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More Free Trade (With Canada) Nonsense!

The Aftermath of "National Security" (by Captain Hatonn)

May 24, 1995 Scribing on Ultimate Success of the Mission

Jesus Christ (Lord Sananda): "I Die For the Sins of No One!"

ONENESS is Power - And it Lives Within Us All !

N. Nigeria About to Retreat Back Into Medieval Judicial Brutality!

We Radiate Ourselves Into the Universe, Folks!

Trouble in Publishland Foreseen (by Commander Ruttex)

Will Japan Ever Learn to Control Its Own Currency?

Why is There No Peace in this World?

What Upset You so Much, Laith?

Hatonn Files: Entry Four

America, YOU WILL LEAVE (the Middle East)!

One World Order System Lacking in Natural Resilience!

"Don't Let the Next President Jerk You Around, People!"

International Community - What the Heck is That?

The Uncompromising International Banker Places Europe at Her Wits End!

European Union Leftist Ideology Bias

A Second Friendly Word to the Government of Iran

All Recessions Are Man-Made!

Alan Greenspan is Fighting Fire With Gasoline!

We Saw it Then - And We See it Now: The Jerusalem-From-On-High (Part 4)

We Saw it Then - And We See it Now: The Jerusalem-From-On-High (Part 2)

We Saw it Then - And We See it Now: The Jerusalem-From-On-High (Part 3)

We Saw It Then - And we See It Now: The Jerusalem-From-On-High (Part 1)

The Brain Sees No Age - Only "Identities"

The Western Squeeze on You Leaders is Your Opportunity! (The Finale, Part One!)

Terminology Adjustent to "Debt Forgiveness"


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Bankruptcy Option not Available to Nations - WHY NOT...?!

Iraq is Not For Sale!

"...And What Does the New Era Really Look Like?"

All Yet to Come Will Not Need Go Hungry!

Debt Repayment - A MATHEMATICAL IMPOSSIBILITY! (Part One and Two)

How Does Forgiveness Really Work?

De-franchising Government, Church, and Family out of Marriage

On Evacuation

On Massive Counterfeiting

Earthquake and Reason - Not Earthquake and Faith!

Advice to the Government of Argentina (December 2001)

Conclusion With Lord St. Germain (Scribed in 1995)

Opportunity Missed....! (The Finale, Part Two!)

Double-Speak on the Subject of Terrorism

Information for the Stretching of the Mind! (Scribed, Part Two)

Now Try Your Mind at Prophecy!

Japanese Workers Sacrificed on the Altar of Financial Capitalism!

COST is the Culprit in a Defunct Financial System!

Japanese Workers Sacrificed on the Altar of Financial Capitalism!

COST is the Culprit in a Defunct Financial System!


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Earth has Arrived at an Equinox for a Shift in Vibrational Frequency!


"Unemployment" a Curse Only Where Disconnected From a Paradisiacal Economic Order

Two Days Before 911.....

No COST in Paradise!

Lord & Master GABRIEL Speaks to Us - Words We All Should Take to Heart!

Islamic Banking Goal: Zero Cost for Infinite Product Availability

Islamic Banking - Where to Begin? (Part One)

Islamic Banking - Where to Begin? (Part Two)

Recycled Oil Dollars in Jeopardy!

China is Ready to Enter the Prison Halls of the WTO

A Short Note to the Readers of These Articles

General Musharraf, Work With Them - Do Not Fight Them!

Has China Joined the World? I HOPE NOT!

TALIBAN Prove Efficiency of Rule by Decree!

MELOSEVIC- Betrayed Pawn of Western Corrupt Politicians!

EUROZONE: 12 Nations to Come Under One Single Currency

Genetic Engineering is Merely a Means to a Desirable End

The Money Supply Issue Discussed in Brief

Genoa Violence, Ongoing Brutalization of the Masses!


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Germany - The Perfect Victim of Exploitation

Vancouver Sun Editorial Nonsense

Mistreatment of Prisoners is Taboo by All Standards of Ethics!

For Muslims and Jews Alike: There is No God Except SELF!

Reni Sentana-Ries Revisits the G-8 Genoa Trade Globalization Disaster

From Religion to Paradise!

All Taxation is Unnecessary!

