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Reni Sentana-Ries

Commander in the Federation of Unified Starships, Serial Number 456249-C


In order to take humanity back to its rightful place as a full member of all freed planetary societies in this sector of the galaxy, it is mandatory that all aspects of finance be relinquished in favour of an economic system without cash or money of ANY description.

That is how most intergalactic societies operate and maintain their paradisiacal status. The heightened degree of awareness of danger from external forces trying to overthrow that order of liberty prevents any efforts by conspirators from a successful infiltration into the beautiful world these people have created for themselves.

The book before you and connected to this page was written in 1996 and was never officially published. It explains in what manners our financial system of today is seeded with flaws, and shows why a mere financial reform - as was attempted by Social Creditors of our recent past - would not in the long run have safeguarded the population from repeated take-over attempts by those individuals who have formerly considered themselves the owners of the system.

A reformed financial system would leave the door wide open for the same clique of men to usurp the system once again at the expense of the people's economic destiny. History has shown us that these self-appointed wanno-be-rulers of mankind have never proven themselves to act for the good of all people everywhere.

-Reni Sentana-Ries

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