The Federation of Free Planets' Pathway to Paradise

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The basis for the information of this site was developed by me (Reni Sentana-Ries) in 2006 and I feel the time has come for aspects of the plan to be given to the world public for consideration, contemplation, and implementation. 

Nothing good will be accomplished for as long as people's actions are motivated by hate and revenge, however firm determination will be necessary by all who have resolved to participate in the task of restoring paradise back to the people of this earth.

You will not be given the entire plan all at once, but over time I will add to the content as I feel it is necessary to do so.

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The vision for this project came to me back in 1994 in the form of a futuristic proclamation:

Proclamation in English

Proclamation in German 

I understood at the time that MONEY could not be part of the people's paradise:


I also understood that RELIGION was not part of a reconstructed paradise:

Beyond Religion - Abundant Joy

The essence of this presentation will be in the spirit of love as demonstrated by the Mancharians, who are humanity's forefathers and foremothers of eons ago: our CREATORS:

The Most Beautiful Words Ever Spoken!

Our creators, the Mancharians, wish us to be thoroughly familiar with themselves and ourselves as their children:

The Mancharians' Newest Civilization


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This website is owned and operated by:  

Reni Sentana-Ries, Commander in the Federated Union of Starships, Serial #456249-C (as of September 21, 2013)

Ryley, Alberta, Canada

Our (meaning here: all of us who labour for a return of paradise) allies are the admirals, captains and commanders from the Free Federation of Planets and Starships.

Reni Sentana-Ries (2016)



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All authority to govern this planet will be by SECURITY PANELS in each nation, consisting of 12 men and 12 women for each completed panel.

The Security Panel




All administrative functions will be handled by governments in charge of administrations only, but these governments will be no longer be in control of police, military, or security forces.

Structural Changes to Governments

Structural Changes to the United Nations


All government officials will no longer be elected in electoral votes by the people, but be appointed into their offices on the basis of personal worthiness and competence by SECURITY PANELS.