The Iron Curtains, Belgium, And Back To Washington"

Captain Jambian Shares A Little Bit Of History With Science Entwined

Government And Its History Of Acclamations

New World Order; Armament; Hatonn Speaks of Milan and Turkey

Can we Procreate Ourselves Out of Existence?

Between Rocks and the Bowels of the Earth


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Captain Jeremiah Ruttex Introduces Himself (Pt1) Explains About The Body (Pt2)

Captain James Galiac Sananda Speaks of the Great Evacuation!

Democracy - The Occupier of the Nations!

Democracy is NOT Paradise

Captain James Galiac: Them or Us!

Captain James Melix Somajar Introduces Himself

Do the People Aboard the Starships Really Need to Assist?

Do Not Let the Money System Keep You Out of Paradise, Beloveds And Let Us Look At India, Pakistan and Kashmire

Glimpse Your Destination After Evacuation! 

From Where Do Your Scientists Acquire Most of Their Information?

From the Chief Director of the Genealogy Scientific Community

Facts, Lies, and Fiction

Excerpt From The Blueprint of Paradisaical Economics (Part2)

Escape to Paradise by James Galiac Sananda

Twofold - Great Tidal Waves! And Our System Or Yours?!

Gold Bullion is Not the Answer, Beloveds

Getting Down to Brass Tacks! World News!

Introduction by Commander Ashtar (Part 2) - The Photon Belt is Unfolding

If the Truth Be Known by Captain James Galiac Sananda


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How to Successfully Prepare For Evacuation From This Earth Planet by Commander Ashtar

How is it we do not live only one life? (Part 2)

Higher Structure of Incarnation and the Economics (Part1)

Captain Graves Speaks Loud And Clear!

Did the Blueprint For the Pyramids Come From Other Worlds?

Introduction by Commander Ashtar (Part 1)

Who Are The Good Luck Charm?

Man-Woman Unions in the Higher Evolved Worlds

Let us Not Chew on the Same Bone All Over Again

Lethargy of the Starships to Help Us? - by Captain Melix Tomar

Iran, Canadians Are Not For Hardship on Your Nation


Prophecy Determined

Patriots. A Word to the Wise From Captain Adrigon

What Now Has Your Government Done To Amass You To Your Deaths?

The Workings Of Architecture Today

Paradise is for Now!

Paradox in Space by Captain James Galiac Sananda

Origins of the Dippers and Sycamore Trees by Captain Adrigon

Good Luck Charm by Captain James Galiac Sananda


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The Parable, the Truth. What Soup Are They Feeding You?

The Nature of Those Who Fly in Our Skies Overlooking This World!

The Fall of the European Common Market

The Church; Starships; and the People of the Moon

The Aqueduct Sensation by Captain James Melix Somajar

Talents Gifts DNA Heaven Earth Explanation

St. Germain Introduces Himself

Starship Commander Adrigon Speaks to the World

The Pyramids,The Initiates - And You! By Lord Adonai

The True Heresy (Part 4)

Captain Esu Jmmanuel Sananda Speaks Of Paradise

Each Drop Of Blood Shed By Slaves Becomes A Smile Awaiting A New Mouth

Aliens, Who Really Are They?

A Hugely Encased Secret

Anger Vrs Rage Explained

A Prelude to National History

You Are at the End of the Age

Will War Get You Into Paradise This Lifesteam Or The Next?

Wickedness Knows No Remorse!

What is Upcoming, Dear Ones, Upon Your Plate


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To What Degree Do Governments Use And Operate Flying Saucers?

Those Who Take From You Are Indeed the Leeches of Society

Are You Dead Or Alive? And What About Jonah?!

The Crickets Come Home From Regina

Why One Does Not Remember Past Lives

What Is Tipping America Off Its Foundation?

You Were To Care For The Whales In Your Oceans

The Stars In Your Galaxy Are No Different Than The Ships Who Await You

Why Must We Wait Just A Little Bit Longer?

What Really Happened In Afghanistan?

Why Fight Against Paradise..?


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