Message to the World Each and Every One

penned by Uthrania, a simple messenger from Above

December 30, 1999

You are not ready to invest yourselves in the Truth of the Stars. The Almighty Creator is not going to do it for you, any One of you. You must help yourselves to turn the strain of the night into Lighted reality and Lighted consciousness toward yourselves first and then to your fellow man.

You wait and watch for truth and yet when it is given to you what do you do but continue in your ways of utter darkness, proclaiming that night is Light and Light is the way of the devil. You cannot conquer that which is Light for the body lives on in Other dimensions. Oh would ye but hear the voice of the spirit within. But what do ye do but that which trickles down into the mire of the dirt and dust combined. And yet you still wage war One against the Other and All for the vestment of a crippled dime or two. How abhorrent this is to God, to God the One in Majesty, the holy Creator who made the very land and sea you walk upon with ships at hand. This is a disgrace to the very honour of your bended kneed prayer halls and your podiums and your Mosques and Temples of jarred money basins.

You drink, you gamble, you shudder the soul of the earthen mother and then pretentiously you flatten not that inside you which creates manifested, anything which is not of a temporal nature in others. This is a disgrace. When you disgrace the spirit within you disgrace the holy One and Only Creator mother/father Being, who made all heavens and earths and the earth you reside upon at this time in your travels and journeys. By doing this you disgrace the spark of life within which the Creator God first gave you before you began your incarnations to learn and grow in beauty, love and trust.

If you cannot have mercy on the sorriest of ye All then realise that the Creator will have no mercy upon you either. So fight your wars, hate your brother and sister, gamble your nights away, party those of you who dare, and drink yourselves into oblivion. Watch your filthy and sodden shows and watch your flame die slowly within your groin of all ostentatious dealings with One another.

If this is what you care about the most, having these so-called "pleasures" to yourselves, then by All means continue On the road you are traveling, each One, and see the manifestation of just continued greed, abhorrent to Universal Laws, and your religious wars will continue to ferment themselves into more of the same bondage upon your diverse heads.

Continue on harbouring your rustic ancient tribunal system for All in All cultures and nations. Continue fastening your money belts around the bellies of the Zionist intruders. Continue, and you will be guaranteed your worth in backpayment, but beloveds, it will not be the way you expected.

Do not make matters worse for yourselves - do not touch the Dome of the Rock!