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Reni Sentana-Ries

Commander in the Federated Union of Starships,  as of September 21, 2013, Serial Number 456249-C

Ryley, Alberta, Canada


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Joined 2nd Feb 2013

Last updated: April 16, 2015

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Fundamentals on Religion - Part Four - Religious Bloopers Upended

Hatonn Files: 2013: Entry 13: Brief Assessment of Work Accomplished So Far

Fundamentals on Religion – Part Three – On True and False Prophets

Hatonn File: Entry 11: Question and Answer: 2013 - Non-Interference and Tunneling

Captain Herman Griffith File (Unit 5): And You Earthlings Think You Know Better Than We?

Fundamentals on Religion - Part Two - A Broader Viewpoint

Captain Sampson Griffith Files: (Unit 1): A Commander’s Bird’s Eye View

Fundamentals on Religion - Part One - Introduction

WANTED: Your Questions Placed Before the Mancharians!

Is Torture on Extraterrestrials The Final Nail in America's Coffin?

The Masters' Words to the Ruling Elite of Planet Earth

MARRIAGE - Not of Paradise, but of Religion!

Let “Temperamental Coma” Take Flight With the “Darkened Ego!”

The Flight of the Darkened Ego

 Our Word to this World’s Population: Rediscover ONENESS!

Lord Adonai Abhors to be Worshipped as Do All Our Relatives From the Stars 

Oneness is Power - And it Lives Within us All!

People Minus Religion Equals ONENESS!

All Taxation is Unnecessary

Earth Has Arrived at an Equinox For a Shift in Vibrational Frequency 

A Short Note to the Readers of these Columns

We Saw it Then - And We See it Now: The Jerusalem-From-On-High (Part 5)

We Saw it Then - And We See it Now: The Jerusalem-From-On-High (Part 4)

We Saw it Then - And We See it Now: The Jerusalem-From-On-High (Part 3)

We Saw it Then - We See it Now: The Jerusalem-From-On-High (Part 2)

We Saw it Then - And We See it Now: The Jerusalem-From-On-High (Part 1)

Can we Muster an Emotional Response to What we See and Hear?

We Need to End the Money System!

What is “The Karmic Board?” and What is its Purpose?

Production and Consumption Ethics

How Have Mountain Ranges Formed and What Caused Noah's Flood?

The "Ice Age" and Other Natural Catastrophes Explained

How to Reverse INFLATION !

How is "The Second Coming of Christ" to be Understood?

PREPOSTEROUS to Think That Governments Should Bail Out Banks!

AUTOMATION - A Real Dilemma by Today’s Financial Standards!

National Sovereignty INCLUDES Sovereignty Over National Banks!

Similarities..... First Germany - And then Iraq!

“Articles of Faith” Bookcovers - A Glimpse Into Restricted Material

Prayer....! An Exercise in Futility!

The Uncompromizing Banker Places Europe at Her Wit's End!

EURO - Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread?

EUROZONE - 12 Nations to Come Under One Currency!

Iraq’s Reclamation is a Test of Good-Will of the Nations!


How to Reverse Inflation

Advice to the Government of Argentina (December 2001)

The Origin of Religion Revealed

Starship Commander James Galiac: Religion is Baked in Superstition!

Piccadilly Oneness Works For Them - Now Make it Work For Yourselves, People!

ONENESS IS POWER - And it Lives Within Us All !

Clinging to Slander - Hallmark-“Straw” of a Drowning Man!

People Minus Religion Equals ONENESS!

Is There Comfort in “Death”?

The Brain Sees No Age - Only "Identities"

We Radiate Ourselves into the Universe, Folks!

IN ANOTHER LIFE.... (A Poem to the Honour of the Soul Mate)

A Soul Mate Secret-No-Longer!

The Cure for a Torn-up Soul is Daring to Love Again!

PROCLAMATION - by Reni Sentana-Ries



Last updated: April 16, 2015