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Compilation by Reni Sentana-Ries


(001) Infinity - A Misunderstood Reality

(002) Time Warp Possibilities

(003) The High Calling of Being "Human" is Purity of the Heart

(004) Too Many People? Not Really...!  

(005) Rule Supreme Over All Lies!

(006) Overlooked Purpose of Pyramid Construction

(007) My Conclusions Two Days After Expertscolumn's Spectacular Collapse  

(008) Are we truthful? You be the judge!  

(009) How NOT to Build a Pyramid

(010) Glimpse into Pyramid Construction Details

(011) It's do or die for world leaders!

(012) Who are your Guardian Angels?

(013) TRUE or FALSE? How Should we Perceive Our Brothers and Sisters From the Stars?

(014) ISON..? Commander Hatonn: Get Your Priorities in Order, People! 

(015) The Final Warning by the Mancharians   

(016) Paradise in simple terms

(017) Who is a “Guardian” by virtue of soul essence and disposition?

(018) A Word to Americans and the British

(019) On Collaboration Between the US Government and Extraterrestrials Since 1955  

(020) "Commander Hatonn, who is on top of the global conspiray ladder?"

(021) “Throw it All Out! And Start All Over Again!”

(022) Hatonn: "No more free ride for some at the top!"

(023) Captain Hatonn: “DO NOT LIE TO THEM ANY LONGER!"

(024) Captain Hatonn's Open Letter to all Telepaths anywhere on this Planet

 (025) We have a right to be your teachers!" (014. Subtitled: We are a Mancharian Creation!)