Your Clock is Ticking And Calls You to PREPARE FOR EVACUATION!!

Gothenburg, Symbolic of World Leadership Incompetence

US/British Bombing Raids on Iraq! - (Friday, Feb. 16, 2001)

Discussing the "Cloud of Darkness" Over the Minds of Many Men!

MARRIAGE - Not of Paradise, but of Religion!

How Did We Lose Our Paradise?

AUTOMATION - An Essential Ingredient to Paradise!

Rule of Righteous Man Must Replace Rule over Man by the System!

U.S. Government Insults North Korea!

A Clean Slate for President (elect) George Bush Jr. to Write His Record on!

INTERNET - A World has Shrunk to a Village!

SETUTH: "Prepare for Participation in a Global Evacuation!"

Righteous Rule Will Lead the People to the Brighter Day of a New Era!


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Planet Earth Will See a Departure From Equilibrium

Lord St. Germain: "Jesus is No Sacrificial Lamb for Anyone!"

Why is There No Peace in the World?


On Canada (by Lord Sananda)

Slowly Approaching the End of this World

Male CHAOS Must Blend With Female ORDER!

American Justice.....

Breaking Through the Barrier of Tunnel Vision Thinking

Employment - Blessing or Curse?

Efficiency - The Secret of Prosperity and Liberty

Commander Stockholm on Adolf Hitler, the Arab Nation, Jewish People, and Armageddon

Analysis of the Global Human Rights Issue

True Face of the European Union visavis Austria

Remnants From the Dark Age of Intellectual Ignorance

Can the Leopard Change its Spots?

The Ants and the Bees JUST DO IT!

Financial Quick-Assessment of Kuwait

All Guns Must Fall Silent - NOW!

UNSC #1284 Embargo Realities


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"Give Me the Power of Creating the Credit of the Nation, and I Care Not Who Makes its Laws!"

Mandatory Idealism

A Rational Look at the Institution of Marriage

Arrogant Modern War Strategy Calls for Warfaring "Away From Home"!

What is "The Lion of Judah"?

UNSC #1284 - The Great Solitary Security Council Monologue!

The Only Saviour Coming to Man is SELF!

National Sovereignty Must Always Rule Supreme!

December 31, 1999, 11:59.59 pm

TRUTH is LOVE - And Never Has it Been Otherwise!

Introducing the New Era Sensibly and Sensitively

IMF Statement Sept. 25, 1999, = Incoherent Gibberish, Incomprehensible Hogwash!

FOR ONCE Must People Feel What it is Like to be Free!

Plundering Iraq! (as of October 3, 1999)

Pros and Cons of Joining the European Union

July 12, 1994: A Day of Infamy for Germany

Polarization of Soul Sentiment

The Purchase Order System of Economics Could Give Instant Success to Arab Unity!

How did Kuwait Lose the Benefit From Her Enormous Oil Revenues?


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Religion vs. Prophets

"What Upset You So Much, Laith?"

To All Aristocratic Leaders of this World

Starvation in the Midst of Abundance!

On Empathy for the People and Collective Consciousness

You Argue While Your House is on Fire! (India vs. Pakistan)

PROCLAMATION - by Reni Sentana-Ries

Reply to Massa on Religious Issues

INTEREST CHARGES Send People into Poverty! (by Reni Sentana-Ries, 1999)

IRAQ, You Have Great Economic Potential! (by Reni Sentana-Ries, 1999)

Financial Internationalism is Dying! (by Reni Sentana-Ries, 1999)

CREDIT CREATION - Hallmark of a Sovereign Nation! (by Reni Sentana-Ries, 1999)

Productive Capacity must govern Economic Health, not Credit Availability! (AD 1999)

The Myth on Inflation EXPLODED! (by Reni Sentana-Ries, 1999)

How to Reverse INFLATION!

A Word on Money Hoarding (by Reni Sentana-Ries, 1999)

To National Leaders: Obsolete the Money System! (The Key to Implementation)

Will You Make it into the New Era? (written by Reni Sentana-Ries in 1999)

You Must Understand Incarnational Possibilities! (written by Reni Sentana-Ries in 1999)

Not only Money is Problematic to Society - "Crown" Land Ownership is Also

We Need to End the Money System!



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