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Mr. R. G. Mueller, Author of the book "MONEY ON TRIAL," also known as "The Thousand Dollar Book"!

Mr. Mueller has been a technician of engineering for three decades and has in 1996 authored two books, which are being offered to the public now for the first time via internet. A preview and offer to purchase link to the book you will find at the bottom of this page. The purpose of this page is to address the following question:

With all of us being at the threshold of a new millennium, the people expect a return of a long lost paradisical condition of political and economic peace that lasts for centuries to come, one that gives evidence of man's reclamation from his fall from light into darkness of eons ago. And so the question is: How can the nations of this world unite in harmony for as long as a spirit of competition and contention pervades the thinking pattern of our governments?

Answer: The governments of this planet all operate under the draconian vice of the phenomenon of finance, which leads them to legislate against the interests of the people. And why is that? Because all governments are driven by perpetual considerations of income, expenditures, balanced budgets, interest rates, debts, taxes, inflation, devaluation, stock markets, commodity prices, currency exchange rates, cost of resources, labour and imports, trade deficits, subsidies, custom duties and more. So then, how in the world can a new millennium be introduced to all with the realization of LIBERTY, LIBERTY, AND LIBERTY FOR ALL, WHERE THERE IS NO MORE HUNGER, HOMELESSNESS, WARS, GREED AND BRUTALITY? Only in the absence of these world economic crushing conditions, which were brought on by the insensitivity of finance in the first place, lies the gemstone of a true paradise! And that "paradise" in all finality is what mankind expects to see returned into their future reality of the 21st century - the beginning of a new millennium. I say: the time for unethical manifestations among man and governments has passed and must be replaced by a spirit of good-will towards all! However this spirit of "good-will towards all" will forever remain in its grave under the persistence of today's financial system with all its ugly side effects.

So then, where does true feedom for the people begin? TRUE FREEDOM BEGINS WITH A REMOVAL OF FINANCE AND A LIBERATION FROM THE PRESSURES OF ECONOMIC SURVIVAL!! If some think that this will forever remain an unachievable goal, then they'd better admit to really not believing in a more glorious future than the present we live in now!

We believe the noble leaders of this world are looking for a solution to the world's problems - a KEY TO THE FUTURE - which will unlock the mysteries to the upcoming new millennium. We have that key. Thank you for your attention.

For those who wish to know of the key to the future and own the contents of MONEY ON TRIAL click near the bottom of this page. The price is $1000 Dollars. No mistake was made: the price is $1000 Dollars U.S. The reason for setting the value of the information that high is because it reveals the mystery of mankind's future and only survival, and we take the position that those, who wish to know and need to know are also those who have the power of the purse to get the information they want.

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